Ranking Of The Signs That Love You From The Bottoms

Ranking Of The Signs That Love You From The Bottoms

There are loves that are given in such a genuine way that it scares you. And it is that they treat you so well without having to ask them that there comes a time when it seems like a dream. They are the signs that love you from the gut, in a way so transparent, so sweet and so wild that each caress, kiss, hug, becomes a flare for the soul and the body. This is the ranking of the signs that love you from the guts:

1.- Pisces 

Pisces is like that, they don’t understand gray, when they love they do it in such a genuine way that it makes you want to cry, because it touches your emotional fibers. It is the soul that immerses itself in your fears, sadness, in what you do not tell anyone. Pisces you are the one who does not repress easily, once you feel safe you give everything, you believe in love forever, in the bonds that improve you in every way. In everything that repairs the cracks.

2.- Scorpio 

Perhaps few expected that Scorpio would be in the second place on the list, because it has earned the fame of having a dark personality, but those who truly manage to enter its heart discover the most beautiful. Once you earn their trust, they show you loyalty and honesty. They are the ones who remove all the masks, they show themselves as is, although their vulnerable part tells them that it is not there. They love like that, from the gut.

3.- Cancer 

Of course, Cancer had to be in the first places, it is a sign that honors the attention, love, all that generosity that hides in his soul. He is the one who always gives without expecting anything in return. Your friendship is worth gold, more than your partner becomes a life partner who is always ready to applaud you through thick and thin. Cancer is the overprotective partner that will take you to heaven and a little beyond.

4.- Sagittarius 

Although it may take twice as much work to commit, the reality is that Sagittarius is a noble, dedicated and very tender when it comes to love. They are undoubtedly cautious, dependable, and loving like there’s no tomorrow. It is the type of couple that although they have adventure in every pore when it comes to surrendering, they lose themselves in a very passionate way. He is the one who cares about you, looks for a way to make you feel comfortable always.

5.- Libra 

A sign that honors harmony, peace, balance. Yes, at first it may be difficult for you to take the step, it is not one of the signs that you are having affairs with the first one that appears on your way. They need a deep connection, something to help them break through each of their insecurities. Once they have it they immerse themselves in your world and they don’t care about anything else. Libra always goes further, he is passionate, he is tender, he is the one who gives you back the desire to love.

6.- Gemini

Gemini is one of the most beautiful gems that life can present to you when it comes to love. It is the sign that lives today, simply let your heartbeat accelerate every time you are close. He is the one who falls in love with fire in his soul, who breaks with his own rules and simply lets himself go. He likes challenges, knowing that every day is a conquest and shouting from the rooftops how hard they try to be by your side.

7.- Leo 

Leo loves a lot, the truth is that the same intensity that he puts into each of his activities is noticeable when he surrenders. It is the type of sign that your partner enjoys, the details, the surprises, everything that helps you break with the routine. It can be a bit overwhelming for some, because it doesn’t beat around the bush and is very demanding. If you do not have time for Leo, it is better that you continue on your way because he does not settle for crumbs.

8.- Capricorn 

Sometimes cold, sometimes distracted, sometimes disciplined. Capricorn is the sign that breaks with its own walls when it comes to loving, it is the one who has genuine feelings, who needs to be told things up front to see if it is worth investing their time, energy, their kisses, their hugs. Let’s say that when it comes to loving they put caution first. They do not give themselves to anyone, but if they do they make you feel the most loved.

9.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is one of the most complicated signs, it is not made for dependent souls, for those who do not understand that their space is essential. He is the type that puts up a lot of barriers before you can enter his heart. They hate feeling like they are wasting time in love, because they know that it doesn’t always turn out to be a success. Aquarius is like that, he loves in his own way, with freedom ahead. He does not want ties and few can deal with it.

10.- Aries 

Aries is impulsive, rebellious, he is the one who needs much more than sincerity when it comes to love. It is a sign that has a dreamy side because it is always looking to do something new. It is unpredictable and that can be a concern for those who decide to give their hearts to it. Also, he is independent, he does not need anyone to smile, there is no way you can use blackmail on him. Aries loves but let it be clear that he does not give up his life for anything.

11.- Virgo 

For many it can be something strong that Virgo does not prioritize love. And it is that it is a sign that is always struggling with the accumulation of thoughts that haunt its mind, it hardly has time to love from the gut. Let’s say you take other things into account when you are in a relationship, you want something safe, loyal, and lasting. Romanticism is not your thing and sensitive souls will probably be offended, but you will not pretend something you are not.

12.- Taurus 

Taurus you are so stubborn that even to love you put one but after another. The truth is that few have the privilege of touching your deepest part. You are the one who struggles to meet your own expectations, there is no more demanding soul on this planet than you and that is the reason why you cannot give yourself so easily. Before loving from the gut, you are the one who puts logic ahead, you cannot give your all if you are not receiving the same, that simple.


Ranking Of The Signs That Love You From The Bottoms

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