Witches do not believe in luck. I mean, we have tons of spells like the well-known “good luck”, but that’s why we do not believe in random events. Witches summon and materialize their wishes. We actually believe that energy is equally attractive.

There is no coincidence. Everything happens on purpose. In terms of alchemy, occultism, and numerology, your date of birth is not random and no luck. It can actually reveal the magical gift that you did not even suspect you could possess.

Your Birthday Will Reveal Your Magical Gift

It does not matter if you believe in magic. Not even if you know which number matches your birthday. Your magic gift is here, whether you know it or not. However, if you find out, you have more opportunities to “cultivate” it and become a master of its power.

To discover your secret gift, add the digits of your date, month, and year until you get a one-digit number. For example, if you were born on September 1, 1975, the one-digit sum is 5. (1 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 32 = 5)

You can see downward, the importance of your individual-digit number is invaluable. By learning what your birth number is, you are getting closer to the purpose of your life.

Number 1. The Magician

The first number is the number of creation. It is believed that those born under his influence are great witches, as they have the power to assert their will in this area. And you have a strong will.

However, you should not try to manipulate and control the people around you.

  • Your Magic Profession: Manifestation & Courage

Number 2. The Empath

You are very sensitive to the energies that surround you. So as an adult, you learn to feel and feel what others are doing and that’s why you became so compassionate.

Your magical gift is in your heart and in your third eye as you constantly feel the energy streams around you. You should use them to relieve the pain of others, but also to quickly restore your energy by establishing yourself and coming into contact with nature.

  • Your Magic Profession: Dreams & Intuition

Number 3. The Triple Moon

This number represents the three phases of the moon. For this reason, witches believe that you are an “instrument” of the “Triple God and / or the Triple Goddess”.

That is why the forces of creation and destruction lie within you. The old rule “Watch what you want” applies to you, because your magical gift is that your thoughts and desires can quickly become a reality.

  • Your Magic Profession: Creation & Destruction

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Number 4. The Elementalist

The number 4 corresponds to the 4 elements of the earth: fire, water, air, and earth.
Your being is in balance with the four elements or the earth and therefore you are very rational with a strong mind.

As you are constantly drawing energy from the elements, it is very difficult to curse you. Like fire, water, air, and earth create a magical force field around you, you turn the negativity away.

  • Your Magic Profession: Elemental Magic

Number 5. The spiritualist

While number 4 symbolizes the four elements of nature (fire, air, water, and earth), number 5 symbolizes the fifth element: spirit (ether in ancient Greek magic).

Those born under his influence are in contact with the spiritual realm and can easily evoke powers from beyond the grave. That makes them perfect spiritualists since they are governed by the fifth element – the Spirit!

  • Her magic profession: contact with spirits and ancestral magic

Number 6. The solar apprentice

Number 6 symbolizes the sun and everything that comes from our light source. So you have a strong energy flow inside. Your magic gift comes from the sun.

Number 6 symbolizes the sun and everything that comes from our light source. So you have a strong energy flow inside. Your magic gift comes from the sun.

Therefore, it embodies all the blessings of life and their power. You are a healer and a leader. But with great power comes great responsibility. Learn how to use your great power in the most ethical way.

  • Your Magic Profession: Ritual Magic, All Spells & Healing

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Number 7. The moon apprentice

Number 7 symbolizes the moon and all the magic that comes from the Great Lady of the Night. Your magical reward is natural, the untamed magic of the moon. It feels very strange for you to follow the ritualistic magic because you instinctively know what to do.

And usually, you do not think twice about something. You are improvising because of your active intuition. In addition, another magical gift from you is to dream prophetic dreams. If you interpret them correctly and trust them, you can do wonders!

  • Your magic profession: visions & prophetic dreams

Number 8. The traditional witch

This digit is treated as one of the most magical. Number 8 corresponds to the 8 Witch Sabbaths, the 8 corners of the world. When your birthday falls to 8, you have a great magical power, which will only be activated if you manage to meet and celebrate the Sabbaths.

You have a very accurate inner compass and therefore you can correctly differentiate from wrong.

  • Your Magic Profession: Energy Manipulation & Alchemy

Number 9. The man

The last number symbolizes the union of all the above. It is the gate from which everything ends and everything starts again. That’s why you see things like no other. Your magical gift is your artistic and creative nature and you often see situations from a very interesting perspective.

That’s why you can heal. Since the number corresponds to death and rebirth, you have a natural ability to feel spirits and souls. However, as you learn to use this ability, you could even transcend the world as all shamans do.

  • Your Magic Profession: Astral Projection & Totem Magic

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