Signs That Are Colder Than Your Ex’s Heart

Signs That Are Colder Than Your Ex’s Heart

There are those who have coldness in their eyes, their presence affection, it is not that they have a negative energy, it is just that they are not given that of pretending to smile. They really need to have a very deep bond to dare to show their sensitive side. They have a sweet side, but not the first time. Those who are left with the first impression can describe them as cold souls, much more than the heart of your ex. However, they would describe themselves as sensible beings who have no need to please anyone. They are so confident in themselves that they are not afraid to say things the way they feel them, it is their honesty that takes control. These signs are colder than your ex’s heart.

1.- Aquarius 

Aquarius does not feel superior, it is just that he is tired of dealing with people who do not have the intellectual capacity to understand his way of seeing life. They are adept at putting distance, so much so that they can honor ice personalities. When they decide to remove you from their life, their ruthless side does not understand reasons. That’s when his temperamental and somewhat indulgent part kicks in. It can be warm, but he needs to get to know you a little more, don’t start pushing because it will be worse.

2.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius on the list of signs that are colder than your ex’s heart. At first glance, he may seem like the sweetest soul in the zodiac, but the truth is that he does not always have the humor to live with all the people who come across him in his life and he is an adventurous sign. However, he is quite impatient, frustrated when there are those who are just waiting for him to make the slightest mistake to make it more obvious. It is a sign that when he decides it can be very cold, even cruel, if he cannot stand you he will not hide it.

3.- Scorpio 

Scorpio is the one who is not afraid to show his dark side, on the contrary, he likes to shout from the rooftops that it can be very intense when it comes to embracing evil. He is the one who hates hypocrisies and for the same reason he will not smile at you if it is not born to him. It is emotional, but first of all it is genuine, it is not lying in any sense. However, people can exaggerate, it is not that it is bad, it is just that you can see the seriousness in each gesture and that makes the atmosphere a bit tense.

4.- Virgo   

Virgo is very serious when it is proposed and that can make people think that it is superior to the rest when it is not. It is difficult for him to get carried away at the first, he prefers to analyze it in a meticulous way before trusting at a deep level. That’s the reason why your true friends count them on one hand. However, they are loyal friends, the ones who have shown you that they will be through thick and thin. Virgo is cold because he gets to evaluate if he really wants someone like you in his life.

5.- Leo 

Leo can be the most adorable being, the one who invites you to embrace your childhood, the one who makes you break the rules because it shakes you in an incredible way. But … to get to that point you need to feel comfortable in every way, otherwise the only thing you will find is his face of few friends. Leo knows how to win everyone’s attention because he is very skilled and stubborn, so when he sets his mind to it, he can become the most arrogant, inflexible and distant person that can appear in your life.

6.- Taurus 

Taurus is not exactly the most emotional sign of the zodiac, on the contrary, when it comes to showing sensitivity, he prefers to give someone else his turn. However, he has the cunning to analyze everything that happens around him. You need to confirm that you are someone worthwhile,that you will not go through their days just to steal their energy. He is very stubborn, when he is working hard for a project he does not know everyone who crosses his path and that is when he can be uncompromising.

7.- Aries 

Aries is pleasant, optimistic and has a very peculiar way of infecting you with his way of seeing life. However, he is selective, he does not laugh with just anyone, he does not enjoy with anyone and that is when the seriousness in his face can give him away. He is very honest, I would say that in a brutal way and that many times has been a reason for many to leave, because he does not always touch his heart before speaking. Aries is like that, he has a fierce soul and if you mix it with his bad temper the result will not enchant you.



Signs That Are Colder Than Your Ex's Heart

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