The 5 Signs That Most Hate To Say Goodbye To Those Who Love

The 5 Signs That Most Hate To Say Goodbye To Those Who Love

It’s funny because in real life every day teaches us that everything is temporary and that there comes a time when we must say goodbye even if it hurts. It is not always about love, there are friends, family, co-workers who leave a great void. They physically distance themselves, but they stay in a little corner of the heart that becomes untouchable, and that’s when you admit that you love to see them happy and taking flight. However, at the same time you wish it were not happening, it is not because of selfishness, it is because it hurts. These are the 5 signs they hate the most to say goodbye to who they love. They know that distance will not change how they feel, but it is an emotional shock that they do not wish on anyone. Those on this list know what I’m talking about:

1.- Cancer 

If Cancer could go to the place where that person is, believe me, I would hug her. It is a sign that when it creates a bond it does so in a very transparent way and from the beginning shows its protective side. It is the sign that honors home, roots, loving unconditionally. The bad thing is that when it comes to saying goodbye, the tears are not only on the outside, it breaks on the inside and has a very bad time for a while. It is not attachment, it is that Cancer hopes that his circle will always be the same. He got used to loyal people, those who are always there when their world falls apart and it is not the same to receive a virtual hug as a physical one. Cancer, when you have to say goodbye to someone you love, you feel that a part of you is also leaving. Suddenly, all those memories that you lived together come to your head and it is inevitable not to feel the fear that nothing will be the same again. It is hard, but in the end, he faces it and that is not only admired but it is also applauded.

2.- Libra 

Sometimes you just need a strong hug and a little love to feel like you’re not alone. Libra knows this very well and values ​​it too much. He is the type of friend, partner, and family member, who always puts the person he loves first, he really gives himself in a very emotional way and does not care if he is pointed out. The problem is that when you have to say goodbye, so many things go through your head that a part of you ends up imagining the worst. Nobody beats you when it comes to thinking about catastrophic scenarios in which you end up losing your loved ones. A part of you needs security, you want to be told if it is something momentary or if there is a return. You have a hard time letting go after having shared such deep things with the other person. In addition, you are very concerned about what may happen to her, you want to protect her at all costs. Not to mention that you can be very hard on yourself and blame yourself for not making the most of your time, which makes you feel very frustrated.

3.- Pisces 

They say that people leave, but their way of leaving always remains. There are farewells that leave their mark, so much so that it is difficult for you to give yourself back to another person at that level. When Pisces loves they do not understand gray, they do so from the gut and without fear of what might happen. It is a very loyal sign, that strives to see the other person happy and feels uneasy when not knowing if leaving will be okay. Pisces, is very thinking about things a thousand times and more when his emotions are at stake, he does not stop wondering if it is the best decision, it is his fears that do not let him see further. Saying goodbye to Pisces is like setting foot in hell, it really costs you a lot. He may tell you on the outside that he adores you and that he wants the best for you, it is true, but inside he is holding back the tears and wishing that this moment is eternal so that he does not see the person for the last time.

4.- Capricorn

Goodbye? Why so soon? Nobody is prepared to say goodbye, however, for Capricorn things get worse because there comes a time when they control everything that happens in their life and that makes everything fall apart. Capricorn is very dedicated and for the same reason too selective with his friendships and loves. When you give yourself to someone it is because you really want to commit to everything going well and your relationships are usually very long-lasting. If one piece of his life comes out it makes everything else upset and he doesn’t like that at all. Plus, he’s used to getting things when he chooses, and the distance could put a lot of stress on him. It is not that it is a selfish sign, it is that it costs him to deal with his emotions, he loves the person so much that imagining that he is no longer part of his world breaks his heart and alters his thoughts. If we add to that that there are times when his pessimistic side speaks for him, things get worse, because a part of him feels that he will lose what he once had.

5.- Aries 

The problem is that your heart is not always ready to admit what your mind already knows. Farewells make you turn to your stomach, it is quite difficult for you that someone who is part of your daily life will no longer be part of your life. Aries, you are brave, you are aware that everything changes overnight, and that there are times when there is no choice but to take risks and change of scene, because afterward, it may be too late. However, that does not prevent you from feeling devastated and despair of the simple fact of imagining that this person will now be very far away. When Aries truly loves, it is difficult for him to forget you, he keeps you in the depths of his soul and does not allow anyone to touch your memory. Also, keep in mind that no one takes away impulsiveness and is capable of going to the other side of the world as long as they take refuge in a sincere hug. Do not underestimate the madness of Aries, because when it comes to love he knows no limits.


The 5 Signs That Most Hate To Say Goodbye To Those Who Love

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