Why the Pisces man is not a victim in love

Before we start this wonderful article that will give you a very thorough look into the Psyche of the Pisces man, keep in mind that this is not related to the Pisces woman.

All zodiac signs have quite different tendencies based on their natal chart, but also on their gender, which is quite determinative.

Therefore, I would consider the Gemini man to be calmer than the Gemini woman, and the Aries woman to be less aggressive than the Aries man, who will fight everyone.

So, in truth, all zodiac signs are different based on gender, but these facts are very precise about the Pisces man.

What even inspired me to write about her was a soulful phone call from my friend who is still emotionally suffering from a Pisces man.

She is a lioness who I found no one could ever bring down and who has a heart of gold.

Still, she never wanted to share that warmth and all of her passion with someone she didn’t love until it finally happened.

Her very first friend was my best friend at the time and a Pisces man whom I found very difficult to understand.

Because just like her I am a fire sign and have had a lot of trouble with the recklessness of a Pisces man.

To me he was boring, weak, insecure, and most importantly, uncertain, and I wondered if he would be loyal to me out of habit or voluntary.

Mainly because he would easily forget me when new friends appeared in his life, but that wouldn’t happen to his lioness because to me she was better than him.

As cruel as it sounds, I couldn’t even believe that she would date a man like him, knowing he wasn’t that mature.

Aside from being lazy and useless while she was the best at everything she did, he was still not the victim in this story, and I’ll tell you why.

1. Pisces men remain loyal as long as is convenient for them

My Leo friend dated this Pisces man for five years, tolerating all of his mistakes until he was confident enough to leave her.

While she became very dependent on him emotionally as he was full of love.

He gave her a sense of happiness, comfort, and everything she lacked that money could never buy, while giving him stability.

She really found she could raise a family with him, and he only used her to become more confident and independent.

Soon he would be doing better at college, taking multiple jobs, and even considering dating other women.

Especially with younger ones, because in this respect he always felt very inadequate towards his lioness.

So he decided to cheat on her and betray her publicly with another woman who was younger, after which he switched to another woman on a long-term basis.

In doing so, he left his lioness, who had made him do so many good things in life for 5 years as if she were nothing.

2. Pisces-men play the victim even after they have left you

After the sad breakup, the Pisces man proudly presented the pictures of his new girlfriend on social media.

He also erases all previous pictures and memories he built with his lioness for 5 years.

It was almost disgusting to me, and the same thing happened to me with a Pisces man.

My Pisces husband left me after I gave it my all and posted a picture with his new wife as soon as I reached out to him just to hurt myself.

Even when I started to ignore him, he kept adding me back just so I could look at the pictures with his new and unconvincing girlfriend.

This was easy for me to avoid, I just erased it and put my phone back, but my Leo friend was in trouble.

The breakup not only destroyed her emotionally, but he also talked the worst of rubbish about her.

As if she was the one who left him, or the one who cheated on him, even though it was the other way around.

In fact, I dare say that he made a wonderful new girlfriend, considering what a bad person he is so that he really had no consequences.

So after a period of separation, he just woke up and told his lioness that he was bored, and after embarrassing her several times, he eventually left her.

I never understood because it was their decision to break up, but they pretended someone had betrayed them.

3. Pisces men love to make their ex suffer 

As if emotionally devastating someone because of insecurity wasn’t enough, Pisces men continue to confuse their exes.

The worst thing about them, however, is that they rub their new relationship under their noses and pretend their life is perfect now that they broke up.

That their new partner is all they prayed for and that their ex deserves to suffer.

Like they’re the only ones who deserve to be happy, while the ex can just keep being miserable just because it didn’t work out between them.

That’s something I can’t understand about Pisces men, but somehow I do.

Because they are very emotional, they find it difficult to let go of someone, which is why they become bitter towards that person as a result.

You want to hurt them because they feel weak, and making their ex jealous and cruel to him gives them the power they lacked in the whole relationship.

It is also just in the nature of this zodiac sign to be insecure, so they will do whatever they can to suppress that fact.

4. Pisces men stalk their exes more than occasionally 

Let’s repeat that fact again: Pisces will leave you, lie to you, take advantage of you, and still be bitter when the relationship ends.

That’s not presumptuous either, because even if our Pisces ex-partners had happy pictures with other women on social media, they followed us at every opportunity.

When I was with my Pisces man, I also noticed that they love to talk about their ex-partners, especially the horny ones among them, to make you feel insecure.

But also to make it seem like they have many options but are still faithful just because they told you to.

Something I felt on my own skin when I saw my ex add me back on social media while in a relationship.

I also realized that this wasn’t just about me, but that he was after several other women while he kept lying to his main partner.

All to make them feel insecure and to maintain his power.

Because how else could he control women? This method is also very effective and makes it seem like the jackpot.

They also want to see how their ex is doing without her and whether he can lead a lousy life without her in order to boost their ego.

So they’re really just stalking their ex out of curiosity, and avoiding contact with them after the breakup.

Also, due to the type of relationship they have had with you, they will stalk their ex quite often, not as much as a Scorpio, but still frequently.

5. Pisces men make their exes miss their original love forever

All of this behavior could somehow be tolerated if it weren’t for the original way a Pisces man treated his ex-partner.

Because all this bad behavior wasn’t there from the start, and that’s what makes it so painful.

Sure Pisces could talk about their exes here and there, but then they assure you that they only love you.

That you are the only one they think of and that they only want to be with you all the time.

At the same time, however, they also say that they are happy to be with you and that they don’t need anyone else.

And all while they also fall asleep next to you and hug you tightly, while you feel more secure than ever in your life.

In doing so, all fear disappears and you become sure that she could actually be your soul mate.

Because nobody has given you this feeling before, so what else can you do but fall in love with her.

Bottom line: Not all Pisces men are created equal, and it’s just often the case 

If you cannot recognize your beloved Pisces man in a single written word, then you are lucky.

Not all Pisces men are created equal, this is just a general pattern that emotionally undeveloped Pisces men express.

One that is as common as the claim that Scorpio men are possessive and vengeful.

While this is not always the case, and you can meet Scorpios who would never harm a single soul.

So there is no reason for a Pisces man to be offended, all of which doesn’t make him a bad person but an insecure one.

One who has to learn that he is not the saint he portrays himself to be if he is not considerate of the feelings of others.

Especially those who once loved him, or maybe still do, and who have suffered enough pain from the breakup.

But all of this will one day be a thing of the past, and just as the zodiac ends with Pisces, it begins with Aries as a new beginning.


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