What Does Your Sign Do When The Pain Floods Your Chest And You Can’t Take It Anymore

Pain Floods Your Chest And You Can't Take It Anymore

What Does Your Sign Do When The Pain Floods Your Chest And You Can’t Take It Anymore

The hardest thing in life is when you feel an inner pause, but you don’t dare to say it. You don’t want them to pity you or see you as weak. That’s when you decide to pretend that nothing happens, so you go to work, and school, with your friends, and your family, and everything seems normal. However, inside an emptiness overwhelms you, fills you with tears, and fears, but, above all, it takes away the desire to feel and live. What does your zodiac sign do when the pain floods your chest and you can’t take it anymore? 


Bad streaks and you don’t get along at all, because they shake your ego, that part of you that is used to things going perfectly for you. It’s hard because you don’t allow yourself to cry, you force yourself to make sure everything is fine and every day more stress, sadness and worries accumulate. Aries, not being able to handle everything is also valid, let those you love help you. 


There is no doubt that your heart is extremely strong, people tend to admire that about you, but that does not mean that things do not go wrong for you from time to time. Just because it’s like that doesn’t mean you have to hide your emotions. Give yourself the opportunity to feel, to throw out all that drowns you. I know that the fear of sinking does not let you move forward, but if you hit rock bottom you can rise even higher.


There are times when no matter how hard you try to stand up with a smile on your face, your mood doesn’t allow it. Gemini, give yourself a chance to experience a little negativity in your life, you’ve been through a lot and survived unhealthy relationships. Why do you insist on pretending that everything is fine? It is clear that your heart will not hurt your whole life, embrace the pain a little. 


Oh Cancer, how many times have you not felt like calling your important people, but you regret it because you have normalized this dynamic in which you are always there for others, but you resist accepting the love that others have for you? Disappointments, crises, and all the concerns that flood your head are perfectly valid. Let others support you.


Depression comes into your life like humidity, sometimes, you have so many things on your agenda that you don’t notice it, but they turn you off little by little, until you put aside what fills you with life. It is not worth it that you disconnect in that way, Leo. You are a very brave sign, but running away from problems has become your favorite pastime. Don’t fill yourself with activities that you know you can’t, that’s not loving you.


You know that things can get worse when your reflective side is present because you go back in a matter of seconds to the past, to those times when you suffered, felt anxious, or were completely alone. Virgo, remember that the brain does not understand time, if you take it back it will feel as if all those emotions were part of your present. Don’t hurt yourself so much, please.


To be honest, have you already given yourself the opportunity to throw out what makes you restless? You are not one of those who stay at home crying their sorrows, you prefer to go out to distract yourself, and that’s fine. However, do not normalize that defense mechanism because it will only fill you with pain. Resentment and fears stored over time become diseases, don’t shut up.


People say so much about your personality that every day you live with that pressure that you are the strong one, that nothing stops you, and that when someone does something to you, they pay you. Your character may be one to take up arms, but that does not mean that you do not have a sensitive part, in fact, there are things that bend you and it is understood. Putting a stop to so much gossip and prejudice is also loving you. 


It is true that depression hides in the face that you least imagine. You are the type of person who is not afraid to take the initiative, the one who enjoys doing one activity after another and feeling the adrenaline in every pore. However, few stop to ask what your heart hides. There are sadnesses that you don’t talk about because you’re afraid of feeling judged, but deep down you know that you can’t take it anymore. 


What happens with you and depression is that you hate lows, it’s as if a part of you always asked you to be well and so much perfection is suffocating you. Capri, you know that you are too demanding with yourself, you find a flaw in everything you do, without realizing that there are many people following and admiring your steps. I know that it is difficult for you to assimilate failure, but it is not the end of the world. 


It is very obvious that you are a fun, dedicated, and intelligent sign. You aspire to achieve big and deep goals, which is very respectable, but not everything in life is collecting achievements. Aquarius, you are much more than that, your essence also matters, the little things that make your soul happy. Do not leave them aside, it is up to you to decide if your day is gray or if you add a little color to it. If you can! 


Pisces, in your heart there is a lot of compassion, it is impossible for you not to feel the pain of others, but so much responsibility of others is destroying your integrity and you know it. Even if you want to help everyone it is impossible, first, you have to be well yourself. From time to time give yourself those breaks, in which you can scream, cry, get angry or just do what calms your soul. You also need Pisces.

What Does Your Sign Do When The Pain Floods Your Chest And You Can't Take It Anymore


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