These zodiac signs are particularly mysterious

Everyone knows them, these people who simply cannot be seen through . On the one hand, this property has a mysterious and attractive effect on us, on the other hand it is just annoying when we never know where we are with them.

These three zodiac signs in particular have an almost mystical aura :


Libras aren’t very good at showing feelings, let alone allowing them in. You can’t read them like a book and they don’t wear their hearts on your tongue either . Therefore, they often appear mysterious to others. One could almost think that the zodiac sign carries a dark, maybe even hot secret with it. But that can also backfire very quickly. Because the more the balance closes, the more likely the person opposite will lose interest in you – or interpret the situation completely wrong.


Scorpios may have invented the word “mysterious”. Because the aura that surrounds this zodiac sign is really very mysterious. Anyone who thinks they have seen through the Scorpio is wrong. Because he only gives as much price as he wants – a method to always be one step ahead of the others and to always be able to score points with surprises . It remains to be seen whether this is always advantageous. Because even if some feel extremely drawn to this zodiac sign because of this, others see the Scorpios as arrogant and closed.


If you are in the zodiac sign Capricorn, you try to always have your life under control. This also means that he doesn’t let anyone, really anyone, look into his cards. This inaccessibility often leads to conflicts, as Capricorns make you feel intimidated very quickly. Those who never show themselves from their vulnerable side often create the feeling of hiding something. But at least: some people also see this as a challenge to crack the Capricorn and get to its core.


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