Tell Me What Sign Is Your Crush And I’ll Tell You How It Is

Tell Me What Sign Is Your Crush And I’ll Tell You How It Is

When that special person takes over your thoughts there is no going back. It becomes that which is not yours, but you do not want it to be anyone else’s either. You have learned to read his gestures, the way he bites his lips, how he plays with his hair and those laughs that fill any space. But what about his personality? Tell me what sign is your crush and I’ll tell you what it is like: 


If the person you like is Aries , the first thing you have to know is that he is always in a hurry, he is a risk lover and he is fascinated by the spontaneous, do not think about it too much. Aries is the type of sign that when he likes something, he chases it until he gets it, it is fire, so passion runs through his veins. Do you want a word to define it? He is certainly extremist, now or never, this is how he goes through life. However, he is reliable, he is the one who will be there to give you a hand whatever happens. Aries decides to see the positive side of everything, regardless of the storm. Let’s say the worst of his traits is that he is quite impatient.


If your heart belongs to a Taurus, you have to know that it is the sign that honors practicality, it does not get carried away by fairy tales, it needs to make decisions with deeds and not words. He is a leader by nature, he enjoys the people around him, but in the end he is always in control. He likes to be the person who lifts his spirits and organizing is one of his weaknesses. Taurus falls in love but does not lose his goals for anyone, he can become somewhat materialistic, because his expectations are high. He is very dedicated and not everyone can handle such a disciplined personality. Respect their space or they will walk away.


If you are into a Gemini, you have to know that they are a box of thoughts, they love to put their creative side into practice and they are versatile. Geminis have no problem adapting, they are always ready for change and their sense of humor catches you, you never get bored with everything Gemini knows, it is synonymous with variety. In addition, he is a charm when it comes to giving affection, he has no problem showing his emotional side. However, he changes his mind in the blink of an eye, it is very difficult to maintain his attention and when something is already routine, he simply turns the page.


Let’s see, tell me what sign is your crush and I’ll tell you how it is. In this case, if your crush is Cancer, you have to know that they love helping others, they simply go through life showing their compassionate side, without expecting anything in return. He is the type of person who always puts himself in your place, understands you and gives you the best advice without needing to judge you. He is very creative and although he can be extremely emotional, he is a charm from the side you see him. Their greatest ability is that they remain calm during conflict. Something negative is that when they surrender they do it in an intense way and they can fall into attachment. Which is very painful when the relationship ends.


If Leo is the one who stole your heart you have to know that he is a leader, he likes attention and works hard to maintain his shine. Although he enjoys when he makes the person he loves happy. Leo is the one who does not think twice about the matter , when someone likes him he prefers to be direct from the beginning and believe me that once you become that special person, there is no going back you become his priority. The downside is that they can become excessively controlling. Leo is very intelligent and knows very well how to use cards when they want to achieve something.


If you cannot get a Virgo out of your head, you have to know that he is the type of person who enjoys every moment, he is the one who always seeks to learn from the other. It is a very clever and organized sign, it prefers to have its feet firmly on the Earth, than to lose itself in a lot of fantasies. Virgo is the one who honors practicality, is analytical and hates chaos in his life . Sometimes you are so true to your values ​​that it can be a problem in your relationships, you are not always willing to open your mind. Not to mention that he is very demanding of himself and expects no less from the person who walks by his side.


If a Libra is the one who has captivated your heart, you have to know that it is the sign that honors justice. He is the one who is always in search of a balance. He likes to feel peace within himself and for the same reason he walks away when he feels that it is not like that. Libra is very social and has friends aplenty, because it connects on a deep level . The bad thing is that he is quite indecisive, one day he wants something and the next he does not. Many times he gets carried away by the superficial and then he regrets it. Although he is a very trustworthy person, he likes to be loyal to those he loves.


Come on, tell me what sign is your crush  and I’ll tell you what it is like. If Scorpio is the sign that makes your sighs go to heaven, you have to know that he is thirsty to live life to the fullest, he does not miss a single moment. For this reason, in each step he wastes passion, courage and a host of emotions that often not even he understands. It is a sign that you need loyalty when you give your heart or better you do not want anything. He loves the quiet and the formality. The problem is that it takes a lot for him to open up to others, so you will have to be patient. In addition, it has a very controlling side, if you do not like relationships that put commitment ahead, that is not it.


Sagittarius is the craziest heart of the zodiac, it is the one that is going to cost you work, because it does not go around opening its mind with just anyone. For someone to earn it you really need to trust. Once you do it then you will meet the person with the most beautiful sense of humor. He is the one who detests stressful situations and prefers to see the positive side of everything. The more optimistic, the better for him. It is the type of partner that awakens your creative side, always looking for more. The bad news is that he does not always get carried away, he does not like to be controlled and when he feels tied he leaves.


If Capricorn is the person that you cannot get out of your mind, you have to know that he is a very focused sign, he likes discipline, respects patience and simply has a hard time letting himself be carried away by his impulses. Although he is very dedicated when he loves, his partner becomes a priority. Let’s say that Capricorn is the one who teaches you to love wisely and putting conflict aside. However, it has a negative part, it can be extremely demanding, it wants someone who will go at the pace of its dreams, otherwise it continues on its way. Capricorn is relentless, you never know what his new project will be.


Tell me what sign is your crush and I will tell you what it is like … Do you like an Aquarius? Let me tell you that your vision breaks the limits, it is the sign that lets your imagination take the reins of the game. He is the one who enjoys changes and loves people who put his mind to work in every way . He can be quite distant at first, because he hates showing his vulnerable side and more when he does not trust. However, he gets lost in deep conversations, he is a very friendly person, but selective. The bad thing is that Aquarius keeps many things, even with his partner, it is difficult for him to say what he really feels and can be a difficulty for many. It’s not that he doesn’t love you, it’s that he doesn’t know any other way to love.


If your crush is Pisces, you have to know that he is the dreamer of the zodiac, the person who is governed by creativity and intuition. It is the artistic one, who loves music and is not afraid of experimentation . Of course, he has a huge heart, he is always ready to help others, he is very empathetic and often bends over the tragedy. We are talking about an honest sign, it does not see the need to go with filters through life. The problem is that, at times, he can be so direct that it hurts, he does not realize that he is touching very sensitive points and it is difficult for him to deal with such situations. Sometimes Pisces is here, but also in its own world.

Tell Me What Sign Is Your Crush And I'll Tell You How It Is

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