How You Handle Jealousy According To Your Sign

How You Handle Jealousy According To Your Sign

Each of us has a different and unique way of expressing our emotions, whatever they may be. Jealousy can make us lose our minds in the blink of an eye, but each of us handles it in a different way. There are people who know how to handle them better and others who pull their hair out when jealousy invades them. If you want to know how you handle jealousy according to your sign, you just have to keep reading:


Aries, unfortunately, you tend to yell at your partner when jealousy invades you. The problem you have is that you do not know very well how to express what you feel and as a result, you get into fights and arguments with your partner that does not lead you anywhere. Aries, it is clear that the way you handle jealousy is not healthy at all. You have to work hard to learn to share what you feel and thus not put together the ones that are put together.


Taurus, when jealousy invades you, you become super sensitive. You begin to get in touch with your feelings in a different way. You start to be afraid because you don’t want to lose that person because of your attitude, but you also don’t like seeing her with certain people. It is very likely that you suffer alone, but the best thing you can do before all this happens is to talk to your partner and tell him what you feel.


Gemini, you are quite sincere with these types of situations. Jealousy may invade you, but you know how to handle it better than you imagine. Maybe it’s the experience that has helped you see things differently, but don’t waste time with jealousy. You know that if your partner wants to cheat on you, they are going to do it, whether you are jealous or not, so you completely go beyond complicating your life. If they deceive you, you are not the one who loses… Do not forget it.


Cancer, when jealousy invades you, you tend to invade the privacy of your partner and this only complicates things because it shows that you do not trust 100% that special person. You have suffered a lot and you do not want to suffer anymore, but perhaps you do not act in the most appropriate way. Cancer, when things start to get ugly, take a deep breath and remember your worth. It’s not worth lowering yourself for anything or anyone.


Leo, when you feel jealous, you turn to your friends to make you see things differently because you know that you are too temperamental and do not want to mess up. You like to know different points of view to know if what you see is real or if it’s just your paranoia. You can go crazy with jealousy, but before that, you always try to find answers to your moves, then you’ll see what happens…


Virgo, when jealousy invades you, your life turns upside down. You need to be in control of everything that happens around you and when it starts to fail and you see that you can’t control it, you get on your nerves. Virgo, you have to control your jealousy because thanks to them you often throw super important things overboard. You can’t let something so basic take over completely and ruin your life.


Libra, you are different from the rest of the world. When jealousy invades you instead of throwing a mess you try to solve everything that is happening in your life to be able to solve it. You seek security in yourself and in the people around you to see things from a clear and healthy point of view. You don’t like jealousy at all because you know they are bad in all their modalities and you can’t help but be surrounded by mess*.


Scorpio, you are super intense for everything, so, for jealousy you were not going to be much less. For you, what is yours is yours and no one else’s. You cannot bear to see your partner in the eyes of others, but Scorpio, you have to trust your special person more. You can’t put on a street drama just because someone else has intentions of something else. If your partner loves you, he will be faithful to you until the end of his days and if not, then the sooner he leaves, the better…


Sagittarius, you are very impulsive in your day-to-day life and that in jealousy was not going to change much. It is true that you try to control yourself because you know that many times your impulses make you open your mouth and mess it up completely. You have to start seeing things differently and take a deep breath so you don’t see things where there aren’t any. Sagittarius, follow your adventurous, free and independent instinct and all your relationships will go smoothly.


Capricorn, you are a very respectful person with everything in this life, but you are much more so with your partners. You are a faithful, loyal, and full of commitment person. You cannot stand that others are not like you and that is why you can lose your temper when jealousy invades you. Capri, try to control yourself because things are not always what they seem, and if they are, if you lose your temper you can lose the battle.


Aquarius, you are a free soul, you always do what you want at all times. When jealousy invades you, it does so silently. You are not one of those people who lose their minds. You analyze the situation well and then say everything you have to say to your partner without making any public numbers. You know that talking will solve things and you prefer that to prolong things and have a bad time for days.


Pisces, you are a very sensitive person and jealousy can make you lose your mind. You’re pretty dramatic, and you know it. Jealousy can make you mount the biggest drama of your life in the blink of an eye. You have suffered a lot and you go wildly to continue suffering more for people who do not know how to value you as you should. That yes, Pisces, make sure very well if the jealousy is justified or not before mounting the drama.


How You Handle Jealousy According To Your Sign

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