The 6 Most Rebellious Zodiac Signs

The 6 Most Rebellious Zodiac Signs


Always thinking, these people have a plan in mind and if something gets in the way of their plan, they’ll play the long game, which means they’ll wait for you and then deliver to you the way it “really goes”. come down. If you had your heart set on having it your way, it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with an Aquarius — they’ll do it their way no matter how hard you try. Do you think you are in control? Not with Aquarius you are not. Remember, the long game is giving yourself confidence that everything will turn out the way you want it to, until BAM. This rebel succeeds… again.


Let’s keep this in mind as a principle for the future: Aries doesn’t care about your period. Like God, Aries doesn’t care about your plans. And why? Because The Great Red Ram is such a rebel they don’t even know what’s on their mind, all they know is they’re gonna do it their way, willy-nilly. The only thing you can count on is that they are predictable; Expect your Aries companion to contradict everything you say, and keep in mind that even if you agree with his idea of ​​a plan, somewhere along the line he will most likely rebel against it. that too.


What would seem obvious in the nature of Taurus plays out in a much more subtle form of rebellion than you necessarily imagine. All that “stubborn nature” stuff? Oh, it’s real, but it’s also the solid foundation of their personal rebellion. Just try to get someone born under the sign of Taurus to do something they vehemently oppose. You would have an easier time lugging a small building. When Taurus rebels, they don’t have to verbalize their intention. They just don’t move, making them one of the most rebellious zodiac signs.


While there’s no absolutely typical Cancer, there’s one thing these people have in common: the need to be comfortable doing things their own way. When Cancer rebels, it feels like a lot of flattery and excuses. You’ll think they’re on board, just because they kindly convinced you to shut up about your plan, but the truth is, the Cancer is already at the door. Your plans, your ideas never made it to their “to do” list, so you might as well face it: you never existed in the first place. They rebelled against you before you even arrived.


“I did it my way” could very well be the Libra personality’s anthem. They won’t push or pull, because they don’t need your approval when it comes to following their own happiness; they know what pleases them and they pursue it without anyone’s approval. What you might call rebellion is only the way of Libra; unlike Taurus, they are not stubborn, they are just true to themselves and if moving is something they won’t do, the last thing in the world you can make them do is moving. A surprisingly powerful sign, Libra. They are rebels pursuing their own agenda.


Arrow fixed for their target, bow in hand, they are ready to rebel any day of the week. The archers will think before striking; their intention is always well directed, as it is a key to the Sagittarius personality. Rebellion comes naturally, and they enjoy playing the role of “rebel leader”, which might imply that they need support for their rebellious endeavors. Sagittarius likes to “lead the army” so to speak, so expect direct, precise, and downright rebellious missives. These people like rebellion. I would go so far as to say that they don’t even care.


The 6 Most Rebellious Zodiac Signs

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