You are not really afraid to open up, but you just want to show the best part of yourself and you have a hard time understanding what it is. You are firm in your decisions and you do not want to spoil everything. Do you have the ability to get in and out of people’s lives easier, but really open up? You are so worried that other people will see your faults and judge them, do you prefer to keep the wall. You don’t even open if others do something to convince you.


When it comes to opening up, you’d like to be vulnerable and open, but it’s only the thought that makes you nervous. You are no stranger to passion and intense emotions. These are qualities associated with openness to yourself and how you feel. However, you are very sceptical about people. You may have experienced the lack of confidence in the field or have experienced it in the third person, but you know exactly what people are capable of if you give them the opportunity. You can’t trust anyone, but if they can prove that they will never betray you, maybe you could give them a chance, but since we are all human beings, this promise is useless.




When it comes to being open, you’re not afraid to do it, but you just don’t see the reason. You have a vision of the world as something greater than yourself and your thoughts so that you are more concerned with what is going on around you or with more important things. You tend to keep a mysterious air about yourself, you like to guess things about others. Although you know this very well, you can open up and be vulnerable, but you only do so if you have the right motivation.


You look hard and are detached in your relationships. However, like everyone else, you have a weak role and you only want to express it when you feel comfortable and protected with someone. However, your reluctance to open up comes from a situation in which you did not feel safe or betrayed. If you focus too much on your vulnerability, you will be distracted from your goals, which will weaken you in the eyes of others. Refuse to sacrifice your pride to maintain the image you have, which brings you closer than you can imagine,




You are a very polite sign, so being open is not necessarily a problem for you, but you do so only on your terms. You usually have good intuition if you can trust someone, but make sure they prove it. You are special to others and you have your own way of doing things. You can be vulnerable and open to people, but only if you can do it the way you want and if someone insists on opening you, you will have no problem raising the walls.


Since you are sociable, people think that opening is not that difficult for you. However, it is important to keep in mind what you are talking about, namely ideas, passions, others, etc. Often you don’t expose yourself to other people and when that happens, you do it with a very light version. When you reach the point where you need to be open, you find it difficult to discuss your personal matters. Your instincts lead you to flee from this person and a situation that requires nothing from you.




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