The 50 Things You Should Know About Sagittarius

Know About Sagittarius

The 50 Things You Should Know About Sagittarius

Being a sign touched by good luck gives us a good starting point to talk about Sagittarius. Everyone knows his gifts, his strength, his illusion, and his positivity. And that thanks to all this, Sagittarius is doing well in life. What many people don’t know is that Sagittarius is one of those who give good luck to those around them. Is magic? Could. But above all, it is generosity. Sagittarius gives a lot. And we are going to give 50 details so that you know him a little better. These are the 50 things you should know about Sagittarius:

  1. Sagittarius is a very social sign. But in addition to interacting, he knows how to seek complicity and affection with whom he relates.
  2. In love, and in almost all matters, Sagittarius goes head-on. He is sincere, and direct and does not mince words.
  3. When Sagittarius gets bored, they get cranky. And when he’s in a bad mood, everything bores him more.
  4. Activity has to exist in the life of Sagittarius. The best is traveling. But if not, it will be reading, thinking, playing sports, dancing…
  5. Sagittarius is not one to wait for things to happen. Sagittarius makes them happen.
  6. In a matter of pride, Sagittarius has it. And he takes it out as many times as necessary. He is so “generous” that he has pride for everyone.
  7. As for love, quantity, quality, and with a lot of fun. And make it spontaneous. For Sagittarius, what is planned does not taste as good.
  8. The Sagittarius woman is honest, strong, kind, and caring. The same man but less presumptuous.
  9. Being the sign of good luck helps Sagittarius to be happy in life and to try to make others happy too.
  10. Their love for travel makes Sagittarius feel an affinity for traveling people. And the more exotic and beautiful, the better.
  11. The forbidden has a certain attraction for Sagittarius. Enough to want to do it fervently.
  12. Meeting a sedentary Sagittarius is difficult. They can be a bit lazy in many ways but their nerves eat at them. There must be something strange in your birth chart. Most are pure energy.
  13. By working, Sagittarius achieves victory, combining their intelligence, their creativity, and, of course, their good luck.
  14. When someone gets angry with Sagittarius, it’s surely because of the ways. He can lose them, and a lot, but the content was sincere.
  15. The Sagittarius way of loving is very simple: sincere, direct, and all. Anything that is not like that is complicating things.
  16. The mantra that must be repeated Sagittarius: sometimes such frankness hurts some sensibilities.
  17. When Sagittarius is more serious it is because something serious is happening. It’s nothing, but nothing normal, seeing him like this.
  18. The stubbornness of Sagittarius has a very negative part. They take it so far that no one’s anger or regrets stop them.
  19. The little revenge of Sagittarius is to ignore the enemy until it makes you feel bad.
  20. Among all those affected by the lack of tact of Sagittarius, raise your hand who has not been rewarded afterward.
  21. It’s hard to know what Sagittarius really feels. And if he shows it easily, beware, he is looking to confuse someone.
  22. Sagittarius does not need advice. He lives very well without them. And he seldom scolds himself. What happened happened, no more regrets.
  23. Never put your hand in the fire saying you know Sagittarius well. A Sagittarius can be known as “something”, well well, no. Because he doesn’t like it.
  24. The archer’s jealousy always has a very strange explanation. Neither he nor he has as many as he says nor as few as he wants to show.
  25. In their impatience, the Sagittarius become little monsters that release everything from their mouths.
  26. Sagittarius’s friends know that sometimes he pays more attention to his enemies.
  27. When Sagittarius works it can seem messy. It is not. It is best not to look at him and wait for the result. Always surprising.
  28. Sagittarius is of great passions, of great obsessions, of great illusions, and of few depressions.
  29. Sagittarius has a reputation for spendthrift. But it’s with his money. And since he works hard to earn it, does anyone have anything to say?
  30. In a team, Sagittarius works like no other sign: for his ability to get excited and excite others.
  31. The Sagittarius mind is quick to understand what is said to it, to process it, and to reach conclusions.
  32. The common good is very important to Sagittarius. And if he has to make extra efforts to achieve it, he does it, and with great pleasure.
  33. Despite being very sociable and knowing how to relate, when it comes to talking about feelings, of those deep ones, Sagittarius seems like a cat got his tongue.
  34. In the head of Sagittarius the issues of love, money, and work are very separated. That they mix is ​​not good. But that’s under control.
  35. Your love for adventure can lead you to neglect some obligations. And if he can’t physically leave, he mentally evades.
  36. Sagittarius can be unfaithful, they can, although there will always be very obvious “reasons”. But he is fatal when they cuckold him. And when everything is triggered, a good one is mounted.
  37. Lack of patience makes Sagittarius not very tactful with those who are late or make them late.
  38. If he looks too strong, Sagittarius can abuse his power. The worst thing is that he will have an explanation for his behavior, and sometimes it is even credible.
  39. Sagittarius is so independent that if he wants to travel and has no one with whom, he travels alone. And so it works for many other things.
  40. The levels of romance of Sagittarius are normal, pulling down. But with good stimuli, he always responds well. Step by Step.
  41. When the goalkeeper’s genius comes out, the worst thing is not what he says, but how he says it.
  42. Sagittarius is always very legal. But why is it going forward? And with that, he believes that he has a long way to go.
  43. The lack of freedom and the pressure of commitments is what Sagittarius takes worse than belonging to a group or dating someone.
  44. The optimism of Sagittarius only loses it sometimes. Or twice. Or nothing. Come on, ALMOST NEVER. This is key within the 50 things you should know about Sagittarius.
  45. Sagittarius intensity can be as exhilarating as it is exhausting. Luckily they have a lot of people around to take turns following him.
  46. The Sagittarius sense of humor has many fans. And he opens many doors for her. To fall well and for many more things.
  47. The lies of others help Sagittarius to get to know their friends better. That soon they will be his enemies if they persist in lying.
  48. Keywords and synonyms for Sagittarius: joy, sympathy, optimism, and good humor.
  49. The bad thing about being so positive is inventing something good when it doesn’t exist. And when Sagittarius does, they get into some trouble for it.
  50. Sagittarius is always waiting for something better to come along. Some people should be waiting for a Sagittarius to come into their life.

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