The 50 Things You Should Know About Virgo

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The 50 Things You Should Know About Virgo

If we asked Virgo what they thought about describing themselves in 50 characteristics, they would surely give us a critique. And he would say that a sign is many more than 50 tips. We know, but we wanted to do it with this round number. To discover the fundamentals. The essential. The special. And when Virgo reads it, I’m sure he’ll agree. Because Virgo criticizes but he is constructive. Because Virgo is smart and perfectly knows how to recognize the truth. These are the 50 things you should know about Virgo:

  1. ize him. Besides, he prefers to be the one who criticizes. He is an expert, too.
  2. When Virgo starts to analyze something, they will break it down and leave it at the level of the atom.
  3. When giving a Virgo something, it is better to make it practical. He can’t stand it when something is useless.
  4. Seeing a Virgo permanently worried can worry those who don’t know him. Those who know him know that his concern is his way of fighting for everything to go well.
  5. Virgo’s personal life has to be just that, personal. He doesn’t like those who stick their noses where they are not called.
  6. A true Virgo is sharp, cunning, and demanding. And a less authentic Virgo just the same.
  7. Virgo has plenty of well-known people. That’s what it’s like to be kind, and sweet, and provide peace of mind and few arguments. Friends friends, he considers few.
  8. Virgo always wants to help others. But because he feels like it, not because he feels obligated to do so.
  9. Virgo arrives and with its intelligence and depth of reception, sees what is not written. He sees what the rest of us can’t even imagine.
  10. A challenge for Virgos: create order out of chaos and put everything you can get your hands on to work.
  11. Nonsense for Virgos: They hate chaos as much as they are attracted to it.
  12. It does not matter if you have to do something simple or undertake something big. Virgo always does it right. And it’s normal for him to feel proud of it.
  13. Wherever they go, Virgos capture everyone’s attention with their knowledge. About something anecdotal or something profound. Does not matter. Virgo knows everything.
  14. The Virgo woman has a know-how and a Nobel intelligence. In addition to small prizes for her rational way of thinking.
  15. If you have to dream, you can do it for a few minutes but Virgo lives on earth, he has his feet on the ground and he also really likes being that way.
  16. Virgo doesn’t really like people who complain a lot. Virgo doesn’t complain, he criticizes. And furthermore, he does it in a constructive way. Of course, when you have brought out the worst side of him, destroy.
  17. Respect for everyone’s opinions is written on a rug in front of the door of the Virgo house.
  18. Being late or being late by others makes Virgo nervous. And also that the schedules of anything are altered.
  19. Key word in the life of Virgo: Logic.
  20. Their love for details sometimes prevents Virgo from seeing other things—for example, really big problems.
  21. If you want to conquer Virgo, sending a signal is enough. He has powerful antennas to capture everything else.
  22. Contradiction in Virgo: his tremendous curiosity about everything collides with the apathy he can sometimes show.
  23. Virgo’s perfectionism is as famous as its critical sense. It is good to note that he criticizes both others and himself.
  24. If you have a problem, tell Virgo to solve it for you and stay calm. He will know how to do it if you deserve him to do it.
  25. When Virgo does nothing, bad. His mind needs constant activity. And the more he does, the more he wants to do. Keep this in the 50 things you should know about Virgo.
  26. If Virgo hurts someone, it will be unintentionally, because their desire to avoid hurting others is always there.
  27. A worried and tense Virgo should not worry us. There is no other sign that works better under pressure or tension.
  28. Although he may seem intense, inside Virgo is more sensitive than he would like to be. And that’s why he protects himself a lot.
  29. For being a perfectionist or whatever, but Virgo always has some dissatisfaction with himself.
  30. When Virgo keeps quiet about something it is because he has some conflict or because he knows he has the truth and is waiting to tell it.
  31. Either brutally sincere or brutally honest. Let everyone choose the truth through the mouth of a Virgo.
  32. Virgo hates criticism because it is salt in their wounds. They are already sufficiently aware of her flaws.
  33. No matter how much something worries him, since Virgo wants to appear otherwise, he will deceive anyone.
  34. When Virgo makes a mistake, Virgo is the first to realize and the first to learn from the mistake made. You don’t have to be the one to point.
  35. When Virgo doesn’t like someone or someone hurts them, they don’t bother to hate them. He passes on from that person what is not written.
  36. There is a very mysterious part of Virgo that keeps a lot inside. Maybe it’s because of mistrust.
  37. It hurts Virgo more when someone they love is hurt more than themselves. They look strong enough to be able to handle almost everything.
  38. Virgo always has something intelligent to say. Always. Although he may not say it and keep it to himself.
  39. Virgo loves to be useful, but if they are not valued later, they feel a strong feeling of having been used.
  40. Because of the way they are, Virgo responds instinctively to the needs of others.
  41. Virgo doesn’t hide anything. He doesn’t even make excuses. Virgo says what he feels. Point by point.
  42. Many times Virgo goes lonely through life. But it’s because he doesn’t need anyone to be well. He is fine with himself.
  43. Advice for Virgo couples: don’t even think about trying to cheat on him. They are very good at collecting clues and finding “the criminal.” And what comes next will be hard…
  44. Virgo can be as hot or as cold as he wants. His ability to be what he wants to be is fantastic.
  45. A part of Virgo can be delusional and not credible. It will be difficult to understand him when he escapes being like that.
  46. Not everyone knows Virgo, and he will only let you do it when he sees that you are prepared, when he feels confident, although something will always, always be hidden. It’s not good for them to know everything.

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