Signs That Begin To Believe That The Love Of Your Life Forgot To Be Born

Signs That Begin To Believe That The Love Of Your Life Forgot To Be Born

They say that where they hug you and you want five more minutes, there it is. I wish it were as simple as that, but no … sometimes, the other is not ready, he does not give himself the same and that is when your candles little by little go out. You start by imagining a world next to that person, giving your best, but it is not enough. So, you go around jumping from love to love, sometimes more broken than others, but you don’t stop. There are zodiac signs that begin to believe that the love of their life forgot to be born, they have not completely lost hope, but they are one step away. You know what they say, don’t give up, because the last key may end up opening the door.

1.- Aries 

There is a part of Aries that is still burning, that soft, romantic side, that breaks with the conventional and that is willing to add a touch of passion if necessary. Definitely, it is a sign that does not waste time going around the same thing, if it has something to tell you it will do it, because honesty is above all. Fortunately, it has a silver lining, which invites you to try one more time. But please don’t push, if you just ended a relationship, all you want is to start over. To reach that point where the heart no longer feels anxiety, where it can embrace calm, to finally be it again. You need time to trust again, to heal, to give your best. He does not want someone to move the floor, he wants someone to help him focus and breathe back into his soul. He is no longer willing to look for anyone, if he arrives he will be grateful, but if not, he will dress with self-love.

2.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is one of the zodiac signs that begin to believe that the love of their life forgot to be born.  He is very clear that he does not want to be with someone who does not have time, he wants them to explain what his priorities are and if he is not included in the list, he simply does not care. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an independent sign, it’s not that you want to be attached to your partner all the time, it’s just that you don’t want to be someone they only see when things go wrong or when they feel bored. He wants a real partner, who is in the gray days and also in the sunniest ones. He really wants to believe in love again, but experience tells him otherwise, it seems that fleeting infatuation does not pass, and he is no longer willing to beg anyone. He got tired of believing in thrilling romance, the one they portray in movies and novels. His pessimistic side is leading him to ignore all kinds of opportunities because now he is focused on himself, on what he wants to achieve, and does not think to lower his expectations for anyone.

3.- Gemini 

It’s not that complicated, Gemini, you just want a love with whom you can share your hobbies, your fears, your dreams, someone with whom you can take risks and also calm down. For a time he was tolerant, with those passing loves, those who flee from commitment, those who believe that because he is a liberal sign, he does not deserve love for life. So, he has had to use his cold side, the one that is not willing to give in, the one that leaves when something does not seem like it. There is a part inside him that got tired of so much madness, so much instability, that side that longs for the word home, be sure that the person you love will be holding your hand tight the next morning. That is Gemini, who is losing himself in so much battle not won, who prefers to show his free and wild side because, in the end, they do not value the desire he has for a commitment.

4.- Pisces 

The more you know people, Pisces, the more you get disappointed. Pisces is one of the zodiac signs that begin to believe that the love of their life forgot to be born. It is a sign that enjoys painting gray days, it really believes that love can vibrate beautifully and that feeling that rush of adrenaline in the heart is one of the best things anyone can experience. However, the losing streaks, the loves that do not commit, all this is making him lose hope, that he does not believe in soulmates. When they promise you when you trust when you give the best of yourself and still decide to treat you with the tip of the foot, little by little you feel like it. Suddenly, that of love, at first sight, disappears, now you want something more, to really know the person, a message is not enough, the physical one is not enough, you want to go deeper, because only then will you believe again. Otherwise, Pisces refuses to continue believing in love for life, because experience has taught him that there are loves that can only live in the heart and nothing else. Only Pisces knows how hard he has tried.

5.- Scorpio

It happens to Scorpio exactly like the little game of plucking petals from the flower, one day he wants to and another not. He did not decide overnight not to believe in love, he had to cling to his courage, to put a stop to letting himself be carried away with anyone. And there comes a point where his fiery and passionate side sets him up because many times it is just that and Scorpio ends up giving a little more. The truth is that no matter how many times love has failed him, he is never ready for a new scar, so he prefers to get defensive. He does not like to be pessimistic and close the doors of love, because he knows that he exists, that he has not met the best representatives, but deep down he has faith, a faith that little by little is deteriorating. Scorpio, be cautious, be patient, but do not lose hope, that just when you least think about it, that person may appear that fills you a little more than your soul.

6.- Leo

If something is clear to Leo, it is that no situation is bad forever. Although many times he puts up one barrier after another, he never loses the gratitude that is in his heart. That has helped him to let it flow, not to get hooked on the bad vibes of many. Leo is no longer the one who says that he cannot live without someone, on the contrary, he knows that he has the gallantry to love himself enough and not beg for love. However, each experience makes him more skeptical, as if there was no possibility of truly surrendering… He no longer knows whether to believe in that of true love, because little by little his naivety is fading, to welcome superficiality. That Leo no longer gets caught just because his lips end in a new soul. It is repeated every day that it is free, it does not belong to anyone, that we go through life exchanging moments, but who assures you that they will be forever? How lucky are those who have not lost the desire to give themselves up in an old-fashioned way?

7.- Libra 

And it is that if they did not hurt you, if they did not lie to you, if they did not make fun of what you deliver, maybe the story would be different. It is not that Libra has lost the desire to love, it is that he learned that he cannot show his true self, with anyone. It is not due to hypocrisy, it is due to strategy, a firm way in which you can defend yourself, preventing them from trampling on your feelings. Libra, tends to forget what he really wants, in order to please others. He is so kind that he strives for the happiness of the other, but where is his own happiness? He knows that it is important to set limits and that is when fairy tales are forgotten, his expectations are no longer the same as a couple of years ago when he was carried away no matter what the end of the story would be. He is no longer willing to live one duel after another, now he prefers to protect his heart. He prefers a realistic love, who has the courage to show himself without filters, or rather he does not want anything.

8.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius, tired of being the one who believes everything, now wants a love that values ​​its days, its successes, that does not hide when failures are present. He no longer wants a love full of adrenaline, that is only for a while, to a certain extent the intense and the liberal causes him mistrust. He has already gone through that moment in which he did not care about anything, in which the objective was to let go and that’s it. Today, he loves himself, he cares to avoid one more unnecessary pain. He became dangerous because he is not afraid of loneliness, on the contrary, he takes refuge in it to make better decisions. Sagittarius has not stopped being romantic, or passionate, it is just that he prefers to be thorough. If something hurts him, he simply takes him out of his life, it does not matter if it hurts for a while, he does not think to continue dealing with a pain that does not correspond to him. You haven’t given up yet, but there are times when you want to throw in the towel on love matters.


Signs That Begin To Believe That The Love Of Your Life Forgot To Be Born

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