Very Emotional Signs That They Hate To Cry When Discussing

Very Emotional Signs That They Hate To Cry When Discussing

Never let them tell you that you are not strong just because the tears are coming. Only those who have the courage to listen to what their emotions scream, can raise their heads after a failure. There are zodiac signs that can feel more vulnerable in the middle of an argument and the truth is that they hate when they end up crying because they feel that the other will see them as weak. His soul is so genuine that they buckle under the tension. They may seem the roughest at the moment, but on the inside they are a sweetie. I speak of those who are not scared when their instincts take over. However, do not dare to underestimate them, because they can cry themselves to sleep and the next morning show what they are made of, they are very brave, there is no doubt about that:

1.- Aries

Yes, Aries is the sign that does not sit idly by, the impulsive, the brave, the one who dares what many only dream of. He carries in every pore the strength of Mars, the planet that honors war, has an aggressive touch that can bring down anyone who stands in his way. It stands for intensity, but it also has a reckless side that forgets everything. Aries is fiery, if it comes to arguing, he will not keep quiet, but he is so temperamental and emotional that he may end up inviting your tears. That’s when he gets angry with himself, because he can’t understand the cynical way in which his sensitive part is present. His arguments go at the speed of light, but if you say something that touches his kindness, he may cry.

2.- Cancer

The Moon is on your side, the zodiac sign that can’t help but show its vulnerable side. Cancer is very picky when it comes to giving his heart, it is very difficult for him to trust the first time and that is why he prefers to stay away from conflict. However, he hates when there is no other option but to argue, because he loses control, it is his sensitive part that takes over the moment and ends up overwhelmed. Cancer often cries because it cannot cope with so much stress, it is a way of using a safety valve. However, he hates when the other person sees that he is falling apart and does not seem to care. That’s when it goes from crying to anger. You do not want to see an angry Cancer, his resentful part does not understand reasons and it will hurt.

3.- Scorpio

Scorpio can have the reputation of being the most impetuous in the zodiac, the one who does not remain silent when someone hurts him, the one who has a vengeful side that forgets everything when he wants to fulfill his goal. But behind that strong character that he has had to build so that the rest do not hurt him, hides a sweet heart, which is capable of opening the doors to emotions and letting himself go. Scorpio is very capable of absorbing energy, therefore it is very selective in its relationships. So when arguments come up, you may feel pressured and cry. Sometimes, it is so much the courage that is saved that the tears begin to roll. There are many things that he does not say, because he is not as cruel as you think, but he keeps all that.

4.- Pisces

An emotional, intense and very empathetic sign. Pisces is the one who prefers to stay out of the discussions, the truth is that drama has never been to their liking, although when there are people who turn a stone in their shoes, it can show their dark side. It is a sensitive sign but when they touch their pride it is better that they move away, because it has the ability to give right at the point that hurts you the most. That does not mean that it is bad, it is just that there are people who have to understand that everything has a limit and that Pisces is not always going to be available to them. Remember that it is ruled by Neptune so it is very normal for you to feel confused or overwhelmed by something. There are arguments that drain him so much that he can’t control his tears, but he hates it when that happens.


Very Emotional Signs That They Hate To Cry When Discussing

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