Ranking Of The Signs That Would Do Anything For You

Anything For You

Ranking Of The Signs That Would Do Anything For You

There are women who agitate you so much that you forget everything. Suddenly, your fears are turned to dust and those ghosts from the past do not touch your soul again. They have the gift of diving into the depths and disappearing the story of your old loves. Yes, some are more romantic than others. Some are rare, detailed, and intense and others prefer to give themselves with subtlety. However, there is something that should be very clear to you, if you are not going to love their demons, do not try to get them out of hell. This is the ranking of the signs that would do anything for you, starting with those that would give their lives for you and ending with those that have to think about it a little more. 

1.- Pisces 

She is a pure heart, she is the one that is going to give herself to you with each of her pieces and she will look for the most transparent way to wrap your soul. The bad thing is that she expects the same and they are not always prepared for such real love. She is crazy, and intense, with a lot of fears, but she dares. Life is one and she knows that it is more beautiful to put her emotions at risk than to live in a bubble where she runs away from love. She loves her is immense and if she cares about you, she will show it to you until the last moment of their relationship. But, please don’t try to see her face, because even if she melts for you, she won’t risk her own love for her. 

2.- Scorpio 

The ones that many point out, but few are the brave ones that get entangled in their hearts. He is so unpredictable that being by his side becomes a constant discovery. She likes to be in control and to fall in love with the depth of her look at her. Perhaps some fear her because they assume that her heart is filled with darkness when in reality she has put on a huge shell, so as not to give anyone the power to hurt her. She’s not perfect, there are times when she can’t stand it and all she wants is to get lost on the couch while she watches her favorite series and eats a liter of ice cream. She doesn’t need your criticism, even if you see her so independent, a hug heals her soul. If you love her properly, she will give you the best of her. 

3.- Cancer 

The sweet sin of a Cancer woman is in her way of loving. She doesn’t like any forced feelings, she wants to give herself like the first time, even if she knows that she may end up crashing. She is so beautiful that she surrounds you with just a smile, in her look, you can find calm and her arms are the best refuge after a bad day. She loves until she breaks and she doesn’t regret it. She may give her some opportunities for love that many times they don’t deserve, but she prefers to try than stay with the desire for what would have happened. Cancer falls in love with her and doesn’t play that she does, but if you’re not ready to deal with her demons, you better leave because she doesn’t want to be the woman you only see from time to time. 

4.- Sagittarius 

What the hell are you looking for? Because Sagittarius has them all. It is precisely one of those women who save you and do not even realize it. They may appear cold and distant at first glance because they have a reputation for being noncommittal. Without a doubt, whoever says that has not had the opportunity to connect with her heart. It’s just that she’s in no hurry to love, she does it with great caution and when she feels safe she slips in to share all her secrets. She has moments when everything in her life is light, but also when she just wants to lie in bed and wait for the day to pass. Don’t push her, she lets her come back to your arms because she will do it with more desire. Do not doubt her fidelity, it is the most real thing there is. 

5.- Libra 

Who says there are no disasters that have a pretty smile? To show the charm of a Libra woman. It is like that, harmonious, unforgettable, and very respectful. Although she seems like she has everything under control there are times when she wants to give up her independence and take refuge in her right arms. She doesn’t want you to do things for her, but it’s okay if you remind her that she’s not alone. Libra, wants much more than a love that takes her for a walk, buys her gifts, or shows her off to the rest of her. She doesn’t want to become anyone’s trophy, but she does want you to ask her how she feels if she needs something, or simply that you have the courage to stay by her side when everything goes wrong. If you understand her heart, you have heaven won. 

6.- Leo 

I am going to tell you very clearly if you are not willing to do everything, it is better that you do not get too close to a woman like Leo. She is not there to repress anything, what she hates most is getting tangled up with loves who are not ready to shout her feelings from the four winds. That woman who tolerated everything was already in the past and she learned that as long as she has herself, it doesn’t matter who enters or leaves her life. Leo, she has a lot to give and you can be sure that in her love there is no falsehood, she is very loyal and hopes to build something in the future. Perhaps her demons are the most captivating because, with the same intensity that she loves you, she also gets angry. So you will know if you want to be part of her days or not. 

