Signs That Give You Life, Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

Signs That Give You Life, Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

There are special souls, of those who have the gift of unleashing one and a thousand laughs. They are the ones that make you laugh when you least want it, but they relieve you. They fill you up with endorphins and serotonin just when you think nothing makes sense anymore. They are the signs that give you life, make you laugh until your stomach hurts and improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

These people are healers, they have the gift of magic, of making you see life in a different way. His words are full of wit, they go at the speed of light, faster than your sadness, your pain, your hopelessness. Those souls are the ones that drive you to continue on the path, that awakens your good humor and your desire to continue fighting even after each battle.

Signs that give you life, make you laugh until your stomach hurts

Laughter has the power to heal wounds, to disconnect for a moment, to put aside routine, problems, work. Laughter benefits you in every way, it is like a bath for your body, the way to return to the ‘here’ and ‘now’. Laughter is the escape valve that we all need but we resist, not knowing that a laugh can take away the bitterness of the day and these signs know it very well:

3.- Aries

Aries is pure instinct, the person who has the power to raise your emotions wholesale, just when you least imagine it. He has in his favor the speed in relationships, he knows very well how to awaken the humor in the people he loves. In his words he carries emotion and passion, he does not need to plan anything, he takes it naturally and reminds you of what really matters. He is the person who will make your stomach ache,those pains that are worth it, the ones that make you breathe harder. That’s when you take the time to appreciate the little things, to give thanks and dream big. Aries is the partner, friend, brother, partner, who knows very well how to make a difference in your days.

2.- Gemini

The zodiac sign that once he includes you on his friend’s list shows you how much every second is worth. Gemini loves with all their being, they are one of those who like to listen and brighten the day of others when everything goes wrong. He is very empathetic, because his mind is open and has a high IQ, so to tell jokes they paint themselves. He is the person who always goes against the current, even when he is losing, does not give up and shows his best face. Gemini is fickle but a lot of fun, if he’s in his prime be prepared for the best fit of laughter you’ll ever have. It is the sign that reminds you what it is to take every opportunity, you like to take risks.

1.- Sagittarius

Spontaneous, fun and dreamy. Without a doubt, Sagittarius knows very well how to make your heartbeat in a second. It is the sign that has Jupiter on its side, so it was born to explore everything around it, to travel and fill every corner with love. He is the type of person who opens the picture for you, who invites you to imagine, to get out of your comfort zone and finally let go of your fears. A day with him is synonymous with adventure, happiness and a lot of reflection. When you go out with Sagittarius you know that your stomach will hurt from so much laughter, but it will also leave you with a lot of motivation. It is a sign that wants to see you fly and that you be happy, it was born to transmit the message to thousands.


Signs That Give You Life Make You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts

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