How The Universe Sends You Signals According To Your Sign

If you feel lost and do not understand what is happening with your life, probably the Universe wants to show you something that puts you on the right path. You just have to let him communicate with you, and pay attention to the signals according to your sign. Because the Universe is also your deepest “I” that tries to shout something at you, that which is going to drive you to improve your life, that which you need once and for all. How does the Universe send you signals according to your sign? 


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You will have to burn Aries energy , enter your element to feel your intuition. Have you tried dancing until you drop? Going for a run like crazy can also work. In that ecstasy it is much easier to hear the voice of the Universe. And if it does not come to you right at that moment, pay attention to your dreams that will bring you the answers. But it is important that you are active to vibrate in your being and be open to the messages. You can put a candle or sit and watch a bonfire to connect from stillness, relax if you are upset. Let the fire communicate with you, it can crackle, be in splendor, begin to drown, it is your element and you will know for the moment what each image that is represented to you means. Do not doubt for a moment what you feel.


If you want to promote that communication between you and the Universe, to capture the signs that show you the way, first you have to set the stage so that it can raise its voice. The Universe is not going to talk to you as you run around all stressed out Taurus . Allow yourself a moment of connection, your sign needs to be in contact with nature and beauty. A trip to the countryside or the beach is essential. If you are noticing that pleasure does not flow in your life, that lately you have no opportunity to indulge yourself earthly whims, something is not right. This is not natural in your sign and it is a signal that they send you that you must change what is holding you back. As soon as you are connected you will know what it is about.


Gemini , you are an intuitive person. Of those who think of a friend and five minutes later that friend sends them a message. Why don’t you listen to those insights more? Well, because you go all day fast Gemini, and you don’t stop to look at the strange coincidences or the connections that surround you. You need a few minutes alone in the day, a daily time for yourself, to understand everything that is happening to you. Put your favorite music, and some flower essences in the diffuser, try not to get caught by your thoughts. Enjoying the tranquility it will be easier to discover what life wants to tell you. Concentrate and try leaving the music player in shuffle mode. Surprise yourself with the mood that the Universe wants to show you, or what the songs talk about. They are not coincidences.


For you Cancer, the best time for your intuitions to arrive is in the light of the Moon. You look up at the night sky and something shakes you inside, the Moon arrives to illuminate many questions in your life. But sometimes you are too into your dramas to look at the stars. Try at least once a day to forget everything that happens to you and leave some time for yourself. Also, your ancestors need to connect with you, you carry them in your genes, and they want to help you live more fully. Pay attention to your family trees, do your research, and perhaps you will feel some premonition, some sign. Do not hesitate, do not rationalize it too much, just do what you feel you should do. Prepare an album or a box with the old photos of the family, you can take them out in tense moments and tell them about your problems and concerns,


Leo , sometimes you are so self-centered that you miss important signs. Some come to you in dreams, but it gives the feeling that if you are not the protagonist of the dream, you are not interested in the plot. And there are times when the Universe has things to tell you, but you, despite being very intuitive, refuse to listen to it. Very strong premonitions will come to you, especially at the beginning of the day, do not overlook these moments that can change the way you see a problem. Be alert, your muscles ready, but without showing your claws before the opportune moment. Don’t worry Leo, you will know when to go hunting. It is your instinct, it is within you. If you have animals at home, do not overlook their behaviors, they feel things before they happen, and they can connect with some energies.


Virgo , your messages come from earth. You need a contact with nature, even in a symbolic way. Being in that connection with your element, you will see things more clearly. You have the ability to see the concrete, to go into detail, and thus the universe communicates with you. With small, but very obvious coincidences. That is why it is interesting that you look at the numbers that surround you and the strange coincidences or repetitions, the misprints in the books, and the changes in the position of your usual objects. You don’t have to take this obsessively, just watch from calm. Ask a question in your mind and let life bring you the answer, or who knows, maybe it will bring you another question even more interesting.


Listening to the Universe is difficult for you, your mind flies from one place to another, it makes you doubt everything and in between there is a voice screaming that you refuse to listen. To help you get in touch with her, look at what you say to yourself, not what others are saying to you. Your element is the air, the mind, learn to rationalize things and the Universe will find it easier to communicate with you. We have a game for you, Libra. Pick a book, open it to any page, and read a paragraph. Take it as a message, something that inspires you for this day. At night reflect and see if it had any relation to the things that happened to you.


Scorpio, the Universe speaks to you from the depths of your being, do not look for answers that do not already resonate within you. You have to dare to navigate your deepest oceans. The messages will arrive in the middle of the storm, so the best thing you can do is make decisions, even if they mean a break with something. When you think that you have nothing left, it will be when you discover the signs and this will help you to be reborn even stronger. Even so, if you are looking for a clue, look at the animals that you have nearby, your pets or one that you cross on the street. Just watch them because they might surprise you with some strange attitude. And the Tarot, Scorpio, is a discipline that can help you a lot because you have the ability to connect with what is behind things. Let the cards speak to you.


Sagi, the Universe is used to having you send more than one signal because you never pay attention to the first one. Then when you make a drastic decision, you surprise a lot of people. What they don’t know is that your intuition has been warning you for quite some time, and you have realized it from the beginning. You smell things because the Universe is quite clear, it communicates with you with very strong intuitions that, even if they don’t make sense, your mind won’t let you forget them. Honestly, nobody really understands where they come from, not even you. It is not like other signs that messages arrive in dreams, you simply have a very clear feeling. But fire can help you even more. Look at it, light a candle .. It can help you if you find yourself blocked. Also, if you feel like you’re running out of power, or that things do not go the way you would like, try also to light the fire. It will clean up the bad vibes that they have tried to send you.


Capri, you know so well how reality works that you immediately realize when they want to send you a message. First you feel signals in the environment, even if you don’t know where they come from. Things that don’t fit, too obvious coincidences. You have a lot of intuition, please Capri, don’t look away with these things. When you are on the right path, no matter how bad things are, you feel joy inside you, you feel complete despite difficulties. But when the universe wants you to leave that place it makes it clear to you, it makes you not want to get up in the morning. Listen to him, because there are things that are not worth fighting for. And Capri, reflect on your dreams, they are symbols, they show you what is happening in your deepest self. The one that you insist on hiding and keeping at bay. Your subconscious has a lot of strength,


Aquarius, sometimes you feel that there are several Universes that speak to you, that everything is deeper and more mysterious than it seems. But this scares you and you look the other way. And from fear, Aquarius, you are not going to get anywhere. If you continue down that path, you will lock yourself in and your stubbornness, you will never have the relief you need to change your life, or at least to make it fuller and happier. Do you know that connection you feel with certain people? Well, everything happens because of something, coincidences, messages that arrive at exactly the right moments … They are telling you that there is some matter that you have to live with. Don’t panic and disappear as usual. Just let yourself go. The mind is your great ally, if you are very lost, open a book and read a phrase at random,


Pisces, you are one of those who are supposed to be more connected with the Universe, the one that vibrates the most with love and with all beings. But when it comes to you, it’s hard for you. Because you insist on making sure everything is fine. And you don’t even want to see the signs when they affect your life, because you fear having to conflict with someone. Pisces, if you feel irritable, that nothing works out for you, and that communication with certain people does not flow, or they do not value you enough, it is time for you to take another path. Surely the Universe will show you another similar situation in which things are not so difficult, and you will be able to compare. That is his signal, so you will find out. At that moment you start to look at dreams, do not be scared if they are premonitory, this sixth sense is in you, life has given it to you.


How The Universe Sends You Signals According To Your Sign

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