7.- Gemini 

You have to think about it three times, if you don’t know how to tame demons, don’t dare wake up those of a Gemini woman. When she is in love she becomes more rebellious, intense, and impulsive. She likes to live in the moment and leave nothing for later. It is clear that there are few people who can keep up with her. Flat out if you can’t keep up with her, she doesn’t bother to wait for you. Gemini, she can love you to heaven back and forth, but if she doesn’t see that she gives you the interest she deserves, forget it, she won’t stay. It’s better for her to cry for a while than to cry her whole life for staying with the wrong person. She is very intelligent, does not underestimate her because you will lose out and apologize. 

8.- Capricorn 

Call her cold, compulsive, and a lover of achieving each of the goals that visit her mind. For a long time, Capricorn stopped caring about everyone’s opinion, even those she loves. She’s not out of ego, but she knows perfectly well what she’s worth and doesn’t intend to settle for a love that breaks her all the time. Her life has taught her that after so many hells, not just any demon burns. So don’t be surprised if you don’t grab her attention right away. She does whatever it takes to protect her heart, but she also doesn’t stay quiet when something bothers her. If you’re too sensitive, you shouldn’t deal with her, because she doesn’t have her filters when she says things, and besides, she learned to get prettier in the middle of the ashes. 

9.- Aquarius

Distracted, intelligent, and liberal. What the Aquarius woman wants least is to have to deal with love that seeks to chain her steps. She is the one who, when she sets her mind to something, goes out and looks for it without looking back. She is not here to meet anyone’s expectations, if you are going to love her you will have to accept that she is probably not going to call you in the middle of the night, she is not going to beg you or fill your message tray. She doesn’t want to live a fairy tale, she wants a real one, where she doesn’t feel suffocated and she can take refuge in her own love. When she realizes that not everyone is ready for her affection, she feels proud, because it means that when someone complies with her wishes, it will be worth it. 

10.- Aries 

Loving an Aries woman means a struggle between the heart and the throat. Because it remains impregnated in each of your pores. She does not seek to be the best, she simply does whatever it takes so that no one turns off her essence. She is brave, intense, and committed and her personality invites you to want to do all that with no one you dared. Don’t think that she’s going to beg for your attention, she’s already used to eating alone, going out alone, and watching movies alone. If she decides to walk by your side, it’s because she really loves you, but make no mistake, she doesn’t need you and she can keep smiling with the same strength even if you disappear from her life. You are not indispensable, keep that in mind before trying to win her heart. 

11. Virgo 

The first piece of advice that I am going to give you if you want to love a Virgo woman is that you do not fail her, if you do, she will not forgive you, it does not matter if she has to rip you out of her soul, but she will. She focuses on her objectives, what she wants is to shine and work on her own love, she is not one of the women who leaves everything for love. If you want to stay by her side, you’re going to have to deal with her autonomy, because it’s impossible for you to control her. Her perfectionism is already complicated enough, to still worry about your demands. He would rather invest her time in a worthwhile project than give himself to someone who doesn’t even care. She wants a partner she admires and doesn’t have to beg them to look at her again. 

12.- Taurus 

You are the woman who does not want to hear someone say that they love you forever, because for you what counts is today. What you don’t want is to fall into these relationships where it’s just about promising and promising, but in fact, there’s nothing. You may be the pickiest when it comes to sharing your feelings, but it’s better because you stopped believing in princess tales a long time ago. Of course, you have the ability to love, but your personality is strong and if someone does not tolerate it, it simply has nothing to do with you. She is Taurus, and she will no longer be the woman she loved so much that she even ended up asking for forgiveness when she was hurt. Now, is she her rules, or better she doesn’t want anything? 

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