Signs That Are So Changing That Not Even They Understand Themselves

Signs That Are So Changing That Not Even They Understand Themselves

There are those who have more than 30 mood swings during the day and a few existential crises. Otherwise they would not be them, they are the signs that are so changeable that they do not understand themselves. From one moment to another they go from being with an eye to eye smile, to shedding tears as if there was no tomorrow. They are temperamental and intense, which is not exactly a good combination. Does it sound familiar to you? You’re probably on the list:

7.- Cancer 

Have you seen Cancer lose control of anger? He is the type of person who does not understand reasons, when something fills his patience it is better that they stay away, because all he will do is show negativity. However, when it is good it is the sweetest, most tender and dedicated. This is Cancer, it can change unpredictably and many times it does not even know what to do with such overwhelmed melancholy . You need time to regain stability, because you don’t forget things overnight. It’s not that he’s spiteful, but he doesn’t let anyone see his face, either.

6.- Pisces 

Pisces is so emotional that it takes at least a couple of hours to ground all of the stuff that’s weighing down on your mind. The problem is that he is very empathetic and he really ends up suffering from problems that do not corresponddirectly to him, that is the reason why they put aside their happiness and become a cluster of sadness. When something hurts they go blind and they don’t care about anything around them. His feelings are like a ball of yarn and there comes a time when he can’t take it anymore. Pisces does not get along with conflicts and it is possible that many times they prefer to keep their courage, because when they hate something they become the most intolerant.

5.- Scorpio 

One of the signs that are so changeable that they don’t even understand themselves is Scorpio. Intensity and impulsiveness, what a combination of Scorpio when he loses control. And it is that when it comes to making their bad mood visible they do not touch their hearts a bit, they are too passionate and want to make it clear that they do not agree with something. It shows in the way they speak and in each of their gestures . When they feel like this, they may walk away because they don’t want the other person to become their punching bag . Scorpios are very rapturous when anger runs through their body and they can do things they later regret. They are like that, as sweet as they are moody, so stick to the limits.

4.- Aries 

If you think that Aries is going to hide their mood swings, you better look the other way, because they go through life without a single filter. When they get angry they do it as if there is no tomorrow, so much so that if there is a competition for that, they will surely win. Aries is very moody, but he also has the courage to fold his pride and apologize when necessary. Sometimes they see life as the best of opportunities and sometimes they just feel like everything sucks . The good news is that a little time is enough for them to change their minds and return to the ring, with that eager spirit of going out to enjoy everything that involves risk.

3.- Libra 

Do you want to know the closest thing to being fickle? It is enough that someone Libra is part of your days. They can’t really hide when they don’t like something, it shows from head to toe. Many times they feel grumpy and can’t even find a reason. What happens is that Libra is very sensitive, everything that happens around him affects him and they end up appropriating intense problems. The point is that you must understand that Libra rarely has something against a particular person, it is not with you, it is the context. You can’t help but pretend nothing is wrong and you end up with tears or rage for the heavens.

2.- Gemini 

Undoubtedly, another of the signs that are so changeable that they do not understand themselves is Gemini. Go that Gemini knows very well what a bad temper is and go from a moment of uncontrollable joy to the saddest face in the world. It is a very versatile sign, it is not afraid of change and that makes its emotions always be at the top. The problem is that many times they save everything and prefer to show a face that does not exist. Although there comes a point where the glass spills and that is when its most explosive side comes to light. The good news is that they pass quickly, Geminis are not someone who holds a grudge, nor does they waste time in situations that have already happened. He does have a caring mood, but they are lapses that he just lets flow.

1.- Virgo 

If there is something that Virgo enjoys is having their way all the time, they really can have the best face when it is like that, but if it is the opposite, their evil side is present, because they become tyrants of control. Let’s say your temperamental side shows its worst side. Virgo needs organization, to follow a structure, that is the reason why there are few people in whom he trusts. It is better that you walk away until he regains his calm, because he can be the most hurtful person. Virgo needs time alone to analyze, because if he starts to feel pressured he just explodes.


Signs That Are So Changing That Not Even They Understand Themselves

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