Ranking Of The Signs That Would Give Up Their Lives For Love

Ranking Of The Signs That Would Give Up Their Lives For Love

To love like this, without half measures, as if your heart had not been broken before. Fall in love with each of that person’s hobbies and lose yourself in their brilliance and each of their virtues. There are signs of the zodiac, which are delivered in such a deep way that they are not afraid to put their soul in new hands, because they trust that sooner or later the other person will respond to them in the same way. It is hard, but it is not always like that, not everyone would give their life for love. There are many who only go around, having relationships above, in such a superficial way that when they leave they leave a great void. This ranking shows that not all signs are cut with the same scissors and some would give their lives for love. It starts from the most infatuated to the coldest. This is the ranking of the signs that would give their life for love:

1.- Cancer 

For you it is simple, if you decide to share your days with a person it is because you really plan to remove all kinds of shells, your goal is to show yourself as honest as possible. You are romantic to the bone, you love to fill your partner with details and you would do anything to see a smile on his face. You love letting yourself go, you are not afraid of commitment, on the contrary, you are able to imagine the house and even the dog. Your goal is to build something for the future, you don’t play games and you’re not afraid of ties. There is no doubt that you would put your hands in the fire for the person you love. As long as your dignity is not at risk, you are capable of giving your life for love.

2.- Taurus 

Look nothing else, who would have imagined that Taurus would be in position number two in the ranking. Remember that appearances can be deceiving and that there are times when his stubborn side can be used in favor of love. That is to say, a very tender, loving, and passionate being lives inside. People who touch his heart discover a very genuine love, do not demand, like to give, and work hard so that both can shine in the relationship. It is a sign that trusts in what it has to deliver and therefore does not settle for crumbs. He may put up some barriers at the beginning because he is not going to confide his emotions to just anyone. But once he promises you, love, it is eternal, really do not doubt his loyalty because seeing you happy will become one of his favorite hobbies.

3.- Pisces 

Of course, Pisces had to be in the first place. A sign that when it comes to loving it does so in such a naive and brave way at the same time, that it is practically impossible not to lose yourself in its way of loving. The truth is that you have a dreamy side and you can get carried away in such a way that your thoughts make a bad move because your expectations are high. They do not want a half love or have to go begging for attention or fall into those toxic relationships in which they are only prevented from moving forward. It may be difficult for some, but Pisces wants their own fairy tale, not perfect, but filled with a lot of tenderness, love, and passion… Pisces is one of those who enjoys the moment, surprises his partner with great details, and stores very valuable information, to make his loved one happy just when things do not look quite right.

4.- Libra 

At first, you take very cautious steps, you do not want to be very excited, because before you have gotten too carried away and they end up breaking your illusions without any mercy. However, once you give yourself your sweet side, take over and find the most romantic way to surprise your partner. You really have a very passionate and flirtatious side that helps keep the flame burning. The truth is that you are very respectful, before falling in love you become a great partner, the person who is always there to listen and support. That is you, you want to find the perfect balance between love and friendship. You give yourself in such a loyal way that if something fails you leave, but you will not tell anything about what they lived through and if you have to defend that person even if they are nothing, you do it.

5.- Aries 

Yes, many may know you for the persuasion that drains into your pores. The sign that always dares, the one that prefers to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. However, in the same way, that you initiate courtship, you maintain yourself during the relationship. It’s simple, if Aries doesn’t want to be intense they just don’t have a relationship. But if you are going to give your time, your fears, and your dreams to someone, you will do it as if it were your last chance. The moment he tells you that his heart belongs to you fills you with life. She is changeable, lover of adrenaline, however, with her partner she is firm, respects her, gives her her place, and shows her love in every detail. Aries will be with you just when the rest leave.

6.- Leo 

Yes, Leo is not one of those who sit idly by in love. There his impatience is present, if he likes you, he will not hesitate to help the Universe a little to conquer you. It is a sign that when you fall in love you put dedication first, you want your partner to feel special and you show it with facts. For some, it is demanding, just for those who are afraid to love without filters. However, Leo is not like that, he values ​​his independence, but he is not afraid to show what he feels. Dream big, your expectations are to build a long-term love, where criticism and fear do not exist. He may not always be the cutest in the world, however, his kisses do not lie and he is capable of anything for you.

