Signs Classified From Sweetest To Most Evil

Signs Classified From Sweetest To Most Evil

Yes, there are people who transmit calm to you, their energy is so pure and you want to spend all the necessary time by their side. They are sweet, but… you shouldn’t be overconfident, because even the most tender soul can become cruel when a fire is present. The signs of the zodiac have a peculiar way of enveloping you, their personalities speak for themselves and when you least expect them they show you a wicked face. For this reason, today we are going to classify them from the most kind to the ones that can take you by the hand to sink you into the depths of hell. Signs ranked from sweetest to wickedest:

1.- Libra 

Libra is the sign that many associates with problems because they say that it is complicated because it is difficult for them to give in and they do not remain silent. It’s like that, a little irreverent, indecisive, but very sweet. When you least expect it, it surrounds you, it has magic in its words, in the way it caresses you, in how firm it is to fill you with peace… His heart is so big that it is inevitable that tears are not part of her personality. Libra can be what you want, but in his heart, there is no evil. There dwells justice, equality, and much harmony. What she wants is to run away from arguments, hug those she loves, and spend time with those who make her laugh. Libra is like that, she lives in her own world, in which empathy is what she rules. I wish! It would be the most beautiful place, where no one would go out and live in fear.

2.- Pisces 

Of course, Pisces had to be in the first place, because what they hate most is war. It is the sign that has the gift of feeling everything, the one that is silent, but inside it breaks more and more. Pisces is filled with joy by the successes of others, time with the family, and watching movies with the one he loves. There is the heart of him, in the relief of the soul, in the way he strives to make a change in everything. He is helpful, he may not have a penny in his pocket and he will still give to the one who needs the most. He does not know the competition, it is already hard enough to deal with his own thoughts, to still be aware of what the rest is doing. It is a sign that flees from pettiness, needs to know the person, and does not intend to believe in dimes and directs. The way he walks is calm and charming, only he knows how bad he has lived, and yet he continues to smile.

3.- Taurus 

There are those who flee from Taurus because they do not know their essence. They are the people who have got a false ideas, who have been carried away by gossip. Because yes, Taurus is stubborn and nobody beats him at that, but that’s not synonymous with him being a bad person, on the contrary, he’s one of the most beautiful lights you’ll find along the way… His patience is the best dress of him, he likes to go little by little, get to know others in a profound way, and put criticism aside. He is one of the most generous souls, one of those who can stick their hands in the fire for someone they love, without hesitation. He is not perfect, he has his ups and downs, his character is caring and when someone hurts him he does not give you second chances. However, he is not one of those who will leave you lying when you need him most, he is precisely that person who will remind you of the reason why you have to move on.

4.- Aquarius 

The truth is that Aquarius is the type of person that blows your mind because most have the wrong idea of ​​the way they lead life. Many say that he has no feelings and that he prefers to leave broken hearts before showing his vulnerable side of him. However, once you give yourself the opportunity to be his friend, partner, or partner, you discover the other side of the coin. The one that is full of kindness, the one that he is able to put aside cruelty to simply enjoy with the people he loves. Aquarius may not be the most expressive sign, but when he shows you his support, he does it in a genuine way, he just doesn’t let you go and he infects you with his rebelliousness. He is the one who tolerates being stagnant, and he works so hard for his dreams that he doesn’t care about being left without those people who only come to his days to criticize. It is love, and sincerity, it is the one who teaches you to love without losing your freedom.

5.- Sagittarius 

Now we welcome to the ranking, the most restless sign, the one that rarely sits idly by when he wants something. Sagittarius is like a wave of the sea, it is there, calm and beautiful, but at the least expected moment, it becomes devastating. She is the one who has no time for aggression and hostility in her life, her eyes always go further. Sagittarius decides to put aside frustration and simply focus on living each moment. He doesn’t like to get hooked or hold unnecessary grudges. He is the one who gives you hope and at the same time calms you down. His soul is sweet, selfless, and with a thirst for enjoyment so much that it makes you want to become his faithful companion. He is a deep hug, who does not let himself be defeated at first and who has the gift of finding the good side of everyone who knocks on his door. As long as you stay out of his life, you won’t have a problem.

6.- Gemini 

We are entering the zone of temptation, those signs that breathe evil from time to time, and instead of frightening you, they become an attraction. Gemini is very funny, and nice, and likes to get carried away by his thoughts. He doesn’t sit still, he always wants more and loves breaking his own expectations of him. Overcoming has become an addiction and although it is not the cruelest sign in the world, its dark essence of it may make you cry. The good news is that he does not do it with the intention of breaking you, that is, it can be hurtful if he receives the same from the other person… People have taken it upon themselves to call him a heartthrob because they haven’t stopped to think about what motivated him to act a certain way. The point is that he has a strong character, he doesn’t give in easily and when something bothers him he says it upfront. If for people that is perverse, go ahead! Say what you want.

