Of These Three Zodiac Signs, One Is Most Often Ghosted

Most Often Ghosted

Of These Three Zodiac Signs, One Is Most Often Ghosted

Dating life can get pretty rough. It’s either going well or it’s going pretty badly. And when things go badly, it’s either because you are been ghosted again or simply because nobody was interesting. In the latter case, you sometimes even belong to the “ghosting” people yourself. However, some people do this much more often than others and it is partly due to their zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs are particularly fond of ghosting.


The Virgo places very high demands on their potential partner. If he/she does not fulfill these, then there is a shift in the shaft. For them, everything just has to go perfectly. If it hasn’t led to a relationship again, then it’s often no longer worth the trouble for her to say in fairness that things just won’t work out between her and her counterpart. She prefers to ghost and just disappear.


Gemini is a very erratic person. One moment he is still enthusiastic and the next it can look completely different. This also applies to his date behavior. Because he can change his mind pretty quickly, even if you might think that it sparked. Then his date is simply ghosted and he no longer writes back. He’s already throwing himself into the next dating adventure. Because he really likes company.


Sagittarius hates any unpleasant confrontation and is very reluctant to conflict. So if things just don’t fit between him and his date, he feels very reluctant, to tell the truth. It’s so much easier for him: just stop texting back and leave everything behind. In any case, he has pangs of conscience for a short time. However, they disappear again very quickly as soon as he has plunged into the next date phase. Then everything starts all over again.

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