Why You Can’t Trust Anyone Even If You Try According To Your Sign

Why You Can’t Trust Anyone Even If You Try According To Your Sign

Did they break you? It is not easy to rebuild yourself, you have to deal with those thoughts that do not let you move forward. You are learning and unlearning, there are things that you do not want to be, that it is difficult for you to let go, but that you know is the best. They say that when you trust yourself no one can tear you apart. But , how do you do to trust others? Even if you try, it ends up being a failure, because once they disappoint you, you can pick up your pieces and re-glue everything, but the cracks will stay. Why can’t you trust anyone even if you try according to your sign?


Aries came to a point where you gave and gave, as if there was no end. Your heart is risky, it does not understand reasons when love makes it beat andright at the peak of happiness is when people let go of you. Even though you have the resilience to get back up, there is a part of you that finds it difficult to trust again, because when you are disappointed, there is no more. That is the type of person you never want to see in your life again.


Taurus is incredible the way you are extremely meticulous for day to day, there is no one who beats you in work matters or where you have to show your efficient side. Why can’t you trust anyone even if you try according to your sign? Taurus can’t because it seems that double-sided people have a soft spot for you and you end up giving in to their charms. When they have no word and lie, you simply prefer to follow the path and pretend it was never a part of your life…


Gemini is the person who gave everything before, who gave his vulnerable side, who dared to take the step to commitment, who hugged regardless of the time. However, they broke his soul too, he had to sink to find himself again and understand that no matter how much he wants, not all people are good. He knows that there are people who will continue to come into his life and say that he feels immense love, even if it is not true. That is why it is difficult for him to believe anyone.


Cancer also broke down in tears, was also left with hope halfway through, also thought that he was not going to get over the past. It is a sign that when it feels beautiful it lets itself be carried away, it puts its solidarity side ahead, the one that is always there to lift you up if necessary. Why can’t you trust anyone even if you try according to your sign? Cancer, you cannot because life has taught you that trust is the greatest treasure,that there are selfish people who will only approach you to benefitand that when you need them they will not be there.


Leo is that swirl of light that comes into your life at the least expected moment. He is the person who cares about what you think, what you say, what you dream about, but there comes a time when he realizes that behind an apparently noble soul hides a contained anger capable of hurting anyone. Leo learned that there are bad people, that is why now he prefers to see the worst in people, he becomes defensive because he never knows who can reach from behind.


Virgo is the person who, when he decides, gives himself completely to what life has planned for him. Suddenly, he becomes an expert at collecting moments, leaving beautiful footprints, and inspiring everyone around him. He has learned to put himself first above anyone, because life also taught him that there are people who only come to do harm, that no matter how sweet it is, there will always be someone who cannot stand his light and insists on turning it off.


Libra is not afraid to assume the consequences of his actions, he knows that there are hearts that did not deserve his attention. That many times he shook hands he had to have turned his back, still he does not hold a grudge. Because his soul is so much purer than everything bad around him. On other occasions he has delivered with his eyes closed and they ended up ruining everything. Why can’t you trust anyone even if you try according to your sign? Libra can’t because his heart doesn’t hold much anymore, at least he doesn’t want to hold out, so he prefers to put mistrust first.


Scorpio knows that he is emotional, they do not need to remind him that there are times when he gets carried away and everything goes wrong. Sometimes, there are people who move his soul so much that he decides to complicate his life with him. Sometimes he knows that he is walking just adrift, but he does not care, because he takes a risk,because he has never met anyone who has really shown him that they can blindly trust him. That is why he accepts that this is life and that loyalty is something that few know.


Sagittarius is the person who does not easily believe in happy endings, he needs something more than superficiality, he cannot get lost in a lot of words that sound nice. You want someone who can look you in the eye and has the courage to jump into love no matter what. There are already many people who have stepped on the cracks in your heart, youknow that there is a possibility that someone new will come and hurt you. Let’s say you are prepared for the worst and confidence is not something you give to just anyone.


Capricorn prefers to put discipline in front, he is the one who is always analyzing, who has his feet firmly on the Earth. However, there are moments when he gives in, when he understands that life is like that, that many times there is nothing left but to take the risk and wait to see what happens, even if that is synonymous with ending up sunk in depression. Why can’t you trust anyone even if you try according to your sign? Capricorn cannot because he always expects the worst from each person who comes into his life, because he knows that in the end they do not meet his expectations.


Aquarius is the one who recognizes that life is like that, when you least expect it, a bad person arrives. And it is something that you cannot avoid, it just becomes part of your days and possibly your heart. That does not mean that it is you who must become cruel. However, now you are terrified of meeting another being that damages your soul, you do not want to be broken andyou prefer to get the idea that that person is not worth it before even trying. It hurts but your life is running out.


Pisces is the person who takes slow steps in love, work, dreams, life. He’s the one who is terrified of ending up with the wrong people. You don’t trust yourself, you feel insecure, of little value, and you give up when the opportunity presents itself. However, he tries again, because he has incredible strength. The point is, if you have a hard time believing in him,why would you trust someone else? He prefers to put his emotions in a glass cage, away from cruel people, who are just waiting for him to be distracted to break it.


Why You Can't Trust Anyone Even If You Try According To Your Sign

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