Ranking Of The Signs That Best Handle Distance Relationships

Best Handle Distance Relationships

Ranking Of The Signs That Best Handle Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are a test of love and can make some couples stronger and others fall apart. There are many factors that affect long-distance relationships, not everyone is capable of leading this type of relationship in a healthy way and that is why many people fail their long-distance relationships. If you want to know in which position you are in the ranking of the signs that best lead long-distance relationships, you just have to continue reading:


Virgo is a super-loyal person and always works hard to make any type of relationship work. He likes to pay a lot of attention to the small details of life, and if his partner feels uncomfortable with the idea of ​​having a long-distance relationship, he will make sure to reassure him that everything will work out. Virgo usually takes everything very seriously and that is a strong point for his long-distance relationship. Not only will he make their relationship work, but he will also make everyone wonder how he did it so perfectly.


When Taurus truly loves someone, they do their best to make their relationship work, no matter what it takes. He transmits unmatched security and has infinite patience. That is why long-distance relationships will never affect her in a negative way. Taurus can become super romantic when he is in love and distance will never be a problem to demonstrate his romanticism. It is true that sometimes it can be difficult for him not to be able to see as much as he would like the person he loves, but he knows that a long-distance relationship is not permanent and that is why he always stands firm.


Pisces is a selfless and very compassionate person. She is the perfect person to have a love relationship with because she gives herself completely without asking for anything in return and that is to be valued. When she falls in love with someone she can manage the distance very well as long as she wants the relationship to last. Pisces sins too much trusting more and that is why she is good at long-distance relationships, those who are not good are the others. He is incredibly intuitive and knows when his partner needs him, even when he is miles away.


Sagittarius is pure optimism and that is why he is always ready to take on whatever life throws at him, including long-distance relationships. With such a positive attitude in life, a long-distance relationship is just a challenge that you can easily overcome. Sagittarius hates feeling limited in his relationships, and although being away from his partner can be difficult, having time alone is a great benefit for him. However, although he is good at long-distance relationships, he must be very careful with what he says because sometimes there can be many misunderstandings.


Capricorn is a responsible and disciplined person and looks for the same qualities in a partner. He likes to take his relationships seriously because they are very important to him. He likes to be in a relationship where both parties know what they want so there are no misunderstandings. Capri is very family-oriented and loves the idea of ​​forming her own family, which is why long-distance relationships can cost her a bit, but she knows that if she is interested in that person and does her part, everything will go smoothly. Capri has everything you need for a relationship to last a long time.


Aquarius is super independent, but despite this, he also likes to be in relationships, especially when his partner is very similar to him. He can find it very difficult to open up to others, but when he does, he wants their relationship to last as long as possible. Long-distance relationships usually work very well for him thanks to his optimistic attitude that he has. Aquarius can go through a rough patch due to the limitations of distance, but if both parties stay strong, it’s possible to make a long-distance relationship a success.


Cancer is a very loyal person and always puts a lot of effort into their relationships no matter how close or far their partner is. He is very understanding and always tries to make sure that the person he loves is as comfortable with the long-distance relationship as he is. Cancer tends to be a very determined person, but also somewhat pessimistic, which makes long-distance relationships a bit difficult. Cancer is a super protective person and that sometimes leads him to abuse control. Long-distance relationships aren’t impossible in his world, but they can be tricky.

8. LEO

Leo is a passionate and charming person, which makes it really easy for anyone to fall in love with him. He is sometimes able to use this quality for his own benefit, but when he is in a relationship he uses all that passion to show his partner how much he loves them. Leo has a lot of room in his heart for love, and it shows, but unfortunately, he doesn’t always handle being alone well, and that makes long-distance relationships quite difficult. Being away from his partner can be very hard on him because he can’t have physical affection when he needs it.


Libra is a super sentimental person and whenever love comes into his life, he commits himself so that both parties feel happy in the relationship. However, she is a very sociable person and that can cause real problems when it comes to having a long-distance relationship. He likes to relate in person because he likes to feel the warmth of people and having a long-distance relationship is very cold for him. Libra will side with him if he is truly in love with the other person, but their relationship is likely to be short-lived because if any conflict arises, both parties will try to avoid confrontation by making things worse. Not being able to work things out in person takes a toll on Libra’s relationships.


Although many people believe otherwise, Gemini is a caring person who really likes the idea of ​​being in a relationship full of care and love. He is a person capable of adapting to any situation, so a long-distance relationship is not usually too hard for him. However, Gemini does not do very well being alone for long periods of time, and talking on the phone will not always be enough for him. He hates routine and easily gets bored of scheduled video calls. Gemini needs action 24/7 and that is why he is usually not too good at having a long-distance relationship.


Aries is a determined and positive person, two great qualities to keep in mind to keep a long-distance relationship safe. At the beginning of a long-distance relationship, Aries is likely to side with him and try his best, but his impatience and strong temper can lead to big problems over time. Aries like to have dynamic relationships, which means that a long-distance relationship is not likely to last long. He needs to have his partner close to him to feel alive and that is something that will never change.


Scorpio is a passionate and super assertive person, they love to take control of all their relationships to know what is happening at all times. When he truly loves someone, he puts everything on his side to make the relationship work. At the beginning of his long-distance relationship, there shouldn’t be many complications, but over time jealousy takes control inside Scorpio and everything goes crazy. Scorpio’s long-distance relationships are doomed to failure because the intensity with which he experiences things makes everything too toxic.

Ranking Of The Signs That Best Handle Distance Relationships

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