The greatest gold diggers of the zodiac in order

Money rules the world, but it is certainly not the most important thing in our life.

Even if money has become increasingly important over time, there are still people who are not that fixated on it.

On the other hand, there are just as many women as men who don’t even care about being with people who have no money.

People with this tendency are what are known as gold diggers and, in addition to taking advantage of you financially, they may or may not love you.

If you’re a rather emotional person and you’re not ready to sponsor anyone either, take a look at our list to know beforehand who is the zodiac’s greatest gold digger.

12. Sagittarius

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius is definitely the least money-oriented and does not take advantage of others.

Sagittarius women in particular hate men who splurge on their money, and men of this zodiac sign also take no pleasure in pampering a woman.

They don’t like the idea of ​​spending their hard earned money on useless things and they would much rather go on vacation or travel with their partner.

On this vacation, they’ll be bringing their oldest shoes, two outfits, and maybe an orange, but who cares while they’re with the person they love.

The vacation can be as simple as a trip to a local lake or the mountains, but either way they will be fun.

You will also always trade in a fancy hotel for a tent or log cabin, so if you like the posh things in life, you’d better avoid these amazing people.

11. Aquarius

An Aquarius thinks money is the most senseless thing there is, and to an extent that is almost weird.

They will work hard for their money but only because they can spend it on cool stuff, food and maybe clothes but cheap because luxury clothes are a scam.

There is no zodiac sign that hates luxury clothing more than Aquarius, and neither will they even be aware that if you give them one, they’ve got a valuable item.

To an Aquarius, there is no difference between a Gucci bag and one they bought at Primark, and they will ruin both while going through wild nights or carrying their purchases in them.

Luxury is almost uncomfortable for them, because looking artificial or dressing too smartly narrows their freedom.

They are free souls who invite you on the wildest adventures at 5:00 a.m., so that everything that is too valuable is of no use to them.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns love money and they would do anything for fame and fortune, but they are not gold diggers.

Why is that, you ask? Because they probably have more money than you, because they work hard.

The Capricorn man just like the Capricorn woman do not live on donations from others, but earn their own money.

They also spend their money very wisely and not on things just to impress others.

Most of them want their bank account to be balanced and they also expect their partner to be thrifty.

Money is very valuable to them because they work hard, but spending it on nonsense and expecting it to be given to them is not something that suits their character.

9. Virgo

The Virgo zodiac sign is one of the most practical people there is, and they are in no way dependent on others.

They won’t spend a lot of money on things they don’t need and almost never touch other people’s money.

The only thing is better not to touch their money or they’ll get angry.

If you date them, they won’t expect anything from you unless you give them a reason to.

For example, if you give them flowers every anniversary, you should continue to do so, otherwise they will already know that they cannot wait.

So if you break with this tradition, they will naturally get angry because you gave them a reason to.

8. Aries

Aries people are very specific when it comes to money, they are not gold diggers but they have a fascination with designer clothes.

These people are hard workers, they make money quickly, but they spend it just as quickly.

They’ll also spend a ton of money on clothes and other things that suit their aesthetic, even if they end up with an empty bank account.

This problem is also quickly resolved as they are always working and making even more money to spend.

But when it comes to someone giving them money, they will shower them with water and scream: Who do you think I am! I don’t need your donations.

On the other hand, if you give them a cheap gift, they will also get angry if you make them too expensive and spend too much money, either way they will get angry and you will have to run for your life.

7. Twins

The Gemini are the true aristocrats of the zodiac and they start off with little things.

These people expect small tokens of attention like flowers, chocolates, and maybe a good bottle of wine.

They feel they owe you nothing, so don’t owe these zodiac signs anything until you get serious.

Once the relationship is more stable, they could wreck your car or set the kitchen on fire.

This is where the trouble begins and you will pay for each of your mistakes and crazy freaks.

Gemini love the finer things in life too, so save up for this stylish zodiac sign.

6. Cancer

Sensitive Cancer is too nice to even consider accepting money from someone he has just met.

They are more likely to pay for your date or even pamper you.

They won’t expect anything from you, but that only applies until things get serious.

Since lovable Cancer loves a safe and happy family life, you must work hard to keep him free from worry.

A Cancer man will not tolerate a woman who only looks beautiful, she has to make money too.

You are focused on money and will only be with people who make enough of it for the sake of a happy family life.

5. Leo

Leos love money and, like Aries, their taste is rather elaborate.

They often make a lot of money so they don’t ask for money to sustain life, but for some other reason.

Lions are already rich, they just want to get richer and there is really nothing more to say.

When you date someone, expect them to give you all of their money and attention while they have the honor of being with them.

A Leo man won’t really ask every woman to spend money on him either, but if he becomes her sugar daddy, she’s basically selling her soul to the devil.

The second they become financially responsible for you, they own you and the extent of your freedom is based on their terms.

4. Fish

Fish like to swim in money and where there is none, they dry up.

They absolutely love receiving things for free, being pampered with good food and of course also using you for masturbation.

The Pisces will definitely want your buck and will absolutely ignore you if you have nothing to offer.

On the flip side, they will also give you an unusual experience when you are with them, so maybe just give them the money, okay?

Money isn’t the only thing keeping them around either, because if they aren’t happy you can be sure that no money will keep them around.

Pisces value soulmates, but if their soulmate happens to be rich too, that’s not a problem.

3. Libra

Libra is a real bum when it comes to money, but not necessarily either.

You will either be allergic to broke people or absolutely humble with money and there is no in-between.

There are Libra people who work hard for their money and expect someone to do the same, but also those who want everything and do nothing.

The wonderful thing about scales is that they are the sign of balance, but can be very unbalanced and chaotic at times.

Because of this, you never know what to expect from a Libra, either a seductive gold digger or a lovable humble person.

Our advice: try your luck, but have your bags ready because you can never be sure.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are one of the most expensive investments ever.

The thing about them is that if they don’t take your money, they will surely take your sanity.

They’re among the most addicting people for being so toxic, but in an exciting way (no judgment for those who like toxic people).

And what better way to reward a toxic person than to shower them with gifts to make them torture you even more.

Many people love this difficult and attractive zodiac sign so much that they think they can persuade them to stay with money and gifts.

Unsurprisingly, a Scorpio can never be tamed or held hostage, and keeping them against their will is never a good investment.

1st bull

The zodiac sign Taurus is without question the greatest gold digger in the zodiac.

However, they are wonderful people and the best lovers and partners around, but this good quality comes at a price.

Never believe that a Taurus will love you when you are broke because their hedonistic tendencies need to be money fueled.

They are expecting all of your love and money, so spend what you can.

The beautiful Taurus also likes good food, nice clothes, and expensive perfumes.

Not that they’re a bad investment, they’re the nicest people around, just a luxury few can afford.


The greatest gold diggers of the zodiac in order

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