Scorpio’s best and worst traits

One of the most misunderstood signs in astrology, Scorpio is a watermark. Scorpio’s qualities include being passionate, hiding emotions, and being loyal to loved ones.

But the Scorpio zodiac sign is extremely spirited and can seem intimidating, largely because of their ability to wear a mask to hide their true feelings, as well as their curious, stubborn, and vengeful nature.

People with this zodiac sign were born between October 23rd and November 21st and are distinguished by the fact that they are quite serious by nature.

The 6 Worst Traits in Scorpio

1. Stubborn

Since Scorpio is a fixed sign, it means that they have a tendency to strongly reject any kind of change.

When someone asks Scorpio to change their mind or adapt to a new situation, they are resistant to straying from their own thoughts and feelings.

2. Jealous

Your passion can also manifest itself in negative ways. As a sophisticated zodiac sign, Scorpio can become jealous when in competition with another person.

They think that their own ambitions give them priority, although they simply need to realize that comparing yourself to others is a good habit.

3. Mysterious

Deep in Scorpio’s minds are their emotions and their true feelings on any subject.

They don’t like to be exposed, especially in front of people they don’t know well.

Instead, they hide behind a hard exterior, all in an attempt to protect their soft interior.

4. Controlling

Because they are afraid of failure, this wild sign always thinks that they know everything best – both for themselves and for others.

This can lead to a dominant posture where the Scorpio is in control of situations.

The irony is that the Scorpio hates being controlled!

Without feeling some dominance, they get angry easily and feel that their own life is in a spiral.

5. Aggressive

Anyone who has ever said “no” to Scorpio has felt the consequences.

Their aggressive tendencies lead them to manipulate others to get what they want, and their outbursts of anger are mostly due to their unwillingness to compromise.

6. Implacable

Forgive and forget? Scorpio refuses to live by these words.

Once you piss off Scorpio, they will hold a grudge against you for the rest of their life.

Any betrayal or insult is enough to get them across the line and they are not safe from using their Scorpio sting to show you the big mistake you made.

The 7 best qualities of the scorpion

1. Passionate

One of the most salient personality traits of the Scorpio is their passion for everything they do in life.

Because failure is one of their deepest fears, they will rule every opportunity that presents itself.

2. Brave

Scorpios are the first people to volunteer to help, especially when it comes to a task or action that scares others.

If there is trouble, this is the sign that will plunge into danger. And that’s especially true when it comes to a loved one.

3. Loyal

The Scorpio is the kind of friend or partner you want to be around.

They take some time to open up and become vulnerable to others, but once you’ve gained their trust, they’ll have your back forever.

The Scorpio personality is loyal to some extent, but once you break their trust or lie, you are no longer reliable.

4. Charismatic

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the Scorpio’s personality, it’s because they act in a way that is magnetic.

They tend to be verbal, listen carefully when others speak, and can make those around them feel really understood.

It is this behavior that makes it difficult to break away from them.

5. Organized

There is nothing Scorpios hate more than impulsive actions. They are calculating and always think before making a decision.

For this reason, they also tend to put their thoughts in order before they act, and not decide on the basis of a spontaneous feeling.

6. Ambitious

Persistent and determined, this zodiac sign will stop at nothing to be successful.

If there is a goal that you want to achieve, put it first in your mind.

Since they never give up or limit themselves, their strong willpower can sometimes push them to go to extremes.

7. Intuitive

Scorpios don’t just feel things superficially; rather, they are deeply connected to their feelings and tend to be empathetic and absorb the emotions of others.

Your intuition is also shown in your ability to tell when someone is lying. If you lie to Scorpio, he’ll find out.


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