Scorpio And Love

While he is playing persuasion and conquest, Scorpio will always appear more haughty and more distant than he usually is. It is a barrier that they create around themselves in order to control what they feel. Because Scorpio, what it is to feel, begins to feel from minute one (that feeling without the depth of love, let’s not get confused). And with whom he wants, of course, which is not just anyone What’s more, they don’t like to be seen as a safe “****” because of their aforementioned romantic streak. That they have it, but that they use it to get to know their partners in something that is important to them. Like other sports signs or travelers, they can test their partners to see if they will agree on that. But that’s it. Scorpio doesn’t want love with all of humanity! This is the reality of Scorpio and love .

But yes, Scorpio likes love and puts it into practice when he is meeting someone. But it is a way to get affection, to get to know people. And on that path, there will be those who will be left behind and there will be those who will stay with Scorpio. And if he stays, he will be someone who has passed a great test.

You could say that Scorpio is one of those who undergo a test who they like to see if they pass it and can become part of their life. They like stability and have a circle of people in their life who reinforce it. Who is within that circle counts and who is outside does not. And there is no more. When Scorpio includes someone in that circle on a sentimental level, it is because they are giving love a choice. Because you want a project and you have found someone who meets your expectations, someone who can enter into your project.

From then on, Scorpio will become someone much more accessible, which will give a lot. If until then his way of being affection was through the skin, when there is love the surrender becomes much deeper. Always giving, although always reserving a part of himself that may never give. It is because of their emotional and vulnerable nature . Scorpio gives a lot as a couple but we could never say that he “gives himself” at all.

Already in love, it is paradoxical how apparently inaccessible Scorpio seemed when you wanted to conquer him and how easy (well, Scorpio is never easy) that is once in love and as a couple. In the early stages, no one will be able to accuse you of lack of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, but compared to what comes after, there are big differences.

Scorpio finds some release in love, some personal fears evaporate and he feels that he can express sensations, emotions and feelings with a greater margin to receive and to give.

The delivery is almost absolute and Scorpio will be present in the couple in what they ask, either supporting, being for everything or leaving if the other person needs more space. They are detail-oriented, they sacrifice for their partner and even show them off. In a way, the possible oddities of the early stages give way to a much more conventional attitude on the part of Scorpio.

And typical and traditional could be the Scorpio’s behavior when it comes to jealousy. Although the explanation is the opposite of what many have: “a tough Scorpio character who goes after everything that intrudes in his life.” Nothing of that. Scorpio is sensitive and vulnerable and jealousy is the alarm before any situation that they fear and that they think could make them suffer. In this case, people around their partners. They are a threat that may be perceived as magnified, but those who are afraid of height do not care if it is two meters or two hundred.

So they pull out their nails when they see danger. The ideal in these cases is to be honest with Scorpios regarding other friends, reassure them of their fears and above all, not play at being jealous. The first because the truth is the best that works with them. The second because they have a natural lie detector and they tend to catch them all. And if there are real horns, they will detect them and they will not forgive them. NEVER. This is one of the rules of Scorpio and love.

In heartbreak is when Scorpio brings out his worst part. If you have been betrayed or cheated on, you don’t get along. And whoever warns is not a traitor. Everything will seem little to him to take revenge. It is their pain that leads them to do it, and somehow they take revenge to feel less hurt. But it is that Scorpio gave everything in love and the only thing he asked in return was to feel valued and not be betrayed. It was very simple. do not? This is Scorpio and love .


Scorpio And Love

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