Aries, you are ambitious, passionate and love adrenaline, things you share with Leo, a confident, playful and courageous sign who is always ready to follow you and that’s why you can’t help but feel attracted to him. However, you can’t stand Scorpio because you’re not afraid to argue and always find yourself disagreeing over nonsense. This mystery that Scorpio brings does not go with you at all.


Taurus, you are a trustworthy person. You like to do things the best you can and you hate wasting your precious time on nonsense. Virgo is organized, loyal and knows how to get things done at all times and that’s why you love them. However, you can’t stand Sagittarius, this tendency to constantly live an adventure takes you down the path of bitterness. You need tranquility and peace in your life.


Gemini, you are a sociable, intelligent person and you are always ready to learn more about anything, something that you share with Aquarius, a person who is never satisfied and who always wants to know more and navigate, that’s why you love it. However, you can’t stand Capricorn for this mania of always being right, there’s nothing you hate more in this world than a closed-minded person who doesn’t give their arm a twist.


Cancer, you’re intense, emotional, and very, very intuitive about things you share with Scorpio, an emotional sign that lives things with great passion. You both know you’re hard to figure out and that’s why you love him. However, you can’t stand Aquarius because basically you don’t have much in common. You bet more on the emotional and Aquarius, bet more on your personal development.


Leo, you are outgoing, loyal and not afraid to take initiative. Libra is a sociable and empathetic person and is always open to following others’ suggestions, so you form the perfect tandem. However, you can’t stand Virgo because they tend to be in control at all times. He doesn’t like stepping out of his comfort zone and that would slow you down too much. You are not ready to sacrifice your life.


Virgo, you are a very rational person, you have your feet on the ground and you like to surround yourself with people who have them too, that’s why you like Taurus, since he is a person who understands you because you have a lot of things in common. However, you can’t stand that Leo tends to always want attention. You can’t stand these people who think they are the navel of the world. You deserve someone who will give you your place.


Libra, you are sociable, you like contact with people and you always have to know everything, something that you share with Gemini, a sign that understands you perfectly because you have a lot in common. You will both be able to spend unforgettable moments. However, you can’t stand Taurus for their tendency to always be right. You can’t stand these people who don’t give their arm to twist. You prefer people with an open mind.


Scorpio, you are an intense, passionate and very familiar person. You are capable of laying down your life for your loved ones and that is why you love Cancer, because you have a lot in common. You both love your loved ones madly and you are very emotional. However, you can’t stand Gemini because you are very attracted to him for his way of being, but you know that with him nothing will last long and you are not ready to waste your precious time with anyone. that is.


Sagittarius, you are adventurous, optimistic and always ready to have a good time. You live life with great intensity and that’s why you love Aries because it’s a sign that will never clip your wings, on the contrary, it will accompany you in each of your adventures. However, you can’t stand Taurus for their tendency to control everything you do. You are the owner of your life, no one can tell you what to do or stop doing.


Capricorn, you are a loyal, logical and intelligent person. It is very difficult for you to talk about how you feel and that is why you love Pisces because he is able to give you all the confidence in the world, he is a sentimental and emotional person and completes you. However, you can’t stand Gemini because he’s too adventurous and crazy and you’re not willing to live your life with someone who won’t bring you any stability.


Aquarius, you are a curious person who always wants to learn from everything around you, you like to innovate and be yourself and Gemini is the perfect sign to help you with all this. He is a person who will never judge you for your actions and you appreciate that very much. However, you can’t stand Pisces for their tendency to take everything personally. You don’t like overly dramatic people, and Pisces is.


Pisces, you are an emotional, affectionate and very dreamy person. You like to daydream and think about how you can make all your dreams come true. Capri is the opposite of you, but you love him because you make the perfect team, he gives you balance and pushes you to achieve all your dreams and goals. However, you can’t stand Aries because they are too energetic and very spontaneous and you need your time for everything.


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