Signs To Which Sagittarius Feels Attracted

Sagittarius Feels Attracted

Signs To Which Sagittarius Feels Attracted

Sagittarius is a sign that loves adventure. He is always on the go and getting bored is not in his plans. He may shy away from commitment a little, but that is not something that will interrupt him from living life his way. Therefore, he/she is attracted to people who are like him/her, and who want to live life to the limit. He is not attracted to boring people who have clear ideas. He likes to improvise, and go slowly and without pressure. The people you are attracted to have to be, at the very least, fun and smiling. What are the signs that Sagittarius is attracted to? Let’s find out.

He is attracted to Aries, Gemini and Leo

Sagittarius is a very resilient sign, it adapts to any circumstance, it is not afraid of changes and what’s more, challenges, although they may seem difficult at first, fascinate it. They thrive on change. If something isn’t going well in your life you can’t stay drowning your sorrows in mess for long. The voice of his conscience tells him to move, to walk, to change. He loves discovering new people and new places, he is super sociable with everyone.

He has a sixth sense to know who is hiding something but he always tries to give everyone a chance. He prefers to make mistakes later. Sagittarius is a super independent person and they need someone who knows how to respect that independence when they need it. He likes to go out, meet friends, laugh, and not have to worry about whether his partner may be doing something wrong. No. Sagittarius wants to live QUIET and with a peaceful mind.

Gemini is like your soulmate, which is why you feel so attracted to him. It is a free sign, that does not judge, and that lives life as it wants. Yes, he can be a little changeable and have a slightly hidden double side, but that is what attracts Sagittarius so much. With Aries and Leo, the attraction he feels is incredible. All three are fire signs and they know that nothing is going to stop them. Sagittarius sometimes wants to be with someone with whom he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

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