Ranking Of The Signs That Most Protect Your Heart

Ranking Of The Signs That Most Protect Your Heart

Everyone has had their heart broken at some point in their life, but not everyone handles it in the same way. There are signs that protect your heart more than others, it all depends on the mentality of each of them. If you want to know where your sign is in this ranking of the signs that most protect your heart, keep reading:


Taurus, when you fall in love, you get caught forever. You are a loyal person and if you are well in a relationship you try to make none of that change for the world. When you fall in love you tend to let your emotions and feelings rule your head. You have always believed in true love, but once your heart is broken, it takes a very long time for you to trust someone again and to open up without fear that your heart will be shattered again. That is why you close in the band and are at number 1 in this ranking. Fear can cause you to miss many opportunities, but you would rather lose them than be betrayed.


Capricorn, you blame yourself too much when your heart breaks or a love relationship comes to an end. You obsess over trying to figure out the answer to how everything would have been if you could have avoided that ending or changed something about yourself. Capri, it takes you a long time to let someone into your life again because you think the same thing will happen again. You get emotionally frustrated when you overanalyze every detail looking for the answers and that is why you prefer to protect your heart and leave it on the sidelines for a while. You can’t stand that kind of pain.

3. LEO

Leo, you may always want to be attracting attention, but when you fall in love, you give your heart to someone and that person becomes the center of the entire universe. When a relationship comes to an end, you can act as if it doesn’t hurt and move on like it’s nothing, but the reality is quite another. When a break comes into your life, the past does not let you move forward. Even when everyone thinks you have gone your own way, you are still stuck in the same place. You are protective of your heart because extremes hurt you and you hate dealing with them. That is why you are in position 3 of this ranking.


Scorpio, you are a very sensitive person and difficult to love. You feel things with a lot of intensity and the truth is that not everyone is ready for it. When you fall in love and your heart breaks, you keep your emotions repressed for a long time, you pretend that everything is going well, but all you think about is everything you have lived with that person you have loved so much. You prefer to put your intense emotions aside because you do not like to deal with them, you know that it is very difficult and you do not want more charges for your heart. That is why you protect him and place yourself in the number 4 position of this ranking.


Aquarius, you have a reputation for not letting people get too close to you, but you have a hard time trusting others too much. You rarely let someone into your life because you know that in the end, they end up leaving and you are the one who is left suffering. When your heart is broken you are good at distracting yourself and trying to move on because you do not like wasting time, but the anguish that this could happen again makes you take distance from everyone by closing your heart and protecting it for a long time. That is why you are ranked number 5 in this ranking.


Pisces, you are a very emotional person and you are always willing to feel all the emotions in the world in order to avoid feeling the anguish you feel when your heart is broken. You are intelligent and you know perfectly well that the anguish that everyone suffers from a lack of love is inevitable. That is why you wrap yourself in all the emotions in the world so that you don’t have to deal with heartbreak alone. You protect your heart to try not to shatter again, but you do not close yourself to love, emotion and feeling that you would never give up. That is why you place yourself in 6th place in this ranking.


Virgo, you have always preferred to keep your heart safe rather than give it to the first person you think is right for you. You don’t invest too much emotion in casual adventures because real love scares you and you prefer not to bond. Virgo, you are very special and you worry that people will run away when they meet your true self so it is you who tends to end any type of relationship before they break your heart. You protect your heart, but you protect your heart even more.


Libra, most people wish they had your breakup perspective because you tend to focus more on the positives before focusing on why the relationship ended. You do not like wasting time and you prefer to keep the good memories before suffering for free. Of course, you will feel pain when one of your relationships ends, but you will move on without being too affected. Libra, your ability to protect your heart while feeling all kinds of emotions is highly envied by the rest of the world.


Cancer, you are a super emotional and intense person, but when it comes to love matters you can become very mature. You know that the beginning and the end of relationships are part of the path of life and even if you suffer from these types of situations, you always end up floating. Cancer, you do not like to close in band because you do not want to repress your feelings. You need to feel all kinds of emotions in your day to day and closing your heart so as not to be damaged again is not within your priorities. That is why you are in position 9 of this ranking.


Aries, you are a super impulsive and passionate person, it is impossible for you to stay still and feel things with as much adrenaline as possible. That is why when love comes into your life you give yourself without thinking about the consequences. All it does is hurt you a lot when a break comes into your life, but it also makes you feel alive and that you would not change for anything in the world. You are one of those people who prefer to leave your heart open to enjoy the opportunities that life presents. That is why you are ranked number 10 in this ranking.


Sagittarius, you never allow breakups to take over your life. Of course, you will be upset and hurt, but you are very intelligent and you will never let anything related to love to affect your day-to-day. When heartbreak comes into your life you try to be as distracted as possible so as not to let your mind think. You go out with friends to make up for “lost” time. It is much easier for you to move on and focus on the positive before making your life miserable for something that may no longer have a solution. That is why you put practically no barrier to your heart and you place yourself at number 11 in this ranking.


Gemini, of all signs, you are the least protective of your heart because you just don’t need to. When you fall in love, you love with all your might, but when heartbreak comes into your life you suffer just and necessary. You don’t like to close the door and that’s why you never close your heart. Gemini, the truth is that you do not like long relationships too much because you feel that it affects your freedom. It’s easy enough for you to live alone, but you don’t mind living with someone from time to time either. Very few things really hurt you and that is why you do not see it necessary to protect your heart too much. For all this, you place yourself in the 12th position of this ranking.


Ranking Of The Signs That Most Protect Your Heart

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