What Are The Signs Tired Of In February 2022

What Are The Signs Tired Of In February 2022

The beginning of the year has been very intense, and this has only just begun. Lots of things are coming up and the atmosphere is a bit tense. It is normal, February is a month of changes and the beginning of very special things. That is why it is important to know how the signs are and what they have to solve in order to move forward. What are the signs tired of in February? Here it is, keep reading:


See, Aries is fed up with having to put up with disparaging comments about his coldness on occasion. Aries cannot be a cold person because his element is fire, starting from there. The thing is, he doesn’t meddle in anyone’s life like that. Aries offers you his hand and his friendship from the first moment, but he keeps his space safe. He doesn’t like to talk about feelings, it’s a very deep topic. But that he doesn’t talk about it, he doesn’t want to say anything, because deep down he is a very sensitive person. In fact, he is much more sensitive than he appears, much more than you imagine…


The next person who has the bad taste to criticize Taurus’s physique will pay handsomely in the future. If Taurus isn’t obsessed with any of that, why is everyone else? In the end, they are going to get Taurus to have complexes that he has never had or to think things that are not. Taurus is fed up with the feeling that they are looking at him with a magnifying glass. He wants a world that is much freer of prejudice and healthier in that sense. He is fed up with having to give explanations on that subject. He seems to him something so delicate and so important that he doesn’t take it as if it were just any topic of conversation.


The truth? Gemini is fed up with lying people. Actually, he is a bunch of things, because he is also fed up with being such a trusting person with everyone. He knows that he doesn’t have to trust so quickly, but he does. His kindness prevents him from distrusting others and what happens? That he ends up in some drama. That is why he would like to meet sincere and transparent people more often. It is as if deep down he had an alarm that warns him that he will never have that peace of mind with which he dreams so much. He only wants to talk with interesting, natural, and sincere people. Nothing more, for now, he wants nothing more than that. And well, win the lottery.


“Being sensitive is not being weak” is one of the comments that Cancer has heard the most. People say that he is very sensitive and they say it with a certain negative tone. Like being sensitive is a bad thing, right? But then there is the weak term. That term that people attribute to the crab for no reason. Cancer doesn’t think it’s bad for someone to be weak. Everyone can be weak at some point in their life and nothing happens. Recognizing that is a sign of maturity in its purest form. The good thing about all this is that Cancer has learned to survive with pride and to never stop being sensitive, weak and whatever it wants.


Leo is fed up with some very mean comments. He is tired of being told that his heart is insecure. He doesn’t like being told that he can never love someone because of his ego, it hurts him a lot. Deep down he has a heart of gold, seriously, he has a very big heart and it hurts that kind of comment. When he acts, he does it without malice and he does it thinking about what will be best. He always thinks of his people and his well-being and doesn’t deserve to be called selfish when he decides to look out for himself. At this rate, he’ll stop being so helpful to everyone and problem solved.


Virgo wants to live in peace and quiet, without anyone poking their noses into their affairs. He is tired of being criticized for his way of doing things. Virgo is a very cranky person, but what’s wrong with that? He gets on his nerves that people don’t understand that everyone has their own way of doing things. He annoys her a lot because then he is the one who helps the others the most. When people receive help from him they don’t say anything, but when they don’t or when what he does is not similar to what the rest of the world does, they criticize and that’s not fair to Virgo.


The balance can no longer deal with injustice. See that he tries to bite his tongue and pretend as nothing happened, but he can’t. This month he is going to have to deal a lot with that internal rage that arises when he witnesses something he doesn’t like. He doesn’t know very well how to manage those kinds of emotions and he really has a hard time. The balance began the year wanting to fight and get everything it deserves, and the injustices here do not help it at all. His heart is tired of so many blows in that sense. One more disappointment, and he’s likely to throw in the towel at the wrong time. Actually, now is when he feels better than ever and that’s why it hurts so much. Libra is a good person, but she is not an idiot.


This month, Scorpio is going to have to waste a lot of patience with a close person. Someone who doesn’t know what he wants and who has no organization. For Scorpio, the lack of commitment is a very negative fact, and lately, he has had to deal with many people like that. The scorpion likes people who go straight through life. He likes the truth, even if it hurts and he loves to surround himself with sincere people. That’s why he doesn’t want to and can’t stand the lack of commitment and maturity that he has had to deal with lately. He is one step away from sending anyone who does not keep his promises far away, so be careful…


The truth? Sagittarius cannot take anymore with some attitudes that he has seen during this beginning of the year. He can’t handle bitter people who criticize his intensity. He is tired of always being the one who pulls the cart. He is up to his nose in proposing things and everyone will object to him. It is as if he feels that no one really listens to him. He is very disappointed because everyone talks about trips and fun things, but then nobody lifts a finger to organize or start that trip. He wants a little more freedom in that sense. He doesn’t want them to sweeten his heart and get his hopes up with fun things so that later nobody does anything.


“Is something the matter? I see you serious” or “Are you mad at me? I see you distant”. They are examples of the comments that Capricorn has to face. The goat is very fed up with negative comments about his humor or his attitude. Actually, Capricorn is super fun and adventurous person. What happens is that his humor is exclusive, it’s not like the rest of the people and nothing happens because it’s like that. Nobody cares about getting to know the goat better, they prefer to criticize and remain ignorant. Who really knows Capricorn knows that deep down he is a real crazy goat (in the good sense of the word).


Aquarius is not disturbed by what others may think, but the freedom that some people take when it comes to criticizing really messes them off. His heart is weary of the feigned wisdom that some proudly carry through life. He can’t handle hypocritical and cynical people who think they know everything. This month he has had to deal with those kinds of people and he has proven that ONE AND NO MORE. In addition, he prefers that the anger that arises in him when he is close to such individuals is not noticeable. Aquarius often feigns disinterest for pure strategy. So that no one discovers how loving his heart can be. Oops, but that was a secret…


The fish has a huge disappointment that it will cost him to cure, but that he will manage to heal. What kind of disappointment? Know that there are people who think they are selfish. Pisces is the opposite of selfish, seriously, whoever has a fish in his life knows it. Yes, his tantrums are worthy of an Oscar many times, but there is nothing selfish about him. He should stop giving importance to what others think, but he can’t. It hurts him a lot when things are said that are lies. It hurts him because it’s not fair to his goodness. He has done so much for so many people, he still doesn’t believe he can be called selfish. For things like that, he loses hope a little in many things and the fish does not deserve that.


What Are The Signs Tired Of In February 2022

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