Although on the outside we insist on transmitting that image of strong, hard and invincible people, in reality, things also hurt us. As strong as we want to seem, we all have our hearts affected by certain problems … And yes, we find it hard to admit it out of fear, for not harming others or simply because we don’t want to see ourselves in that situation. Here is what hurts the signs but they will never be able to admit it:



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What hurts you the most, Aries is that people assume or assume that you are a very self-centered person. It bothers you that people think you only care about yourself. It is not like that and people who know you well know it. You hate that they think they know everything about you when they only know a small part, they only know what YOU let them know. They can say what they want about you, they can criticize your flaws … But they talk and makeup about your character is something that bothers you and also hurts you.


What hurts you the most, Taurus is to be the second course or the second option. It bothers you that they have you there in reserve. You have no problem with your friends or your partner dating other people. In fact, you’ll be happy for them and even encourage them to have fun with it. But you don’t like anything they always have as a second option. They only call you when they need something. Or that they only come to you when nobody else listens to them. That’s what hurts you the most, especially when it comes from people you thought you could trust …


To you, Gemini, what hurts the most is the criticism, basically. Let them tell you and repeat that you have done something incorrectly. You have a hard time recognizing that you have failed or that you have made a mistake, but once you know that you are not right, you do not mind accepting it. But do not repeat it, do not judge you for it, because it really bothers you. And the thing that tells you the most is that these people go on lists giving a lesson that they would have done it differently or how you should have done it so that you would do well. This is something you will never admit.


What hurts your heart most, Cancer is rejection. Not only when referring to sentimental issues. It bothers you and it hurts you that people cancel your plans, that they leave you planted, that they ignore you, that someone forgets an appointment with you. They don’t realize, but with those little details, they are breaking your heart and playing with your feelings. You are delicate, sensitive and what can seem silly to others, it affects you more than they think. And no, you won’t admit it because you don’t want to show others that you are so vulnerable.


The comparisons are odious, Leo, and that’s why they hurt so much. Not only does it bother you, but it also hurts to be compared to others. You are someone unique and you don’t like to be tried to make defects that other people don’t have. Each one is as it is and you don’t understand their need to compare. It hurts your heart to feel that you have a competition to beat. You don’t like to feel that you have to be constantly competing with others, no matter how competitive you are sometimes. And this is something you will never admit because people will think that you are weaker than you seem.


What hurts you, Virgo is that people walk away and give no explanation. That person stops talking to you without explaining why. You don’t understand what they need to make someone else suffer. Look that you are not a very sentimental person, but you are always honest and honest. And yes, you know that sometimes your words can hurt and that the truth is not always welcome. But you prefer that you prefer to have your heart broken by being honest before they give you any kind of explanation. You don’t understand that fashion of stop responding to messages like that because yes… It doesn’t hurt to be ignored, it hurts you to leave without saying goodbye.


To you, Libra, what hurts you most is to feel invisible. Feel that nobody listens to you, they ignore you, they ignore you. That they don’t appreciate your heart as it really deserves. You don’t have loneliness, it’s more, you enjoy it. But what hurts you is to feel alone when you are apparently surrounded by many people. You need to be heard, Libra, you need to feel that there is someone there for whom you do not go unnoticed. You don’t need everyone to shut up to hear you talk, just having one person serve you. And you’ll never recognize it because you think others will think you’re claiming their attention, and really, it’s not like that …


What hurts you most, Scorpio is that they ignore your opinion. Feel that you have neither voice nor vote even in your own decisions. That nobody cares what you say or that your thoughts don’t matter to anyone. That you don’t have enough power to be heard as you want to be heard. And no, you won’t admit it because you’re too proud of it. Because you don’t want others to discover that vulnerable side behind that shell so hard that you become so obsessed with showing others. You do not seek attention, you seek that your voice and your words have the power they deserve.


What hurts you the most, Sagittarius is that people don’t treat you with education. May they not thank you for everything you do. Do not appreciate everything you do for others. Look, you don’t care what others do, but at least, they are grateful. Let people appreciate your work, your effort, your time. You just ask that. And when you don’t receive those thanks, it hurts. Of course, it hurts. It bothers you to waste your time in people who have no education and who do not know how to value others. It hurts you because as you are not like that, you do not understand that it leads others to be so rude and to act with so little empathy …


With you, it’s easy, Capricorn. What hurts you the most is a failure. Not reaching the goal, not being able to make your dreams come true, you don’t know how to live up to it. Make it wrong and have everything you have done wrong repeated over and over again. Waste and throw all your time in the trash. And it hurts so much that you self cast yourself because you didn’t know how to do things right. It bothers you because you know that you are capable of doing everything you set out to do. And when you don’t get it, it’s because you haven’t done things right. It hurts to have to admit that you also fail sometimes.


As much as you want to say no, Aquarius, it hurts to be criticized for being different. You don’t care if they think or that they look bad for having your hobbies. But it hurts that people believe in the power of being able to criticize all your actions. It hurts to make fun of you, what you do and what you don’t do. You have already reached a point where you seem immune to such criticism, but as soon as you get home, you realize that they still hurt. It’s not that you don’t like criticism, it’s more, there are times that you can even understand them. What you don’t understand is that behind that criticism there is evil, envy and no respect.


What hurts you, Pisces is that they ignore, that they leave you in ‘read’, that they don’t listen to you. After all, you are a person who needs contact, needs to interact with others to feel alive. And when you don’t receive any attention from the other side, it hurts. You are sensitive, Pisces, and it seems incredible that people do not know that your heart beats at a different rate and feels in a different way. You don’t like loneliness at all and that’s why as soon as you see a minimum trace of it, you start worrying. And no, you will never admit it because that would prove to others that you are too sensitive.

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