Tell Me What Sign You Are And I’ll Tell You What Your Cake Is

Tell Me What Sign You Are And I’ll Tell You What Your Cake Is

Have you noticed that many times we look for things similar to our personality? Sometimes your pet has something of you, the walls of your room, your style. And it is that your character is not in vain, shout what you like and what you don’t. How are you getting on with the cakes? Perhaps you are one of those who cannot resist such a temptation. Or your palate may not get along very well with sweets. Relax, tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what your cake is.

1.- Aries

If there is something that Aries enjoys a lot is eating, the truth is that a craving is not denied to anyone and there are certain cakes that can be your weakness. You are like your character, you are not afraid of strong flavors and unusual blends make you melt with satisfaction. Something rich, but intense, you are like chocolate cake with an exquisite touch of strawberry. That mix between sweet and sour defines you perfectly.

2.- Taurus

The truth is that Taurus has a gift for adapting to any type of situation and when it comes to flavors, he is no exception. You can become like a very cloying cake, something truly sweet that will wake you up with the first slice. You are like a peach tart with raspberry jam, but… if you add a touch of ice cream to that it would just define you perfectly. Only he who dares to try you knows what I’m talking about.

3.- Gemini

If there is a cake that breaks with the conventional, that shows the rebellion in the design and in the flavor, then … that is the one that Geminis wants. He really has no problem with the intense and sweet flavor, he is delighted by everything that has jam, especially the taste of ice cream. He prefers the natural, a touch of fruit that caresses his palate while enjoying an exquisite bread. It is the sign that leaves guilt aside to try again and again.

4.- Cancer

Without exaggerating because it is cloying, Cancer is very simple when it comes to enjoying a good dessert. He prefers something that he can delight at a slow pace, something that does not involve him going around a thousand times to find out what ingredients are in it. It is enough with the mixture of two flavors to feel in the clouds. You are like apple pie, the one that grandmother made. You are a hug home, to the traditional, to what with a single bite brings you back to life.

5.- Leo

Leo needs to feel persuaded by food, it is not easy for any dish to steal his attention. You are the one who needs to immerse yourself in the blend of flavors to fully enjoy. You are like strong flavors, chocolate, coffee, mocha. If you combine that with the moist bread, you just fall off melted. In addition, you could bring a touch of exotic fruits, to highlight your impulsive side, which is capable of breaking with the expected flavor.

6.- Virgo

Virgo is very special with desserts, they really need to make your palate fall in love so you can finish it. He is the one who is carried away by appearance, something that is beautiful, symmetrical and appetizing. Once they captivate your attention now if you prefer the classic. Something that does not have excess ingredients, you prefer those simple flavors and low sugar. It can be a hint of guava, pumpkin, or apple. The more natural, the more delicious.

7.- Libra

Libra does not go with small things when it comes to cakes and, the truth is that his palate is an expert, because if he enjoys something, it is a good dish. You are the sophisticated type of cake, something with hints of chocolate, but subtle. The cake that steals attention for its elegance and delicacy. The one that persuades you with that natural jam bath and that envelops you with its different consistencies. A cake so fluffy, that you will not stop eating.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the type of cake that is not for everyone, it is the one with a glamorous and persuasive touch. It is the one that breaks with the ideals of cake, that has that mixture of forbidden flavors, but that once they touch your palate you fall in love. Those kinds of cakes with meringue, lemon and some coffee ice cream. If someone tells you the ingredients you may not be caught, but you have no idea what you are missing. Just like Scorpio.

9.- Sagittarius

Sweet over here, sweet over there. Sagittarius would be the type of cake that lives up to the rainbow, that mixture of flavors that become a pop on your palate. Everything that has to do with cream, dulce de leche, honey, is something that describes you from head to toe. That kind of unique flavors, somewhat wild and very natural. As well as a raspberry tart dipped in cream. That kind of mixture that melts in your mouth and your memory keeps the flavor forever.

10.- Capricorn

Not very very, not so very. Let’s say that Capricorn would be the most meticulous cake in the world, the one with a perfect point, a mixture of soft flavors that catch you without even realizing it. It is not the type of cake that attracts attention because of its color, on the contrary, its presentation is very discreet, but once you taste it, you are delighted. Something like a mix of cherries with vanilla ice cream. In little quantity, but too much quality.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius would be the least sweet cake in the zodiac and that does not mean that it is not exquisite. It is that type of dessert that is not for everyone, it has that soft touch that captivates you in the first spoonful, but … few continue to eat, because it is not taken with most palates. It can be a pumpkin pie, with the intense flavor, little milk and only to eat a slice. It has that natural consistency that grabs you and you never forget.

12.- Pisces

Without a doubt, Pisces would be the right cake for gluttons, for those who are not even afraid to immerse themselves in the sweet. The more flavor the better. You like everything that breaks with the norm, an explosion on your tongue of intense flavors. It doesn’t matter if you end up cloying, it’s worth every scoop. It is that cake that makes you go back to childhood, when you don’t care about calories or the amount of sugars, you just jump with happiness.


Tell Me What Sign You Are And I'll Tell You What Your Cake Is

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