Ranking Of The Best Signs To Pass An Apocalypse

With these times, everyone is believing that an apocalypse may be very close, and many also imagine that the end of the world is about to come. So it is important to know what signs are the best company in the event of an apocalypse. There is no doubt that there are signs that they will know to have everything under control and others … Not so much. Here is the ranking:


  1. Virgo

There is no doubt that the best company for the apocalypse would be Virgo. You know that, next to him, you will never need anything. It is that person who plans everything perfectly and who will have everything prepared well in advance. He does not lack detail and not only talking about material things. Virgo is the best company when it comes to talking and debating ideas or just inventing entertainment from scratch. And when things get difficult, Virgo will know how to act with intelligence, cold blood and a lot of courage.

  1. Taurus

It is true that Taurus could never be more organized than Virgo, but his way of facing his problems and the tranquility that he transmits makes him one of the best companions for the apocalypse. Taurus is that person who will never get on your nerves, who will take things easy, who will have his feet on the ground at all times. In addition, he has a great hand in the kitchen and that, like it or not, in the midst of the apocalypse is something to be thankful for.

  1. Libra

Libra has that something that will make any environment peaceful, it is like that person who will put peace in the midst of war. Also, Libra is a super social person, who needs to be in contact with others to be happy. For this reason, he will pay you a lot of attention and you will never feel alone. It will make everything comforting despite not having easy moments. And the best of all is that he will rarely argue with you, something to keep in mind in situations like this.

  1. Gemini

Having one or a Gemini by your side in moments as hard as that is something incredible. Gemini will make any situation more fun and interesting. You will never be bored, you will never miss a topic of conversation. Whatever happens, Gemini will look for new ways to have fun, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere or even if you can’t leave home. In addition, she will love having you always close so you will not miss your daily dose of love, pampering, and hugging.

  1. Pisces

Pisces is the best companion to make you happy. Whatever happens, Pisces will go the extra mile to make sure that you are not missing anything, that you are doing well, and that your needs are being met. But he is someone very sensitive, he has a very changeable mood and, in addition, he gets in a bad mood very easily. Despite this, he knows how to understand your feelings without opening your mouth and will always be by your side to listen to you and make you feel much better. Being isolated with Pisces is synonymous with constant affection, even if it is sometimes a little difficult.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio is a super demanding person, so he was in charge of having absolutely everything necessary to survive the apocalypse. For this reason, you will not have to worry about almost anything, simply to cope with the situation in the best possible way. Do not forget that you will have to deal with its strong character and intensity, so it will not be as easy as you imagine. But if you are looking to pass the apocalypse with a very passionate person, there is no doubt that Scorpio will be the best option for you.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius is a very independent person who has never needed anyone to live, so there is no doubt that he will survive any kind of apocalypse. He is someone who adapts easily to any circumstance, however rare, strange or difficult it may be. Therefore, if your companion for the apocalypse is Aquarius, there is no doubt that you will survive and that you will not lack anything. But it is true that coexistence can be a bit complicated. More than anything, because Aquarius is a person who goes to his ball and does not wait for anyone.

  1. Leo

The best thing about having Leo as a companion in the apocalypse is that he is a very funny person with whom you will never get bored. You will always be entertained. The problem comes with that Leo has a somewhat dangerous character and if you do not know how to cope, then everything will be uphill. If the character of Leo is already complicated, in times of stress, exhaustion and problems, that moodiness increases even more. The problem will come when you do not agree with what he says, does, thinks, etc …

  1. Capricorn

There is no doubt that you will survive if you decide to go through the apocalypse with Capricorn, but it will not be easy. The pantry will be full and you will never lack for anything because Capricorn will take care of having everything under control always. But it may take a long time for you because Capricorn finds it hard to find a way to have fun. He will watch his things, his responsibilities, fulfill his tasks and forget to spend time with you …

  1. Cancer

There is no doubt that with Cancer in the apocalypse you will never lack love, but it may make your head go crazy. With Cancer, you must be careful, because if in itself his feelings are already difficult to understand, well, imagine in the apocalypse when everything is more revolutionized. In addition, he will have his head in a thousand places at once and it will cost him a lot to be responsible, so in the end, it will be up to you to take the reins and control the situation.

  1. Aries

Aries will make your apocalypse super fun and never get bored, but you have to be very careful with its character. He has very little patience and as he sees something he doesn’t like, he will have no qualms about jumping and saying four words to you. And when Aries is going through difficult times, his patience decreases even more, so you must be very careful. Going through the apocalypse with Aries has its good things, but it won’t be easy.

  1. Sagittarius

Everyone knows that Sagittarius is not the most responsible person in the Zodiac, so perhaps it is not the best company to pass the apocalypse … It has its good things, it is obvious that you will never get bored, but in such difficult times, you have to make sure other things before having a good time. In addition, it is possible that it will disappear from one day to the next and leave you alone going through that difficult moment.

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