The 6 Most Jealous Signs And Those Who Are Not Jealous At All

Most Jealous Signs

The 6 Most Jealous Signs And Those Who Are Not Jealous At All

Loving a person can be the best experience of our life, but it can also make us suffer a lot, especially if we are the most jealous people. Jealousy is natural and something that we all feel, but we must keep in mind that there are certain limits that should never be crossed. Healthy relationships are nourished by love, affection, and friendship, but not by limiting attitudes. Being more or less jealous is something that is given to us by our Zodiac sign and we want to talk to you about it. In this article, we talk about which are the 6 most jealous signs of the Zodiac and those who are not jealous at all:

Aries vs Taurus

Aries are extremely jealous people who can reach unhealthy limits, which means that their relationships may not last very long. They are very intense people who love from the heart, and this leads them to experience certain situations in a completely out-of-the-ordinary way. For this reason, we recommend that you talk to your partners when you feel bad about something, instead of creating the scenes that your partners are already accustomed to. 

On the other hand, Taurus natives are very rational and not very jealous people. They truly love and trust their partners. They don’t usually limit them at all and, best of all, they encourage them to constantly improve themselves. However, it is also true that leaving so much space can be confused with a lack of interest, which is why we encourage you to continue working on these expressions of love that are so difficult for you to give.

Gemini vs Libra

When we talk about jealous signs, Geminis are not far behind. It is possible that along with Virgo, the natives of these signs are the most jealous of the entire Zodiac. And, the truth is that it may seem strange because Geminis are people who like to talk about everything. The natives of this sign are people to whom jealousy comes naturally. They are afraid of losing their partner because for them it is one of the pillars of their life. However, trying to always have your partner by your side makes them feel trapped and without space, which can bring complications to the relationship. Geminis should listen to their partner a little more; In this way, they would see that she only has eyes for them and, possibly, they would feel much better. 

For their part, natives of the sign of Libra are very little jealous people, who know everything they offer. They are very confident people in themselves and in everything they bring to relationships, so they know that those who value and love them will always be by their side. Libras generally live a very calm life without altercations; They like clear things and sincerity, so in their lives, there is no room for jealousy or situations that complicate their daily lives. 

Cancer vs Virgo

Cancer natives are clear that whoever wants to be by their side will be and whoever doesn’t, then no. For this same reason, they are not jealous people and, furthermore, they do not like to be jealous of them. They have no problems when it comes to showing signs of affection and spending quality time with their loved ones, but they will run away at the slightest scene that is created. They can’t stand being told what they should do or who they can do things with; They are independent people who like to make their own decisions and that is what they want for their partners. 

For their part, Virgo natives are extremely jealous people who like to have their partner by their side at all times. They have no problem asking things directly when they feel that something is not working, but they tend to think too much and, usually, negatively. These negative thoughts, most of the time, come from the need they have to be in a relationship, to feel loved, and to feel complete. Therefore, when they see their relationship in danger, even if the danger is not real, Virgo natives can make big scenes. And, this will only lead to them losing those they love. Natives of this sign must learn to love and value themselves, as well as improve their self-esteem. In this way, they will experience healthier and more pleasant relationships. 

Leo vs Sagittarius 

Leos are not jealous people, and they love to see how those they love live their lives and achieve everything they set out to do. Instead of trying to tie down those they love, Leos often gives them wings so they can grow as people and bring out the best in them. For this reason, the relationships that Leos usually have, whether in friendship, love, or with family, are usually some of the best. Of course, they can’t stand people who don’t give them the same trust and support that they do. 

Sagittarians, on the other hand, are jealous people. But, unlike other signs of the Zodiac, Sagittarians are because they tend to create dependence on their relationships. Despite being the most cheerful and fun people, Sagittarians need to feel loved and accompanied. They hate loneliness and hate not having someone to make plans with. This need to always be with someone is what creates dependency in your relationships. And, when there is dependence, there is jealousy. Sagittarius natives should practice a little meditation and take small steps daily toward healthy solitude. They must learn to love themselves and be with themselves.

Scorpio vs Aquarius

Scorpios are empathetic and very intuitive people, but they are not jealous at all. They know well what they are: they know their defects and their virtues, and they love themselves just as they are. For this reason, they tend to be independent people with fixed ideas. They have no need to control their partners or get jealous because they understand that relationships last when they are stable and based on trust. However, this way of being can make them seem cold and distant on some occasions, so we remind them that giving small signs of affection is always good. 

Aquarians, on the other hand, are very jealous people, although it may not seem like it. We are talking about one of the most independent signs in the Zodiac and, at the same time, a jealous sign. This contradiction in their way of being is what makes their partners always have doubts about the relationship. On the one hand, they see Aquarius as jealous in certain situations; but, on the other hand, they see how they ask for space and time. At this point, Aquarians should reflect on this and learn to ask for what they are willing to give. 

Capricorn vs Pisces

Capricorns are people who love very intensely but are not jealous. They want the best for their people and support them tirelessly in everything they do. They like to see how their partners achieve what they have set out to do and they love to go out of their way to make them happy. Jealousy, for them, is nonsense, because they know that conflictive situations only bring more problems.

For their part, Pisces natives are very jealous people. They do not like to see how their partners have other suitors nor do they like to spend time without hearing from them. For this reason, Pisces can become the most suffocating people. And, when this happens, that is when problems begin in your relationships. Pisces natives must learn to leave more space for those they love since there is nothing wrong with them having their own hobbies, routines, etc. That each member of the couple is a little independent is what creates strong relationships. 

Being jealous is something that we all have within us, but there are those who are more so and those who are less so. While feeling jealous may be okay, since we know we love this person, going to certain extremes can lead us down unhealthy paths. 

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