7.- Cancer 

What is passionate, sweet, and dedicated about Cancer is evil. No, I’m not exaggerating, behind that apparently fragile personality, hides a brave soul that is no longer willing to tolerate being anyone’s second-tier dish. His mood is so changeable, that not even he himself knows when his spines may appear, he remembers that the crab lives inside him, the one with a frightening bad mood and who does not hesitate for a moment when it comes to defending himself. Trust me, you don’t want a Cancer to hold a grudge against you, because he can rip just as hard as he kisses you. Cancer forgets mercy when someone hurts him. His goal is clear and his thoughts are cloudy, he wants you to feel at least half of what you provoke him. Better not put it to the test.

8. Leo

Fortunately for many, Leo is a sweet soul most of the time. It is clear that his brilliance is not up for discussion, you can see the way he stands out and how much that makes him happy. Leo does not mind the recognition, on the contrary, he enjoys it and if for many that is indulgent, it is his problem, because he is only enjoying how much it has cost him to reach the top. However, when they go out of their way to hurt him, that’s when the harmless part of him goes away. Stop being that sweet kitten that purrs between your legs, to become pure fire. You really don’t want to see an angry Leo, because then his heart becomes numb. It’s simple, if you’re looking to fight, he will teach you the best way to do it. Leo makes you cry and you don’t even expect it. It’s like that, he has an incredible way of hitting you where it hurts you the most.

9.- Virgo 

You have no idea how crude a Virgo can be. When someone becomes a shadow in her life, he won’t take his finger off the line until they teach him a lesson. It is a sign that has a stubborn part, it does not warn you, it appears innocent and in the middle of nowhere, it can hurt you. They say that he is one of the most perverse minds because his intelligence is superior, he does not waste time on sentimentality and goes straight to the jugular. He may not strike you as the most malicious person in the world, but he is picky. The way he hurts you is so stealthy, so passive-aggressive, that he ends up damaging you twice as much. Their insults are not forgotten, on the contrary, they shake your self-esteem and make you wonder over and over again what you did wrong. Please don’t waste time looking for arguments to forgive you. That’s what you would have thought before you broke it so much.

10.- Aries 

They say that he is crazy, perverse, and passionate, they say that he is pure fire and the truth is that it is something that Aries cannot deny. There is a part of him that enjoys the adrenaline rush, breaking away from the ideal and just letting go. The bad thing is that even when his bad temper is present he forgets everything and that’s when things can hang by a thread. The point is that if he’s upset he escalates, especially when the other person goes to great lengths to arouse his demons, having no idea what a mistake he’s making. Aries treats you as you treat him, if you start aggressively he teaches you the true meaning. If you disturb him you will know arrogance to the full extent of the word. He is the one who does not let his guard down easily, although they say he is vindictive, for him it is simple justice. In those situations, he requires a spoonful of calm, gives him time, and does not pressure, him because it can be worse.

11.- Capricorn 

The sign that has a reputation for being cold, is the one that starts feelings in one shot. Yes, they can say a lot of things about Capricorn, but only he knows that when he decides to dress up in ice, it’s because he gave him a lot of opportunities before. It is a patient sign, but it also has a strong character, it is not left. Curiously, the people who describe him as someone perverse, are the ones who were used to Capricorn always giving in to his requests, but… when he decides to set limits and avoid being manipulated, they act offended. Curious isn’t it? Not anymore, Capricorn no longer cares if they paint him as a being without a heart, because deep down he knows perfectly well what he is worth and he is not willing to do something that is not born to him, just to please others. If he annoys you, the doors of his life are wide open, don’t stop.

12.- Scorpio 

If people are going to speak, let them do so with enthusiasm, without fear of the reaction that a Scorpio may have. They say that he is the crazy one, the snatched one, the one who gets carried away by the thirst for revenge. The sign embraces coldness and is capable of shaking your life in the blink of an eye. Sound like the meanest soul of all? Please, only those who have taken the time to enter the heart of a Scorpio know perfectly well that he does not attack unless he is hurt first. There have been so many cracks that life has left him, that now he is afraid, he is distrustful and for the same reason he puts many obstacles when someone wants to hurt him. The game is simple, as long as you don’t disturb them, they will go unnoticed in your life. But if you spend time watching them cry and enjoy it, you will receive an attack from behind and without much mercy. Do not say that Scorpio is cruel, he first talks about what you did to him.

Signs Classified From Sweetest To Most Evil

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