The Big Reason You’re Unhappy In Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Big Reason You’re Unhappy In Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There is a difference between depression and unhappiness. Depression is a serious mental illness that affects our thinking, feeling, behavior and our perception of the world.

We all have moments of unhappiness, but we can usually see a way out. Depression doesn’t last a day or two and then go away – it is permanent and can make the depressed person feel absolutely hopeless. No matter how unhappy you are, you know somewhere in the back of your mind that things are getting better.

The things that make us unhappy can be small and may only require tiny changes. You will be surprised how easy it is to feel better. Astrology could help you see why you are unhappy in your life.

Find out for yourself:


You are not happy in your life because you are not grounded. Capricorns are the most grounded sign of the zodiac. But if you haven’t really arrived somewhere, for example through a partner who loves you or a job that gives you meaning, you will not be happy. For Capricorn, happiness is how satisfied they are with their everyday lives – that is, what they do and where they go every day.


It may be that your ambitions are not big enough. Aquarius wants achievement, and as an Aquarius, if you are not satisfied with your life, it is because you are not doing enough or dreaming about it. Your happiness will come from falling in love with projects and ideas. If you stop working towards something bigger, you will find yourself in a total crisis.


You may not have a creative outlet. Pisces have a strong need to be understood and at the same time often feel that they are not. The best way for them to express themselves is to create something, be it art or writing or even a business. Pisces have to get creative to be happy.


You may be unhappy because you are not challenged. Aries thrive under pressure, and as resident vicious supporters of the zodiac, they love to argue counterpoint, challenge the mainstream, or do a bit of competition with others. It pushes them to get better and to know more because they are always hungry for growth.


You don’t have the right aesthetic in your life. This may seem superficial, but you have to make your world look as beautiful as it feels. Oftentimes, for a Taurus, stress consists of things appearing a certain way. Don’t underestimate the power of your space or how you dress – both can have a huge impact on your mood.


You have no direction in your life. You know what you love, but you don’t always know how to use it in a sustainable way. What you need more than anything is purpose and direction in your life. You have to know where to put your energy. If you don’t know where you are going, you can end up trapped in the same problems and blockages. Sit down and be clear about what you want.


Your problem is likely: you’re around the wrong people. Cancers are emotional, especially when it comes to their relationships with other people. If you are not careful you can find that you are greatly influenced by the wrong surroundings. Think about the society that surrounds you as it will affect your mood and attitudes.


Your self-esteem cannot develop and that makes you unhappy. Lions are happiest when they know themselves. This is tricky though, because of course self-esteem needs to evolve – your idea of ​​who you need to keep expanding or you will get stuck and complacent.


You care too much about what other people think and that keeps you from your happiness. The amount of stress a Virgo feels about what other people think is also proportional to the power and freedom she experiences when she stops caring about it. If you are unhappy, it is likely because you are living for someone other than yourself, or making decisions based on what you have been taught rather than what you believe is right.


You haven’t found a balance between work and love so far. Libra are interested in two things: the work they do and the people who love them. Because they feel these things so strongly, they often find it difficult to find a balance between the two. Your energy is easily consumed by one or the other. The problem with this is that you need balance to be satisfied.


You could be unhappy because you cannot control your thoughts. Scorpios feel as intensely as they think, and this becomes a problem when they don’t know how to deal with their often irrational, impulsive ideas. It’s not that you can’t really control what you’re thinking, but you have to learn to choose what to focus on. For this to work, you need to know what is important to you and what kind of person you want to be. 


The problem is: you are not doing enough. Sagittarians need to be constantly on the move. You are hungry for experience, and if you are dissatisfied with life it is because you feel unable to do what you really want. You want the perfect life, a home, and a partner, but if you can’t combine that with adventure, you’ll never really feel satisfied.


The Big Reason You're Unhappy In Life According To Your Zodiac Sign

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