Signs That Completely Distrust Love

Distrust Love

Signs That Completely Distrust Love

Love is a pretty complex subject for everyone, although in reality, we make it more difficult than it is. There are people who know how to handle it better than others. Some open up to love without any kind of fear, but a few others are not willing to let them play with their hearts once more. If you want to know which are the signs that completely distrust love, you just have to keep reading:


Gemini is a person who is not afraid to fall in love and live in a relationship, but they often get overwhelmed when they start to meet someone because they don’t know if they are the right person to commit to. He is a super curious, funny, and intelligent person, he always wants to experiment and discover the world around him without any restrictions, so even if he has strong feelings for a person, he will be skeptical if what he feels is love. or if there is something better out there. Gemini is open to everything, so he doesn’t exclude love from his life completely, but he doesn’t commit easily. He first has to analyze everything well to get into a full relationship because he has already suffered a lot and is not willing to suffer even once more. 


Virgo is a person who likes to have everything under control. If there is someone who analyzes everything that happens around them perfectly, that person is Virgo. He is a thoughtful, patient, intelligent, and incredible person, he loves to do things well and that is why he takes all the time he needs to do what he has to do. He doesn’t want to waste time, and although he believes in love, he has a hard time believing that someone will stand by him without letting him down. If Virgo finds someone who is as committed to doing their best and working on the relationship as they are, then they might be open to embracing love and giving it a try, but they’re not dumb and know that’s going to be almost mission. impossible. Virgo is a very selective person, he does not give himself to anyone. 


Scorpio is considered one of the most passionate signs of the entire zodiac. He is a super passionate person, he loves playing with fire and getting burned because he is too attracted to the forbidden. He knows perfectly well that he can live unforgettable moments of passion without the need to be in a love relationship, and he makes the most of that. Scorpio would love to dive into a relationship that gives him everything he needs, but life has taught him that there are very few people he can truly trust. He doesn’t give up hope of finding the right person, but it will take him a long time to open up and build a real relationship because he is not willing to be betrayed even once more. 


Capricorn is loyal to a fault but also tends to think negatively. It seems to people the most pessimistic sign of the entire zodiac, but the reality is quite another. Capri is someone who has her feet on the ground and would rather be realistic than have her hopes up and then take the hit of the century. He’s not opposed to getting into a relationship, but he also can’t help but anticipate all the things that could go wrong. He knows that love can work if he finds someone who makes an effort because a relationship is a matter of two, but he is tired of always pulling the car. Capri is a person who doesn’t usually give in, so if he thinks it’s not the right time to open up to love, he’s not going to do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the perfect opportunity, if he’s not sure about it, he’s not going to do it.

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