Signs That Know That It Is Better To Be Hurt With The Truth Than Be Consolated By The Lie

There are signs of the zodiac that have learned that life is better when you accept, because that way you do not expect anything from anyone and that is when you are least disappointed. That is why they firmly believe that it is better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by the lie. Yes, the truth may make you gnaw once, but you will heal. However, the lie is going to hurt you all your life, every time you take a look at your memories and regret that you did not realize it. Those on this list prefer things up front and unadorned. These are the signs that know that it is better to be hurt with the truth than comforted by the lie:

5.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is optimistic, no matter how ugly the storm approaches, he has learned to dance in the rain, he prefers to see the glass half full, than half empty. And it is that in the end he knows that there will always be bad people on the road and it is better to be prepared for the worst. Sagittarius prefers to be told the truth without hesitation,because it has a resilience that few know. He is able to get up in the middle of the storm and does not get hooked, but the lie tortures him. There he does turn the page, he does not want to live with those who are not worth it.

4.- Virgo 

If there is something that Virgo does not tolerate, it is that desire that people have to sweeten everything as if they did not have the maturity to face the ups and downs of life. Virgo is practical, the less time you take from him the better. He prefers to get to the point even though deep down he knows that his heart is going to end up in pieces. It is a sign that puts trust ahead, does not tolerate betrayal. When someone makes fun of your feelings, it is to sign the exit paper, you do not want it anymore in your life. But at least you value that the person has the courage to be sincere.

3.- Leo 

Leo is also one of the signs that know that it is better to be hurt with the truth than comforted by the lie. If there is something that the Leo do not want is to go hurting souls on their way, that is the reason why they have to think very well before opening the doors of their heart, be it something of a couple or friendship. Leo hates to realize that the person in whom they place their trust ends up seeing their face. Leo is precise, he has high standards, honesty is essential for him. When you realize that someone is lying to you, you feel terrible, you can not with the idea of ​​damaging your ego in that way. He won’t want to see you again in his life.

2.- Aries 

Aries can be a sweet person when it comes to it, but when it comes to being loyal, it does not understand arguments, there is nothing that justifies the betrayal of a person to whom you entrusted everything. That is when his fierce side is present, he does not want to think anything, he closes himself and just waits for the moment when you finally disappear from his life. Aries does not give second chances, does not trust someone who lied to him again. Don’t lie to an Aries if you’re not prepared to deal with a massive amount of name calling. He prefers the truth even if the pain brings him down.

1.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is the one who always sticks to the facts, gets desperate when people turn things around so much, that’s when they start to distrust. They are very thorough and have an ability to detect lies that would surprise you. The moment they realize that something is wrong,theyconfront you,they don’t have the slightest emotional touch, they simply demand that they not be treated like naive children. It’s a sign that you don’t want to keep wasting your time with people who don’t deserve a glance.


Signs That Know That It Is Better To Be Hurt With The Truth Than Be Consolated By The Lie

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