Ranking Of The Signs That Say I Love You First

Ranking Of The Signs That Say I Love You First

There are three words that make our hearts tremble, that make our stomach flutter. Because how do you know when it’s time? There are those who get carried away and are not afraid of love. The truth is that there is no exact moment, loving someone is so unique, magical and unpredictable. This is the ranking of the signs that first say ‘I love you’. Each one says it in his own time and the first on the list are those who are not scared, do not rush, but are not afraid to shout it from the rooftops:  

1.- Cancer 

For Cancer there are no rules, love does not understand that. It is something stronger, that feeling that shakes you from the gut and that you are desperate to spend more time with the person you love. Cancer does not shut up, breaks any type of shell and wastes intensity, it is one of those who surprise you at the least expected moment. They don’t even need something planned, their words fill everything with romance.

2.- Leo  

Leo is like that, he goes against the clock, he does not think twice when it comes to giving his heart. And it’s not that I’m irresponsible, it’s that long before you knew it I had already analyzed the pros and cons of everything. Leo wants it all or nothing, he is one of those who loves without filters, those who immerse himself in the world of his partnerand is more than ready to share his. Leo is brave, he is the one who gives you back twice what you give him and he wants you to know that he loves you.

3.- Pisces 

Although at first Pisces is quite meticulous, once he feels confident he opens the doors of his entire life to you. He is the one who does not hesitate to be there for his partner when he needs it most. He is the one who honors the attention and dedication, who analyzes every detail and looks for a way to consent. Pisces is one of those who say ‘ I love you ‘ quickly, because they like to live relationships as if there is no tomorrow. They are too frank not to say.

4.- Taurus 

Yes, perhaps Taurus is not the most romantic person in the world, because his mind is guided by practicality, by what logic dictates. However, he has a part that believes in genuine love, that he gives himself to the relationship and that when he feels ready he lets go. Taurus falls in love like no one else, he does it quickly . Why wait if you are sure of your feelings? Taurus does not want games and less with someone he loves.

5.- Libra 

A rise and fall of emotions. Libra is the one who struggles with his thoughts and insecurities, there is a part of him that screams at him to dare, not to fear and to enjoy what love is. But there is also his meticulous side, the one that does not want his soul to be broken to pieces . If Libra tells you that he loves you, it is because he has already thought about it a thousand times and is sure that you are the person he wants to wake up with even after the years.

6.- Gemini 

Love and Gemini, without a doubt, a challenging subject. That accumulation of feelings that put the uncompromising side of this sign to the test. However, he has a side that falls in love with a blindfold. It is the sign that is delivered in a deep way, the one that connects with your thoughts, your body, your soul. Gemini is clear that nothing happens if he says the magic words and although he may be terrified, he boldly accepts that he loves you.

7.- Virgo 

One thought here, another there. Without a doubt, Virgo fights against his anxiety, he likes to analyze in a deep way before committing. It is not a sign that he takes love lightly, if he is with you it is because he wants to share his good days, bad days, sadness, fears, everything. Virgo is a perfectionist and realistic, so if he tells you that he loves you it is because he feels that you are that special person, the reason why he does not love anyone else.

8.- Sagittarius 

If there is someone who is an expert in putting barriers in a relationship, without a doubt, it is Sagittarius. A sign that you need to take things easy, because when you feel tied up, all you want is to run away. You need time to dive into your thoughts and make sure your emotions match what your brain is saying. Do not play if he says he loves you, because believe me it took him sleepless nights to accept it.

9.- Scorpio 

Scorpio can’t go through life telling everyone that he loves them, he’s actually very skeptical when it comes to love. So they have to think about it a thousand times before saying something so profound. If it comes out of your mouth that you love, it is because you really are ready for whatever, to make a commitment or just take that person by the hand and go out and tour the world. It is worth waiting for him to say it, because it is the most beautiful thing.

10.- Capricorn 

A sign that finds it difficult to deal with emotions, Capricorn is the one who sinks into work, in daily activities because he does not want to end up with the wrong person. Sometimes it takes time to analyze every strength and weakness. They are the type of couple who hates drama and who needs someone who is willing to follow their hectic pace of life. Be patient, because when he tells you that he loves you, it is synonymous with that he wants everything with you.

11.- Aries

Aries is like that, there are few who manage to make their sentimental side take control. It is so accelerated that many times they do not even know what they feel. Confusion becomes their best companion and that is why they take so long to say that they love someone. Aries needs to confirm that it is not something passionate, that it is about that genuine love where two souls meet and decide to share their days without fear of what they will say.

12.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the one who has the flavor of freedom, who enjoys getting lost in his thoughts. He’s very genuine, so you don’t have the need to pretend with anyone. Aquarius loves in a unique way, without pressure and after he has already discovered the depths of your wounds. It takes a long time, even years, for you to say you love someone, because not everyone is willing to deal with the way you see life. Aquarius takes time to surrender, but when it does, there is no going back.


Ranking Of The Signs That Say I Love You First

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