Taurus is a loyal person and in this sense he has no problem in long-distance relationships, but in the long term, to create a special bond, he must have close contact. He loves being close to the people he cares about and that’s why a long-distance relationship won’t be good for his long-term mental health. You want to give that special someone your all and you know the only thing distance does is chill things out. Taurus is a person who finds it difficult to open up a lot and therefore needs close relationships to have confidence and to be able to speak without fear. He is patient, but he will never have a long distance relationship forever.


Cancer is an emotional person who is always guided by his heart. He lives things very intensely and considering a long-distance relationship can be very hard for him. Cancer, you need to be close to the person you love so you can release all the love you have inside. That of not being able to express what he feels at the moment with caresses, hugs, love, looks, etc. puts him off a lot. Cancer is sweet and has a huge heart, but he’s not ready to waste his time on something that won’t go farther. Kilometers and Cancer don’t mix.


Leo is a person who at the beginning can be very open to long-distance relationships because he likes challenges, but in the long run he will realize that he is not made for this type of relationship. The Leo is a person who has a lot of self-confidence, but he likes having the people he loves close to him because he likes to feel loved. She loves being flattered of all kinds, she really loves being the center of attention and knows she won’t be completely happy to have that super special someone so many miles away. Leo will fight for the relationship, but sooner or later he will get tired and send everything to hell.


Libra loves life with someone who gives them balance and energy. He likes to imagine everything he’s going to do with that special someone, but having them so far away takes away any illusions he may have. Having the person you love so far away takes all of your balance and distorts all of your peace of mind. Libra was born to have someone close and give them all the love in the world. You can’t feel safe all the time when you have the person you madly love too far away. Libra is one of those who, sooner or later, will end their relationship if neither of them takes the plunge of moving in together.


Scorpio needs a lot of security and trust to start a relationship, which makes a long distance relationship incredibly difficult. He has trouble trusting other people, and it’s been a thousand movies in his head. It is very difficult for him to believe that someone is going to be faithful to him with so many miles to go. Scorpio tries to put on their best, but always ends up putting on their worst and knows it’s not good for their mental health. Scorpio needs someone to give them their place and who doesn’t want to push them away because Scorpio is capable of anything out of love, so they want others to do the same for them.


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