The reason your zodiac sign is out of luck in relationships

Not being lucky in love is a common explanation many singles use to justify their situation.

Not only to justify themselves, but also to understand what the reason for their bad luck is in love.

Because they fail to realize that love does not depend on happiness or on things like status, wealth and appearance, and sometimes not on the character and the way we present ourselves.

Whereby love manifests itself unconsciously as well as the opinion that we are condemned not to be lucky in love.

In fact, every person who is part of a happy relationship has qualities that make them work that you may not be aware of.

Just like you are expressing an attitude that unconsciously prevents you from finding love.

So, based on your zodiac sign, you need to be aware of your approach, which is one possible reason why you have not yet found love.

1. Aries

Aries are unhappy in relationships because they end the relationship before it even begins.

They also do this in a way that at the beginning of the relationship they are very enthusiastic about being with someone only to then sabotage the whole thing themselves.

At first it is relatively easy for them to put themselves in the right light, but then they have difficulty hiding things.

Over time, her partner notices her tantrums that have stayed with her throughout her life.

Also, Aries don’t feel like hiding the real self, so they show their partner every aspect of themselves that they don’t like.

This leads to them leaving their partner because they fear that he will not fully accept them and that it will limit their freedom to be themselves.

2. Taurus

Taurus is out of luck in relationships because they are overly demanding.

In many ways, Taurus is the most demanding zodiac sign and they want absolute love even before they even fully know a person.

They usually pretend they’ve been with someone for years, rather than two days, and that can feel very desperate.

While they do, they also demand plenty of gifts and the reassurance that they are the only person their partner desires.

Over time this becomes very tiring and the partner is overwhelmed by their demands and egoism.

So, while the Taurus zodiac sign is very generous, it can also be very demanding, which is never good for a relationship.

3. Twins

Geminis are unhappy in relationships because others fail to recognize their worth.

While they are very respectful and consistent in relationships, they also often get disappointed.

It’s like there’s simply no one mature enough to add to them, so that they only ever end up with people who have attachment issues.

Who go from one person to another because they want to get an ego boost, which the twin cannot possibly achieve.

They are very realistic when it comes to their partner and their relationship and they never condone toxicity and cheating.

That’s why they’re often single, as there’s rarely anyone as deep as they are.

4. Cancer

Cancer has no luck in love because it has trust problems.

As they are easily victims of abuse due to their fragile nature and friendly attitude.

It is easy for others to take them for granted, and that affects the way they develop confidence and comfort.

Because after being disappointed so many times, it is difficult for them to believe that this time it can really be different.

As a result, they are often very skeptical of the relationship, which makes their partner feel left out.

So instead of enjoying themselves, they have to deal with their overly emotional state and the damage that previous partners have done them.

5. Leo

Leos are unhappy in relationships because they seldom find someone as loyal and devoted as they are.

Winning their love is never easy, but when you do it you will be rewarded with a person with a heart of gold.

This is why anyone who makes a fool of her or doesn’t respect her seems like a joke because why would anyone risk losing her?

Still, it often does, and Lions are often left behind, even after all the love they have given.

So it is very difficult for them to find someone as decent and as proud as they are.

Eventually, more and more people are beginning to show undesirable and dishonorable traits.

6. Virgo

Virgos are out of luck in love because they strive for perfection.

Where in 100 people they will hardly like one and they are hardly curious about what others might be like.

Because they are the kind of person who is able to sense who someone is, or at least they think so.

They limit themselves in their possibilities and because of this way of thinking they have no options in love.

No one is perfect, but there is this one unique person in their imagination who is worthy of their attention.

But once you’ve found this person, the relationship is often very pleasant and satisfying.

7. Libra

Libra are out of luck in love because they are fickle and easily bored.

They just get so much self-worth when they can seduce several people at once and they like having many options.

One partner is never enough, and if they have their way, they switch from one relationship to the next in no time.

Often times, they are the ones who love less and inflict the pain of unrequited love on others.

Which may feel good for a short time, but often the karma gets the best out of you.

As a result, they often feel like they have nothing to hold onto.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are unlucky in love because their desires sabotage them.

Because let’s face it, they’re too passionate and mysterious to bond with just one person.

Yet even if they do bond, they will be haunted by their desire for adventure, but interestingly enough, they will never cheat.

Instead, they just part in the most mature way possible and go on with what they have in mind.

Since no one can resist their charm, they also enjoy their freedom to the fullest.

Which also leads to them staying single longer as their constant affairs are very distracting.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is out of luck in love because he loves being single.

Where she would rather be alone than with someone who makes her miserable every day, no matter how attractive they are.

In many ways they are complete and interesting even on their own, which also serves as a motive to prolong their single existence.

Even small mistakes that others tolerate in a relationship are an absolute taboo for Sagittarius.

Either they get the respect they deserve or you are struck from their life and once they close the door there really is no going back.

After all, they don’t need anyone to be happy, so being single is their own choice.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are out of luck in love because they see love as an investment.

In fact, if they don’t like the person they’re with either, they see them as a loss.

They count every penny and every minute they spend on them.

This also becomes very unsympathetic to the person they are with, so they soon give up on them.

Unwilling to adjust to their strict and stingy lifestyle and way of loving.

So if you are a Capricorn, remember that love is not an investment but an equal exchange of love and respect.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is unhappy in love because they behave decently at first only to later show that they are completely insane.

This zodiac sign is just too unusual to be digested by others, and sometimes even open-minded people are intimidated by its wild side.

So if you are looking for a traditional partner to have a coffee with in peace, you should look for someone else, because Aquarius is not the right one.

He wants to live his life like a superstar, earn money and enjoy everything to the full.

Sometimes the partner feels left out and superfluous because he is doing so well on his own anyway.

They actually are, until they meet a free spirit who is just like them.

12. Fish

Pisces are unhappy in love because they prefer to swim in trash than in clean waters.

Pisces is definitely one of the most unreliable zodiac signs, more likely to accept pain than any kind of happiness.

For example, if they have a very loving and beautiful partner, they will leave him and cling to someone just as shabby as they are.

It’s just in their nature because they don’t believe they deserve anything good in life.

Sometimes this is the product of deeply ingrained self-hatred, but more often it is the result of their wavering sense of reality.

So never think that if a fish leaves you, you are badly off, their reality is skewed in every way anyway.


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