Ranking Of The Signs That Will Hardly Break Your Heart

Ranking Of The Signs That Will Hardly Break Your Heart

Overcoming a broken heart is facing the ghosts you see in the mirror. It is resigning yourself to the fact that the pain will not go away overnight. It is terrifying to know that your new encounter can end in romance and later you pick up the pieces of your dignity. However, that is the risk of life, it is what fills you with adrenaline. Although there are signs of the zodiac that are hardly going to hurt you, because they honor love. Ranking of the signs that will hardly break your heart:

1- Cancer 

Cancer is the heart that honors drama, intensity, love. He is the one who has the ability to put himself in your place. When you decide to have a relationship you bet on something long-term, a bond in which loyalty and trust are essential. It is genuine love, the kind that is given from the gut. Cancer is hardly going to break your heart, they are too sensitive to bear the idea of tearing someone to pieces. They may be very temperamental but love is sacred to them.

2.- Pisces 

Pisces is much more than a caress to the heart, it is who when he loves he does it without fear, as if there was no tomorrow and with the assurance that he will receive the same in return, but deep down he knows that it is not always like that and that there are times when you have to try your luck. Still Pisces is very emotional, their empathic side is what keeps them firm, they are very understanding and when it comes to being faithful there is no one who beats them. Having a relationship with Pisces is honoring affection.

3.- Libra 

In the ranking of the signs that will hardly break your heart, Libra is at number 3. A faithful, intense, loving sign. Libra is the one who takes your hand seriously. He is not someone who takes love lightly, that is the reason why it is so difficult for them to take the step when starting a relationship, they need to feel very safe. They have an impulsive side that helps you break the routine, but also inspires you to put your feet on the ground. Libra is a hug full of passion but also a kiss on the forehead that fills you with calm. To be by his side is to wait together for the gray hair to appear.

4.- Taurus 

Without a doubt, Taurus is a sign that puts structure ahead when it comes to love. Let’s say they like things clear, the more direct everything is to them the better. Taurus is very loyal, when he decides to give his heart that person is his priority, so they hardly have eyes for someone else. They are the type of partner who stays by your side through thick and thin. Loyalty is part of their vocabulary and they like to use it, if you are not ready for something like that, turn around.

5.- Capricorn  

Capricorn is disciplined even when he loves. It is the type of sign that is looking for something serious, everything that involves honoring the word home. Enjoy long-term relationships, in which plans cannot be lacking. Capricorn is very precise, he says the things he thinks and when he feels sure that you are the right person, he simply dares, it is synonymous with giving you his life. They do not betray you because they are not willing to alter their mental and emotional health in that way.

6.- Leo 

Right in the middle of the ranking of the signs that will hardly break your heart.  Leo is the dramatic sign, fiery and with a touch of intensity that teaches you what it is to love without filters. The truth is that when they decide to share their days with someone it is because that person inspires confidence and makes them feel calm in every way. Leo won’t break your heart because he doesn’t like to lose or get into chaos. He prefers something stable, take care of the relationship and do everything on his part so that it is not filled with shadows. Leo can be very patient when he loves.

7.- Sagittarius 

Well, we already entered the part where you may end up with a crack in your heart, if you decide to give your life to some signs of the zodiac. Among them Sagittarius. He is the one who gets carried away by the moment, is rapt, fierce and does not understand reasons. His impulsive side may be the reason he ends up in other arms. Let’s say that Sagittarius prefers a thousand times to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission. A free soul that sometimes hurts and does not even realize it.

8.- Virgo 

Who would say that behind a perfectionist, analytical and passionate soul, hides a being that can tear you to pieces at the least expected moment. Virgo is the one who has a temperament that breaks with everything, the truth is that when his demanding side is present there is no one to stop him. There comes a point where nothing is enough for them, they always want more and that’s when they minimize what they have in their relationship. Virgo has a cruel side that steals more than your breath.

9.- Aquarius 

Loving an Aquarius is not easy, it is understanding that they have a perspective of seeing life that breaks everything, even with your mental and emotional part. It is the sign that puts one barrier after another, it seems that it is never enough for it and that no matter how hard you try to fill it with light, it wastes shadow. Aquarius can be scary when his bad side takes over. That’s when he doesn’t hear, doesn’t say anything, and is just looking for a way out of your life.

10.- Aries  

A deep breath for all those souls who have ended up in pieces after having a relationship with Aries. And it is that when their temperament is present they do not understand reasons. It is a very passionate sign, if you feel that you are being hurt, you are looking for a way to break your heart in a brutal way. Aries may feel devastated, but they have enough energy to teach you a lesson. It just takes you out of his life and makes you regret it mercilessly.

11.- Scorpio 

Scorpios can be emotional, devoted, and loyal. However, he has a cruel side, the one that does not forgive, the one that can steal a sigh of terror just by staring. Scorpios can act without thinking and although they sometimes know that they are overdoing it, they do not regret it. If you break his heart, he will teach you what it is to live a slow and exhausting duel . He is not the one who has time to listen to arguments and much less after you hurt him, so think about it before hurting him.

12.- Gemini 

To close the ranking of the signs that will hardly break your heart, there is no more changeable sign than Gemini, much less when it is angry. Gemini does not understand reasons, they simply focus on what that person made them feel and will find a way to make them pay. For some he can be a very vindictive soul, but he simply sets limits and does not allow anyone to come into his life to shake it at will. Gemini has a sweet but also cruel side, he will make you ask for forgiveness on your knees if necessary and even then he will not give you his forgiveness.


Ranking Of The Signs That Will Hardly Break Your Heart

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