Signs Who Are Not Afraid Of Arguments

They say that sometimes it is better to have peace than to be right. But there are signs that those phrases do not even tickle, let’s say they are more than screaming at the top of their lungs what they feel. They do not remain silent and do not care about the consequences, because despite everything they are very responsible for their actions, signs that are not afraid of discussions. When they trust that they are right they will make all their arguments, sometimes in a subtle way, sometimes in a hurtful way, but they don’t keep it to themselves.

As children we were taught to shut up and forget, but as time goes by, one understands the problems that are worth discussing. It does not mean that these signs seek to fight all the time, but if you look for them you will find them. There are some who do not need to use a high tone of voice, or humiliate, much less raise their hand, just say a few thoughts to knock down the opponent.

Signs they are not afraid to discuss 

The point in favor of these signs is that they are all very meticulous, they do not lose any detail and while the other loses control by showing courage and despair, they analyze the best way to be victorious. Arguments do not always have to be synonymous with hostility, it is simply a way of verifying that we cannot agree on everything and that is fine.

These signs are expressive, rational and safe when defending a point. That is why before arguing with them, analyze your points very well or I am afraid they will tear you to pieces and I am very serious. Everything can end in a heated discussion, the kind that mark your life. Let’s see who they are:

5.- Leo

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Leo honors fierce personalities, it is what he does not hold back when expressing his opinion. His personality is demanding so he will do everything in his power to make you focus on the discussion, it is possible that at first he will remain calm but as everything progresses, he can hit you at your weakest point. You don’t touch your heart if someone tries to hurt you in an argumentand the worst thing you can do is keep lying, when they know they aren’t, they can’t stand it.

4.- Taurus 

Breathe deeply, but very deeply, if your intention is to argue with a Taurus , because you are speaking with the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, when something gets into their head there is no going back. It is difficult for them not to be right, because they are perfectionists and very organized, the truth is very rare when a Taurus is in error, otherwise he does not take the time to defend the point.

3.- Scorpio 

Of course, Scorpio could not be missing from the list, he is one of those who does not fear a bit of heated discussions, his character has a potential for you to have the fight of your life. Seriously, if you decide to hurt a Scorpio be prepared because it will give you where it hurts the most, a sign that criticizes itself, so it does not touch the heart with the rest. Scorpio is the person who will tell you something so hurtful that you will remember it until the last of your days, be very careful about making them explode.

2.- Gemini 

It is no myth that Geminis are a sign of care, that does not mean that they go around hurting anyone who appears in their way. But when someone gets into a bad plan with Geminis, it is better that they pray to all their saints, because Geminis will not listen to them. They have an agility to speak and discuss , which leaves you without a single word. Sometimes they can be very closed and if they think they are right they will not give you the opportunity to tell them otherwise.


That’s right, although it seems not, Cancer is sweet but also someone you should fear when arguing. It is that sign that will make you remember even what made you cry in kindergarten. It is very subtle to hit you where it hurts the most and if that seems little to you, let me tell you that they are excessively emotional, when someone hurts them they feel hurt for months and even years. 


Signs Who Are Not Afraid Of Arguments

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