The 6 alpha zodiac signs who like to take charge

The 6 alpha zodiac signs who like to take charge

You may have heard the term alpha male or female before, but more in the context of the animal kingdom.

However, nowadays this term has become more popular when it comes to a specific type of people who express certain characteristics.

So, alpha males and females are those individuals who, because of some of their traits, attract more attention, have more success, and have an easier time attracting mates.

This is mainly because, similar to the animal kingdom, they are immediately perceived as more attractive and somehow dominant.

While this is also a theory that many will disagree with, the fact is that many have to admit that some people are perceived differently by the world around them.

Mainly because of certain qualities that distinguish them or that make them more suitable for modern society.

The most common include attractiveness, intelligence, and confidence.

Because when you look at it closely, an attractive person is often seen as more desirable because people tend to associate beauty with desirable traits.

While this is neither the case nor proven in any way, it is our instinct and guesswork that makes us think so.

On the other hand, people who are smarter and more successful are perceived as more attractive, not because they have much to offer, but because they guarantee survival.

Yes, that’s the main reason others are so attached to them, because they make them feel safe, even if that’s never certain.

Otherwise, self-esteem also has a big impact on whether someone has an alpha personality or not.

So, someone can be both attractive and smart, but be more on the beta spectrum due to their lack of confidence.

Being a beta male or female means you tend to be submissive and shy.

However, it has been shown that alpha females are also more attractive compared to beta females.

Because they never seek approval, don’t cling to men, and are generally harder to impress, men appreciate them more, but only psychologically.

However, there are certain zodiac signs that always emit alpha energy and that somehow always pull others into their orbit.

As the stars happened to be in their favor, allowing them to take command.

1. Capricorn

Capricorns are wise, determined, mature and definitely the most self-respecting people.

Because of this, they don’t find it difficult to part with those who don’t show them enough respect, or close a door forever and keep them that way.

After all, they know their worth and make it clear to others that they shouldn’t be messed with.

Because their ambition and pride makes them stand out and makes it easy for others to look at them with awe.

So they’re not the type of people who get stuck in a negative or depressive cycle for too long.

After all, they know what they want and who they want to be, with no compromises or excuses.

2. Aries

There is something childish about Aries, however they are not to be joked with as they are very volatile.

Especially to those who don’t show them enough respect and who interpret their relaxed demeanor as a weakness.

So you’re one of the zodiac signs most likely to put others in their place, especially when they’ve done something wrong.

They also have immense drive and are fully focused on the things they want.

So they pursue their dreams and goals regardless of the risks and hardships.

Because they are never afraid of a challenge that lies ahead, nor can anything deter them.

3. leo

Leo is one of the zodiac’s greatest alpha personalities with high grace, competence and radiant positivity.

So it’s almost admirable how easily they can captivate and entertain others.

With a sense of humor and a natural confidence that is so typical of an alpha personality.

Also, they are among those people who never complain about difficulties and even express their feelings with great force.

Because they are never afraid to show their true selves and that shows true strength.

Since most of the people around them focus on pleasing others to hide their own shortcomings, which the Leo zodiac sign would never do.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios are predestined to be alpha personalities because of their bold personalities and their intensity.

You are very professional, direct and most importantly strong enough to stand up to personal attacks and negativity.

Especially by those who want to influence them negatively and who judge their unusual tendencies.

However, Scorpio’s strength of will shows how unapologetic they are and that this will always be the case.

So when they are judged, they become even more motivated to prove others wrong.

At the same time, they are irresistible with their extraordinary and at the same time special attitude towards others.

5. Virgo

Virgos are more than aware that knowledge is power and this gives them confidence and strength.

A strength that makes them true alphas who don’t even need to run in packs.

In fact, they are like lone wolves who never need others to make them feel appreciated.

They are confident in their beliefs and do not break down when others try to bring them down.

Also, they are so focused on their goals and the things they want that they can’t think of a single excuse because giving up is not an option for them.

That’s why you often see these people doing amazing things while working quietly with little or no support.

6. Aquarius

Aquarians always live their own lives the way they want, even when others don’t really understand it.

Therefore, their path is always safe and they don’t worry if they lose their followers along the way.

Because they are very sure of themselves, even if they live in absolute isolation.

You will always find a reason to smile and do something innovative and great for this world.

Their tendency not to become dependent on others is therefore one of the most amazing things about them and the reason many are intimidated by their aura.

After all, it takes a real alpha to not be influenced by anything and to get by on your own.

The 6 alpha zodiac signs who like to take charge

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