Women Who Are Not One Of Those Who Chase Are One Of Those Who Attract

One Of Those Who Attract

Women Who Are Not One Of Those Who Chase Are One Of Those Who Attract

There are women who don’t have much time to chase a love interest, because they are busy working on their dreams, adding a new goal to their list, or planning their next trip. I’m talking about those who are not the ones who chase, if you want to have a space on their agenda, you will have to respect their individuality. They are the kind that attracts, the kind that leaves more than one speechless, there are even those who fear them. Weak people shouldn’t try to get into her heart, because they wouldn’t know what to do with so much. They are not only persuasive, but they are also sweet and intelligent, powerful, and not everyone tolerates that.

1.- Leo

Is Leo chasing someone? Not even in your dreams, she lived a long time ago in that deluded stage in which she believed the good morning messages, long texts, and a lot of lies that only tore her to pieces when she opened her eyes. Fortunately, with the passage of time, she learned to turn the page, if something doesn’t work for her, she doesn’t have to stay there. Leo has already lost patience for those who promise they will change, he is not interested in you changing, and he is not your babysitter if you do not meet the requirements from the beginning the door is too big. She is determined, and strong, she is the woman who if she wants to take the pants off in the relationship, is not afraid to show her persuasive and courageous side of her. She doesn’t want any more games, if you run away from commitment, she also runs away from her path, because there you don’t have a chance.

2.- Aries

She already had to be the woman who gave everything, the one who thought that the more accommodating, the safer it was to be next to someone who loved her. However, she learned that it is not necessary to wear yourself out so much for someone, the person who really loves you does not harm your mental or emotional health, much less physical. It is hard to accept when falling in love clouds you, but thanks to each experience you learn to value what is really worth it. Aries has always been a strong, defiant woman, she does not keep anything and she does not think to hide her essence just to win the approval of a half-hearted love. If you want to win her heart, you will have to show her with actions that you care, because her words no longer impress her.

3.- Sagittarius

She is a woman who learned to remove all kinds of barriers in her life, she is no longer willing to keep quiet just so that other people don’t feel offended by what she says. Her intention is not to hurt anyone, however, she is not going to hold back either. She is Sagittarius, an independent, woman who is not impressed if they promise her the Moon because every day she works very hard to bring it down by herself… That’s not to say that she doesn’t enjoy courtship, she likes to be won over, and her personality steals the spotlight, but she wants it to be worth it. She is not going to fall for fairy tales, she is ready to receive exactly everything that she gives. If someone doesn’t know what reciprocal relationships are, they definitely have nothing to do with their life. She wants more than promises, facts that fill her body and soul with adrenaline.

4.- Cancer

There are women who are a treasure, who are the perfect combo. Because they have that lovely, funny, sweet, and emotional side. Someone like Cancer, who is capable of awakening your most hidden instincts, but… although many would like to try the taste of his lips, there are few who really succeed. And it is that she is a woman who is used to having what she wants, not on a whim, because it cost her a lot of tears to accept that life can go to the side of the wrong person, the one who only steals the energy of everything you do. Cancer, he is no longer there for that, he has many wounds that remind him of the type of love he does not need, and now he has the courage to put a stop to it in time. It’s okay if you want to win her over, however, don’t push her just because she gives you a chance. If she sees something wrong with you she will leave, I’m sorry, she doesn’t settle anymore.

5.- Scorpio

They say that a woman who laughs broken is worth twice as much. That is precisely Scorpio, the woman who for no reason has lowered her guard and who does not intend to close the doors to love, however, she is already much more meticulous. She enjoys her solitude, that’s the reason why they don’t let anyone in, what for? If she is enough for him and he has plenty of her own company. She is no longer the same woman who took risks, now she knows that her heart deserves to be cared for and that she should not let anyone make her less than her or treat her as she pleases. Scorpio can persuade whoever she wants, but from there to her giving him an important role in her life there is a huge stretch. She got tired of prince charming, now she wants a warrior, someone who is willing to fight by her side.

6.- Capricorn

She is no longer the same woman as before, now she knows her worth, what she wants and what she deserves. Capricorn understood that the fact of staying with a partner for a long time and hearing from her mouth that she loves her is not synonymous with something genuine. Now, she doesn’t want to stay with a love that only wears her down and makes her self-esteem end up on the ground. She knows that losing streaks are temporary, but also that when she puts rules and cards on the table she avoids getting her heart broken. She is a woman who was born with the art of persuasion, she bets on her irresistible side and she believes that there is nothing better than starting from scratch when things are not going well. that’s Capricorn, the one who changed, the one who prefers to get out of her comfort zone, even if the imbalance scares her. But, she prefers it before staying with an unhealthy love.

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