Signs That Are Not Antipathic Only Have Selective Kindness

Signs That Are Not Antipathic Only Have Selective Kindness

There are those who are not given that to fake smiles, they call them unfriendly, but they are not. Let’s say that life has taught you who is and who is not. There are people who do not deserve explanations and who feel entitled to demand details about your life when they are not even part of it. I’m talking about the zodiac signs that don’t fall in love with just anyone, they don’t talk to just anyone, they don’t talk to just anyone. Yes, they have selective kindness and they don’t care what impression you get when you meet them. It is not because of ego, it is because they have learned to take their place, set limits, and avoid being trampled on at will. Sorry, but they won’t change. These are the signs that are not unfriendly, they just have selective kindness:

1.- Aries 

Aries doesn’t have time to fall for silly provocations. He understood a long time ago that there are people who are not going to change and do not think to put their stability at risk, waiting for that to happen. They can talk whatever they want because they do not intend to get involved in gossip or hints, that the only thing they cause is mental, physical, and emotional health problems. Aries is not going to fight for a seat in your life, if you want him to go ahead and if not, for him better. Now, value when those who take more than what they give, leave. Yes, he prefers to count his true friends with few fingers, than to surround himself with a ball of hypocrites. Although it is an impulsive sign and is not afraid of risks, that does not mean that it is damaging in its wake. Aries wants peace and healthy relationships, which is why he prefers to be called unfriendly rather than end up involved with a bunch of wolves pretending to be sheep.

2.- Scorpio 

A dark sarcasm, an intelligence that scares, and a soul that captivates you just by staring at you. That is Scorpio, the one who puts on the crown without fear and who has the courage to show how much he shines before the rest, even if his personality is complicated for many. In a way, he takes advantage of that, of the assumptions that people make in their minds and the evil that is seemingly in their hearts. Say what you want, the opinion of others does not make Scorpio sleepless. Because only those who have the privilege of being part of his days, know very well that being by his side is synonymous with testing your humor and laughing until your stomach hurts. Without a doubt, Scorpio has experiences to throw to the sky, but he will not share them with someone who does not have a good vibe. He is not rude, he is selective, he wants to be sure that he shares his things with someone who honors loyalty. His jokes, his sadness, his dreams, are not for everyone.

3.- Virgo 

They say that he is conceited, that he feels superior, that his head does not stop looking for perfection. That is Virgo, the one who according to many, has no time for love, the one that can tear you to pieces with such coldness. It’s funny because the people who define it that way are precisely the ones who have no idea who it is. It is much easier to criticize than to try to put yourself in their shoes for once in your life. But the truth is that Virgo already slips what they say. In fact, he prefers to play along and say that he is unfriendly, when in fact his kindness is selective… Virgo is discreet with people who do not trust them because when he feels comfortable he makes anyone laugh. He loves to enjoy with those he loves and values, even if they are few. When Virgo jokes know no limits, the goal is to forget all the bad and heal through laughter. However, be very careful about trying to make fun of him or someone he loves in a derogatory way because there you will know his darker side and you will not like it. Of course, Virgo is among the signs that are not unfriendly, they only have selective kindness.

4.- Capricorn 

They say that his humor is strange, that he prefers a thousand times to sink into work rather than connect with whoever knocks on his door. That is the Capricorn that many people have decided to create in their minds because the reality is that they have not had the opportunity to really know it. It is a sign that has a serious look because it takes things with caution and in order for it to smile back, it needs to confirm that you are trustworthy. He’s not grumpy, but he’s not fake either, so for him to give you a few his jokes and jokes, you’re going to have to be patient. Of course, his humor is special, he does not seek to harm anyone and when it comes to making fun of others, he prefers not to get involved. Capricorn may have the gift of laughing at unconventional things, but he never messes with the feelings of others, much less with someone he does not fully know. Of course, you will have to cheer him up, because he is very intelligent and uses logic for everything, not just anything that makes him laugh.

5.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is amused when he realizes that people have created such an uncertain personality about their way of seeing life. However, he has so many plans that he is wasting time clarifying what he really is like. It is a sign that honors the natural, his way of relaxing is very genuine, without the need to look good with anyone and that is why they judge him. Aquarius will not pout you, but if he does not feel a special connection, he will just let you pass by, your presence neither goes nor comes. Sometimes, he gets so immersed in his world, that he innocently ends up ignoring it, but doesn’t always take it personally. What you do have to be clear about is that it is a very fair sign, as long as you don’t mess with him and those he loves, everything will be fine. It is not that he is unfriendly, it is that he is very clear about what he wants and he will not allow any disrespect. Aquarius may not have the best jokes in the world, but in his word, there is no lie and that is worth more than everything. Aquarius is one of the signs that are not unfriendly, they just definitely have selective kindness.

6.- Libra 

Libra can be funny, sarcastic, dedicated, supportive, sweet, and so I could go with a whole list. But … it depends who you are, so you can let go because you can also be the master of silence and indifference. Don’t expect much from Libra the first time, because you need to check that your heart is not adrift before you get carried away. At first, it leaves you speechless with the cold way in which he lives, it is only confirming that you are someone who is going to contribute in every way and that you will not become a stone in the shoe. That is why they say that Libras cut ties easily because they do not intend to surrender to something that only exists in their imagination, they want facts, they are tired of a lot of promises that only remain in the air.. The truth is that once you are given the opportunity, you do not regret it, you are grateful that there are such pure, unconditional, and loyal people. That is the real Libra.

7.- Cancer  

Last, of the signs that are not unfriendly, they only have selective kindness. The character of Cancer was not made for weak hearts. And not because he’s cruel, well … he has his bad side, like everyone else, but that depends on how you behave with him. The truth is that most of the time your kindness speaks for itself, it is a sign that you intend to help in a selfless way, it is your heart that is willing to give everything. Ultimately, your emotions can be a double-edged sword, because the same goes from being a charming angel to a demon that will make you cry. Don’t you dare underestimate the spiteful side of a Cancer, because there they forget all traces of kindness? They have a very strange way of having fun, they like to joke around, but when the battery goes out, it goes out, don’t insist. Let’s say Cancer screams, laughs, sings, dances, but not for long, because it needs a moment of respite. Perhaps, his mood swings are very abrupt, but at least he does not try to pretend to someone he is not.


Signs That Are Not Antipathic Only Have Selective Kindness

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