The Negative Traits of Virgo

The Negative Traits of Virgo

Virgos can sometimes think too much about a situation or discussion.

It’s not uncommon for them to worry too much about something that’s going on in their lives.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with analyzing things, but when things get out of hand, that’s another matter.

Whenever they become overly critical of other people or their behavior, there is a problem.

Judging other people can be easy, but it’s not always appropriate.

Virgos are systematic about things and like to organize their lives to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

They tend to be “clean freaks” who have a hard time concentrating and getting things done when surrounded by clutter and clutter.

The mindset

Her tenacity shows in her mindset.

They can be very argumentative and difficult.

Once a Virgo has formed an opinion, she won’t be swayed and will impose her opinion on you in a childish way, even if she doesn’t know much about the subject.

The Virgo always has her opinion about everything.

She tends to be intentionally opposed to the opinions of others.

While they are willing to listen, they are not willing to change their minds and expect you to change your mind to match theirs.

For those involved in the unnecessary, intractable, and pointless strife, it can come across as biased, difficult, argumentative, annoying, and childish.

Virgos, find all of this very funny and entertaining, especially when you’re upset about it.

The perfectionists

Virgos are perfectionists and don’t like to waste their valuable time on people who aren’t worth it.

You are intuitive by nature and quickly understand if you are worth it or not.

That’s what makes them haters the first time they meet someone.

Given your perfect nature, you often want things to be done a certain way, which makes people hate you even more.

Only your closest circle knows who you really are and what your intentions are.

The humor

Virgos tend to use their humor at the expense of other people.

The bright Virgos may tease you, laugh at you, tease you on purpose to get a reaction and a laugh.

Dark Virgos may intentionally bully you, pick on you, pick fights, use their humor to create drama between people, pick fights to get a reaction.

Reactions make them laugh, usually in a mild way, but for sensitive people, it can make them upset and uncomfortable.

Virgos like to laugh and can be funny people.

You all know where the line is, but some Virgos cross the line on purpose.

The problem is that sometimes they can get carried away with bad environments and friends (they are impressionable people) or they can get carried away with their stubbornness and unwillingness to let the argument go.

Virgos can easily have narcissistic tendencies and these reactions definitely bring them joy.

Growing up and the negativity

Virgo negative thinking is another dark side.

Virgo’s earth element makes them critical thinkers and mild pessimists.

Traditionally, Virgos tend to have a bad relationship with at least one of their parents.

Traditionally, Virgo men have bad relationships with their fathers and women with their mothers.

This is not always the case, but it is very common, especially during puberty.

Virgos tend to be despised, yelled at, told what to do, criticized, and basically raised in ways that Virgos don’t see as beneficial to themselves or as rewarding for them to look at them.

Most Virgos grew up feeling like they were always dominated and disrespected by their parents.

Their feelings during their upbringing and what they experienced play a big role in many things.

Reflection of negativity on self

You are very critical of yourself.

Virgos criticize themselves in all areas of life and they always feel like they can do better.

Mainly because they probably grew up with a critical point of view.

They can undermine their accomplishments and themselves by downplaying them or pretending they aren’t as profound.

If you compliment them on their achievements or other things, they feel happy and uncomfortable.

They don’t know how to accept and appreciate a compliment.

Although it makes them feel good and motivates them, their opinion of what they just got complimented on probably stays the same.

Reflection of negativity on others

They also criticize others.

Virgos can complain about unnecessary things and complain that you didn’t do something the way you should have done it.

They can be very hypocritical and are sometimes blind to their own mistakes.

Sometimes Virgos strive for perfection, and when they can’t do that, they point out the imperfections of others to make themselves feel better since they haven’t acknowledged their own flaws, which is an unhealthy way of dealing with their problems.

This is also unhealthy for those around them as they feel like you can never be good enough or please Virgo.


Virgos would never claim that they are negative, but that they are realistic. 

They have high expectations and reject poor standards of everything.

If that bothers you and seems negative to you, then that’s your personal problem and not Virgo’s.

You are realistic and see no reason to delude yourself or be pessimistic/optimistic when life is not like that.

This gives false hope or leads to disappointment.

For them, the glass is not half full or half empty.

It’s a glass with liquid in it.


The Negative Traits of Virgo

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