7.- Gemini 

You are the person who always wants more, being conformist is not part of your personality, and when it comes to love it is no exception. If being with someone bores you or makes you feel dissatisfied, you know it’s time to turn the page no matter how much it hurts. What you want is to feel heard, someone who values ​​you and encourages you at every step. Geminis are not selfish but don’t expect them to go through life giving their hearts to everyone. It is not that he does not believe in love, he needs the person to show him that he is in the best hands, only then would he be able to do whatever it takes to see her smile. If you come into his life with the intention of seeing him fly and not clip his wings, you will win his best version.

8.- Virgo 

Let’s see, Virgo, he is not exactly someone who does not have a heart, but he is too meticulous and I am very serious. Practically, the person who wants to enter his life needs to pass a series of tests, and most of the time he does not even realize when he has already been disqualified. Virgo can love you with all his soul, however, it is not synonymous with the fact that he will give his life for you, he has priorities and hobbies. That is, he is ready to share his world, get to know yours, and nothing else. If you want a long relationship with Virgo, you are going to have to play it safe. A bond in which both can grow, admire each other, and support each other in everything they want to do. It is not an inconsiderate sign, if he sees that you are giving everything on your part, he will do the same. Virgo, you just want to be sure that the person not only says that he loves him, but that he shows it.

9.- Scorpio 

Before judging a Scorpio in love, try to think about what has led him to put up certain barriers when it comes to surrendering. It is a very brave sign, however, deep down it has an emotional side that makes you feel very insecure when falling in love. There have been so many times that they have betrayed him that he has simply lost count and it is very difficult for him to trust the first time. Scorpio is not capable of giving his life for love, because he has his own life and because each scar has taught him that the best thing he can do is always make himself a priority. If someone does not tolerate their independence and wants you to be aware of everything they do or stop doing 24 hours a day, they simply don’t have a chance with Scorpio. It may rush to the beginning because it is very passionate, but do not confuse a moment of passion with true love, because there are few who get to know that part of your heart.

10.- Capricorn 

First of all, Capricorn does not have time to fill their relationship with paper hearts. He falls in love and in a very intense way, however, he does not want to live a fairy tale that only exists in his imagination. He is very careful when he lets someone start the game of conquest because he needs to analyze the pros and cons, in case it gets down to something more formal. You do not stay in a relationship where you feel uncomfortable, much less if you do not admire your partner. It is very important for him to give himself that place because he is faithful to his convictions. He would do anything to make the person he loves happy, but he would never lose his individuality. That is Capricorn, he does not go around with false promises, as time progresses he shows you his feelings with facts.

11.- Sagittarius

Restlessness, curiosity, adventure. These are some words with which we can describe the way in which Sagittarius surrenders when it comes to love. It is the type of couple that falls in love in a very crazy way, do not underestimate it, because with the same intensity it says goodbye to you. It is not that he does not have a heart, it is that he knows that everything in this life is temporary and it is much better when you learn to let go and receive the new that life has in store for you. I’m sorry, but he’s not the type to lie on the couch crying for weeks on end. Sagittarius wants to experiment, to live in the moment and that does not mean that they are jumping from bed to bed. There are seasons in his life, in which it is enough for him to be with himself, he really enjoys doing what he likes and does not need anyone to be happy.

12.- Aquarius 

And in place number twelve we have nothing less than the famous Aquarius. Seriously, did you expect me to have another site? They will be able to say everything they want about Aquarius, however, for no reason would he give his life for love. You want much more than that and understand that if there comes a point where the relationship becomes so dramatic and exhausting, the best thing to do is say goodbye. Life goes on and just as the sun re-enters through the window, new loves also knock on the door. Aquarius, that’s right, distrustful, that has served him too much to unmask many people who come into his life pretending love, but his intention is only to hurt. He would rather that than pretend the perfect relationship that doesn’t exist. Also, not everything in life is falling in love, it is important, but there are many other things in which you can invest energy and that also make you feel loved.


Ranking Of The Signs That Would Give Up Their Lives For Love

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