Signs That They Wanted To Behave Good But Infidelities Taken Them Away

Infidelities Taken Them

Signs That They Wanted To Behave Good But Infidelities Taken Them Away

No, you don’t wake up overnight with cracks, you don’t decide to hurt anyone, and you don’t want to close the doors of your heart just because. It is later when they break with your illusions when you give them your heart in the palm of your hand and they decide to rip it mercilessly. Infidelities do not go away, they stay in a corner of your soul, and when you least expect it, your fears awaken, that feeling that they will do the same to you again. The worst thing is when you stumble over a similar stone again when it seems that you have a magnet to attract those who do not know the meaning of loyalty. There are signs that wanted to behave well, but the infidelities took away their desire, and now they are the ones who decide how, when, and where. They will not allow one more hit. 

1.- Gemini 

He got tired of the same thing, the sign that he is not willing to continue giving just because the other person smiles at him with a pretty face. Now, they say that it is cold, that for someone to get into his heart, one layer after another needs to be broken. Gemini can be the most extreme person, the changeable, the one who is always looking for more. But make no mistake, that has nothing to do with her loyalty because, in the name of love, she is capable of delivering the deepest part of her being. Geminis are not willing to continue with someone who invited infidelity into the relationship. Yes, it may not be hooked, but that does not mean that you are going to see his face. The moment you hurt them, they don’t forgive you, they just want to forget you and move on. The bad thing for the loves that come is that their thorns have no mercy and they are so wounded that unfortunately, they can bleed on someone who is not at fault. 

2.- Sagittarius 

The main reason why Sagittarius would never forgive infidelity is that it is impossible for them to stay in a place where they feel like they are turning off their smile. During his journey in this life, he has realized that the ups and downs are inevitable, but that it is easier to stay out of matters that involve the heart, so as not to get hurt. That is Sagittarius, the person who one day gave everything, that he believed that he would have something nice and that they hurt mercilessly. Little by little, they put out the flame and now she knows perfectly what she is worth and that she is not going to risk giving her vulnerable side to everyone who comes into her life. The betrayals experienced have taught her that they can come from the person who tells you that she loves you, so it is very difficult for her to believe in someone again. If you want to conquer him, you’re going to have to earn it with the sweat of your brow, and even then he’s going to doubt it. Only those who have patience will know the side full of the goodness of him. 

3.- Leo 

In this life there are two, you get stronger or they keep hurting you. Leo knows exactly what I’m talking about and now he’s not willing to keep seeing his face. He is very clear that his emotions matter, that no one has to minimize his injuries and that when evil is present, it is better to leave on time. Leo may forgive infidelity because he does not want to harbor rancor in his heart, but that does not mean that he will return to that person. On the contrary, he doesn’t want to see her again in his life, simply for Leo she doesn’t exist. Bad luck for people who just want to enter his heart, because he doesn’t give them a chance so easily. and they will know his hard side. Let’s be honest, no one is the same after so much pain, you learn to clean up all the bad things, but there is a part of you that stays stained forever and it’s not your fault. Setting limits is fine and if at the moment you don’t feel like dedicating yourself to love, that’s fine too. It takes time to regain peace. 

4. Virgo 

No one is prepared to have their hearts broken and their dignity smashed to the ground without fear. Not even Virgo, who is used to having everything under control, things don’t always go as he plans and when love is involved, things get worse. It’s hard to assimilate that the person you held tight by the hand while telling them how much you loved them didn’t care one bit how your heart would end. That’s when Virgo recognizes the cold part of him, the one she’s not willing to let tear him apart again… Don’t expect Virgo to pretend nothing happened, maybe he won’t waste time arguing, because he’s too sophisticated to fall for so many provocations, but he doesn’t want you around anymore, there’s no doubt. The time has come when Virgo no longer wants, he is not going to torture himself thinking about whether or not the other person is ready. He needs time to heal and maybe later he will believe in love again. 

5.- Libra 

Yes, the sign that used to say that nothing was wrong, the one that looked for one and a thousand reasons to justify the cruel behavior of the other. That is Libra, she got tired of trying to make up the defects of others, and she will no longer allow anyone to make fun of what is in her heart. It is a brave sign, behind so much sweetness hides a resilient being, who is willing to put the stops that are necessary. He realized that giving and giving without receiving the same in return is not business. Now, he doesn’t care if they call him interested, his expectations are high and he doesn’t intend to settle for crumbs. He is generous, but not abandoned and people are going to have to get used to the determined version of him, the one he doesn’t tolerate, the one who moves places and the one who takes people out of his life. The Libra of before no longer exists, he lost the desire to behave all the time well. Now, he prefers to dress with dignity and stay with what really fills him in every way. Despite what weighs on him, he will not change. 

6.- Capricorn 

If before they were not given to surrender to love, now less. Capricorn is sweet, has a passionate side and when he loves he doesn’t play games, he really wants to share time with that person, but if he is very clear about something, it is that he is not going to be with someone who just gives him the leftovers of his time. He is very determined, he does not forgive easily and when he feels hurt, he needs to take refuge in his space to heal. Capricorn prefers to be judged insensitive, to say that he does not have the courage to give himself up, it is better than putting himself on a silver tray so that they can do whatever they want with him. He lost the desire to always be the good guy, the understanding one, the one who helps, the one who wants to see the other shine so much that he forgets himself. Not anymore, he deserves much more than that pile of crumbs. He needs to go back to his roots, to rediscover his true worth and put him under lock and key, away from the piranhas of heartbreak. 

7.- Scorpio 

Do you want Scorpio to not take things personally after you humiliated him by breaking his heart? Good luck with that, because it won’t happen in your wildest dreams. It is a sign that he knows very well what he wants, and without a doubt, having an unhealthy relationship is not in his expectations and when he feels broken, it is better that they forget it... Scorpios are very dignified, you don’t want to see their faces because their vengeful side will turn on mercilessly. If you are looking for them to pity you after you did not have compassion, it is best that you get out of their way, because the only thing you are going to receive from them is the whip of their indifference. Once someone awakens their hell there is no going back, their self-control reminds them that they are not here to tolerate such acts and that it is best to dress tough. Scorpio lost the desire to always be good, because in life showing the bitter side is often the best way to defend yourself. 

8.- Taurus 

Do not say that Taurus did not try again and again before leaving, because they are not the signs that let go just like that. He faces his fears, his despair, and everything he has experienced and still finds strength inside of him, to leave a place where he is not valued. People have to understand that you don’t play with Taurus and as long as he continues to give in, it will not be possible to make it clear. Now, the Taurus, know that revenge is not worth it, that it is best to focus on themselves, their tastes, their dreams, and everything they lost by being next to someone who did not value them one bit. Do not insist on asking for forgiveness, from the moment he felt that you broke his heart he understood that he no longer wants a seat in your life and that the best thing he can wish for you is that karma puts you in the place you deserve. Call him bad if you want, but he lost the desire to always be available for someone who is worth so little. 

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