Signs That Decided To Turn Their Pain Into Power

Turn Their Pain Into Power

Signs That Decided To Turn Their Pain Into Power

It’s true, the bigger the wound, the more private the pain. However, it is not something you can avoid, it comes without warning, and what you can choose is not to suffer. One gets tired of crying and crying, of trying to find a solution and getting nothing. You drown in your own silence and there comes a point where you just want to explore. That’s when you understand that your soul is broken, but there are two options: you sink or become your best version. This was what the signs decided to turn their pain into power:

1.- Leo

Leo vowed not to let his tears determine his future. Now, he knows that there are times when everything gets out of hand. However, he already experienced the worst, he sank into so much agony and thought that he would not make it, but in the end, he got up. He is strong, so much so that he becomes the pillar of many. Life took a huge turn and now it is Leo who is fortunate enough to help others deal with pain. He doesn’t give up, it’s his impulsive and slightly foolish personality that keeps him at the bottom of the canyon. Every day he works on the best version of himself. He does not care if he is selfish to you, however, he will not let his guard down, because he is just getting what he wants. Leo let go, he is not going to allow a ghost from the past to ruin his present. 

2.- Sagittarius 

There are few who get to dig a little into the mind of a Sagittarius. You have no idea what he hides behind so much silence. There are times when everything is saved because you are analyzing every detail, you want to recover as much information as possible and prepare your best conclusion. It took him a lot of work to understand that the best thing he can do for himself is not to get attached to anything. In the end, that’s life, it’s temporary and unpredictable and you never know where you might be tomorrow. Sagittarius is a thinker, he is full of wit, love, and many plans. The fact that he has the courage to smile does not mean that what hurt him disappeared, there is a part of his thoughts that he occasionally returns to that moment. But, it’s not the same anymore, that pain no longer controls you and that’s when you understand that you recovered to never let go again. 

3.- Taurus 

No one really knows how hard you try every day not to give up. People assume that you are the bull of the zodiac, the stubborn one that is enough to propose something for you to comply with it. However, there are moments when your whole soul falls when you feel that no matter how hard you pull the rope, you cannot reach the other side. It’s hard, because you’ve had to be alone in your worst moments, but that’s where you learned not to need anything from anyone. In the midst of so much pain, you took the best of lessons and now you know what you want. You know you can do it on your own, no matter how bad you feel, you pick yourself up and keep going. It is incredible that people dare to say that you are rude, just because you learned to set limits and do things for yourself, not to please anyone. If they can’t handle that, that’s their problem. 

4.- Gemini 

You’ve already gone through those moments when you locked yourself in your room when you closed the curtains to escape the sun’s rays. Those nights when you listened to that song over and over again make you cry until you fall asleep. It was hard to lose that ugly, but even with that empty feeling in your chest, you got through it. That day you said no more, everything changed. Because you understood that your strength is now double what it was before. Your personality is full of new colors and that makes you braver in everything. Gemini, you are no longer to be silent or tolerate things that do not make you happy. Now, you are going to the first red flag, because you trust that life has something better for you and you do not plan to hold on to end the same as before. Not anymore. 

5.- Scorpio

It is not easy to leave the bad behind, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you do not deserve so much toxicity in your life, it is something that few can deal with. However, you are achieving it, Scorpio, because they genuinely seek to heal your soul, you want to feel calm. Staying at home while looking at nothing or reading a good book. It was hard to dance after so much pain, but in the end, you realized that no matter how much the cruelty of others tries to tear you apart, your essence cannot be darkened. Yes, now you are more authoritarian, analytical, and critical and you even have an aggressive side, which not everyone knows, however, when they wake it up it can tear them to pieces. That’s you, the one who no longer knows the impossible, but does want to excel. The past stays there, now you have more things to offer the world, get ready because after sadness comes the magic. 

6.- Aries 

Yes, sometimes you drown, you feel like there is no way out and that those around you don’t understand you. It’s not always your impulsive side that takes control, you also completely break down, but silently. Aries, that time the pain ate you from head to toe, you thought you were going to stay there, the desire for everything left you and you sank. However, in the depths of your being, you knew that you were going to make it because you are used to doing great things, you are a warrior and you are not afraid of the unknown. Perhaps there are times when your balance disappears, however, a couple of days are enough for you to recover it. Your versatility surprises even yourself, never underestimate what you are capable of, because you know that there is no wall for you. As long as you are faithful, and say what you think and what you feel, each piece will return to its place. 

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