Ranking Of The Most Covet Women

Most Covet Women

Ranking Of The Most Covet Women

Grandma used to say it, when people can’t match you, much less surpass you, they’ll start to dirty you, that’s called envy. Most of the time it’s you, fighting against your own expectations and you don’t have time to focus on the criticism of others, but still, there are those who wish you the worst vibes in silence. That is the reason why many times you live with someone and feel heavy because they pretend to be your friend and attack you behind your back, does that sound familiar? Well, this is the ranking of the most envied women according to your zodiac sign:

1.- Capricorn

Without owing or fearing it, this is how Capricorn has to deal with the envy of the rest and the truth is that she is always focused on her business, it is very rare that she stops to listen to comments that do not bring her anything good. Capricorn, people do not tolerate that you are so intelligent, that you always seek efficiency in things, and that you are so determined. There are those who call you cold because you put aside many things to get what you want. However, you have learned to master all those comments and now instead of detracting from you, their envy inspires you to be better every day. You are unbreakable, even if it hurts.

2.- Leo

She is Leo, she is the one that shines, the one that always looks for a way to stand out, not to please anyone, it is to meet her own expectations. They say she is selfish, they envy her because they don’t tolerate her putting herself first above all else. They envy her because even with the criticism she looks up and keeps looking forward. She is the woman that others admire, the one that they fill with praise and that is not pleasant for the rest. However, Leo knows that she is not a gold coin to be liked by everyone and that he has to focus on his happiness. She is not here to meet your expectations and if you are envious of her, it is you who is becoming bitter.

3.- Libra

A minute of silence for all the people who have felt inferior when a Libra woman stands in their life. She is like that, reckless, brilliant, and beautiful. She knows that her qualities become mesmerizing to anyone and she takes advantage of her simplicity and the deep way in which she charms those around her. Of course, not everyone can accept that her energy is brutal and that’s when envy begins to haunt her. In general, they are people who approach with apparently good intentions, but their objective is only to be close to destroying little by little. If they knew that you can handle all that and more, nothing stops you.

4.- Cancer

Cancer and his mania for helping others. Sometimes, she is so noble, so dedicated, and loyal, that she gets lost in her imaginary world, in which she expects everyone to respond with the same intention. They often get lost in so many emotions and surround themselves with parasitic people, who are just waiting for them to take a bad step to be filled with joy. She is one of the most envied women because she wastes light because she does not lie to herself, she simply decides to take the reins of her heart and cling to her intuition. Few have the courage to go through life without filters and that is the reason why they earn the respect of many and the envy of others.

5.- Taurus

You are like that, determined, smart, territorial, you are the one who fights from the bowels for what he loves. You rarely sit idly by and throw yourself into the ring, even though your heart often trembles with fear. Your bravery is admirable, but it’s also the reason you end up in the mouths of people who just want to create gossip. You are an Earth sign and there are many who cannot stand so much perfection in your being. Your stubborn part is the one that keeps you at the foot of the canyon, the one that reminds you a thousand times of the reasons why you shouldn’t stop. But there are those who want to see you fall. Keep dreaming, because that won’t happen.

6.- Aquarius

If there is a woman who is envied and who cares very little, without a doubt, it is Aquarius. The truth is that he does not have the time or intends to invest his energy in people who do not benefit him in any way. His head is a cluster of ideas, he looks for a way to get ahead and it’s the only way she stays on her feet and doesn’t give up. Unfortunately, there are those who do not tolerate the brilliance of others, who feel they have the right to give their opinion on their way of seeing life. That’s when Aquarius becomes distant, he is capable of raising the biggest wall in order to stop you. She envies everything you want in Aquarius, she doesn’t even realize it.

7.- Sagittarius

Funny, intelligent, adventurous. Do you want me to give you more reasons to envy Sagittarius? She is a woman who breaks with convention, she doesn’t care if you like her or not, she simply does what her feelings dictate. She is very genuine, if she wants something she goes out looking for it and she always puts honesty first. There is nothing that scares her, she has the intellectual capacity and open mind to deal with any situation that comes her way. Overcoming adversity is one of her favorite pastimes. That is the reason why others do not tolerate so much positive energy and end up wishing you the worst of evils. I only remind you that everything comes back.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is reserved, courageous, and mesmerizing. She’s the type of woman that as long as you don’t get involved in her life, she doesn’t get involved in yours. The truth is that she always has too many important things to do to take the time to deal with nonsense. She knows that she is radiant and that her personality intrigues everyone who comes into her life, but she is not going to stop to explain herself to anyone. When someone becomes a thorn in her side, she just shuts the doors on her emotions, I mean, you may know her on a superficial level, but you really have no idea of ​​her value. Scorpio ignores envy and focuses on her own challenges.

9. Virgo

Perfectionist, interesting, and very intelligent. Virgo is like that, he can’t help but immerse himself in every detail of everything he does, he wants everything to be fine. She is a woman who has very high standards and does not intend to lower her level for anyone, much less for envious people. She is so obsessive that she prefers to focus her attention on improving what they envy her, before falling into an absurd discussion. She may be nice and polite, but from there to hypocrisy there is a huge gap. Despite being a woman who always takes into account the logical part of her, she also listens to her intuition and prefers to throw envy out of her life.

10.- Aries

Are you seriously going to take the time to envy a woman ruled by Mars? I wish you luck. And is that Aries wants the least in this life to deal with bitter people, that her only objective in her life is to see her fall. She is the rebellious woman, the one who imposes herself and loves power, she will not easily fall for provocations that lead to nothing. She has a warrior goddess in every pore and that is the simple reason why practically everything she imagines ends up being fulfilled. Also because she is not afraid of hard work and she knows that many times it is necessary to make one or another sacrifice. And yes, there are those who can’t handle that and she makes them sick to see him shine.

11.- Gemini

They say that you cannot be envious and happy at the same time, curiously the happiness of Geminis is what prevents them from paying attention to envious people. The only thing you can receive from him is compassion. She is not willing to invest time in people who only harm with a simple breath. She is a woman with priorities and with a noble heart, but that does not mean that she is a stick, there are things that hurt her, but she still passes quickly. She knows that no matter how hard she tries she’s never going to get everyone to like her and she’s okay with that. You’re so much smarter than all the bad vibes from her.

12.- Pisces

Empathetic, romantic, sensitive. It seems like a joke, why would anyone envy the natural charm of Pisces? A sign that works hard to improve her version every day, but no matter how much she tries to be positive, there are those who can become a shadow with their bad intentions. Pisces, I’m talking about those who don’t tolerate your dreamy part, who would like to see you devastated and sunk into depression. However, you have learned to deal with all that, now you do not invest a single sob in something that is not worth it. Now you are willing to give your heart to those who value it and if it is envy, it is best that they follow their path.

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